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SENTIENT redefines the quintessential office space with the introduction of the custom reception desk in solid wood which represents unmatched craftsmanship. Designed to reflect core brand values and sophistication, the custom front desk will reimagine function through artistic acuity, and stylistically elevate the waiting room. Crafted with responsibly sourced wood and locally manufactured, our reception counter embodies the ideal of excellence. We believe that statement furniture should have a captivating visual element that is impossible to dismiss, and a sophisticated process behind it that is equally impressive. It is through such a lofty perspective, and artistic arrangement, that the unique centerpiece will create a stark shift to the blasé design attitude of business competitors.

The process behind the custom reception desk – from pristine nature to a luxurious product


As a reliable partner to reputable brands, we believe that our manufacturing process must be deeply rooted in a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable production. The custom reception desk unites locally sourced wood with Brooklyn-based design talent to broadcast the key aspects of our philosophy. Our workshop ethos embraces shared values, which dictate how we approach every project. Our bespoke pieces are a true testament to community, craftsmanship and excellence.

SENTIENT furniture is an eco-conscious organization, with a relentless effort to minimize transportation and power tool usage. We rely heavily on the best eco-friendly practices to create the best handcrafted furniture. Walnut, maple, acacia, cherry and oak species are hand-picked and carefully refined, before being meticulously crafted into solid wood reception desks that command attention. Our clients get to consult closely with the design team, as we create a unique custom front desk utilizing kiln-dried or stabilized acclimated wood, with a variety of handmade highlights in metal or glass. In the end, this collaboration gives birth to a one-of-a-kind model that is inseparable from the high standards that govern our luxury collection.

Our commercial space furniture proudly displays manufacturing excellence, as part of the New York design scene. The front desk is a continuation of a much longer story that stretches in both directions to form an iconic piece of recognition.

We have experience designing and manufacturing furniture for commercial, high-traffic areas and business settings with a variety of unique requirements. Each collaborative project enhances our understanding as we engage to deliver functional art while upholding business goals and productivity standards.

Our modern reception desk will fit seamlessly into any waiting room layout, complementing the office lobby furniture. Through a rich portfolio of custom front desk projects, our designers and technicians can deliver a variety of models. From a small reception desk that neatly complements an upscale commercial apartment, to a large receptionist desk suitable for the high-end furniture demands of established brands in the hospitality domain. Each project reverberates a singular, inspiring narrative.

The ergonomic wooden reception desk

Each welcome desk by SENTIENT adheres to the idea of ergonomic furniture, to support well-being in concert with productivity. Our standing reception desk models follow contemporary guidelines for dimension adjustments and seating compatibility, to ensure a comfortable work environment with adequate leg clearance and multiple-use options.

The custom-built reception desk integrates an efficient workspace layout, with ample surface and storage area, allowing for easy access to a variety of frequently used items. As the centerpiece of lobby areas, our models are designed with ADA guidelines in mind, ensuring access indiscriminately. We also pay attention to integrated cable management, delivering a safe and aesthetic final product that positively transforms business environments starting with the custom reception desk.

Front desk product specifications

Customization is at the core of our manufacturing process. Similarly to our luxury furniture collection, all of our project items, including reception desks, are fully customizable. We have worked with household brands to meet and exceed their requests, consistently aligning our handmade artistic furniture with their core values and aesthetic vision. No two companies are exactly alike, so no two front counters should be either.

Work surface

The desktop is usually reserved for premium quality American walnut, though clients can request other wood species like oak, maple, and cherry that better complement the design. Depending on the project, we employ a variety of hand-applied staining techniques that accentuate the natural grain patterns of the wood, and ensure unmatched durability.

Front panel

Clients can propose different design considerations, choosing between luxurious solid wood, and strong brass, copper leaf, steel, or glass accents. We can also manipulate some wood species by adding a charcoal or bleached finish, further emphasizing the artistic breadth of the reception counter.

Modesty panel and transaction shelf

Integrating different surfaces is what sets the custom reception desk apart from prefabricated models. Our SENTIENT team strives to understand your business goals, before manufacturing the best reception desk for a perfect alignment.

Storage compartments

Upscale counters pose a delightful challenge between aesthetics and pragmatism. We embrace this by integrating different design solutions across a plethora of models. These include the small reception desk, the round reception desk, and the L-shaped reception desk. Each project benefits from the economic use of space, allowing us to include cabinets, shelves, and drawers, providing ample storage for files, office supplies, and other items.

Custom reception desk signage

Our design efforts are cognizant of brand identity, as we employ different woodworking and artisanal techniques to create premium signage. We want hotel lobbies and corporate reception areas to stay consistent with their core identity.

Reception desk measurements

The ergonomic standard for reception desk height ranges between 28 to 30 inches for the work surface and 42 to 44 inches for the front counter. We can consider specific use cases and requirements to provide a bespoke solution with different measurements or fully adjustable elements. Length and depth considerations can be explored in detail to further dictate the shape of the model.

Selection of materials

We work with independent designers and clients, to bring their blueprint to life. Our craftsmen can employ a range of materials including premium hardwood, stone, concrete, metal, glass, epoxy and veneer.

Integrated technology

Each front counter can incorporate modern technology through power cable management, data outlets, and displays, along with LED lighting integration and audio-visual solutions. We complement style with function, to meet the demands of the modern hospitality and commercial environment.

Manufacturing and shipping

SENTIENT is a proud Brooklyn-based furniture maker with strong international connections. Our products are designed by the New York design community and shipped locally as well as to various partners across the United States and abroad. The custom reception desk is the crown jewel of which our studio is proudest.

We manufacture and display our luxury furniture collection in our Workshop and Gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Our intricate process has been developed through years of industry experience and domain expertise. Our custom reception desk is always at the forefront of every collection, showcasing intricate details and imposing design.

Taking measurements and installation

SENTIENT can provide a professional measurement of the reception area, to further improve upon any creative vision. We are also sending our specialized technicians to install the front counter, so it is ready for display.

Reception desks for high-end hotels, retail and office environments

We provide clients with commercial-grade furniture of premium quality and infinite customization options. Our manufacturing portfolio is decorating high-end hotels, retail environments and office spaces across Marriott, Porsche, Cartier, Paramount, Rockwell Group, and others. We establish a trend of artistic furniture for the upscale lobby, and thoroughly reinvent the modern office. Our custom solutions aim to encapsulate the most creative and visionary concepts. We offer the black reception desk with American walnut or the industrial design solution with reclaimed wood, among an infinite palette of options.

Working with clients and independent designers to create a stunning custom reception desk

The concierge desk can be manufactured according to design concepts specified by the client, in a variety of hardwood species and finishing options, with a complementing palette of highlight materials. From stone, metal and glass, to veneer and epoxy, we can materialize any creative idea.

SENTIENT can measure the spatial requirements, and offer technical expertise to bring any blueprint to life. We manufacture the front counter according to what clients prefer and take care of installation to leave behind a stellar centerpiece. The custom reception desk is meant to impress, and it delivers beyond expectations.

The custom solid wood reception table


In contrast to the permanent setup of the desk, the reception table is an imposing statement of durability, portability, and convenience. Sturdy and mobile, it maximizes the available space for any venue through an attractive design and a customizable layout.

Through a wide arrangement of reception table ideas and careful consideration of décor, we manufacture sophisticated centerpieces that aesthetically elevate any event or venue. SENTIENT excels across several furniture verticals, manufacturing captivating pieces for a range of events, including conference reception tables. Each model is decoratively and spatially fitting, built to perfection, and ready to impress.

Pricing and Inquiries

For project ideas related to custom reception desks or general inquiries about reception tables, please get in touch. Call our team or make an appointment to visit our workshop. We are open to collaboration, and more than happy to learn the specifics of your projects. Alternatively, you can stop by our gallery and enjoy our functional art in its proudest manifestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround for reception desks and reception tables?

While every project is a separate story, it usually takes between 8 to 12 weeks to move from ideation to delivery. The project duration can vary, as highlight options, power cable management solutions, and other custom requests make take longer to integrate. Overall, much depends on the features and the use case in mind. The timeframe is also heavily contingent on the choice of wood, as well as the crafting process. In some cases, custom projects may take longer due to the procurement of raw materials necessary for the envisioned product.

Depending on the wood species, applying deep sealers and finishing coats can take some time as we allow for proper curing under controlled conditions.

What is the main difference between reception tables and reception desks?

The reception desk, often referred to as the front desk or counter, is a piece of furniture that is central to the retail and commercial space – a focal point of the hotel lobby or waiting room. In contrast, the reception table is a simpler, multipurpose solution for events and venues, ideal as a replacement for an informational stand. It can serve to display guest books, seating arrangements, and other types of information. The first is used within the hospitality and business environment, whereas the second is native to small offices, conferences and other types of events, with or without a commercial purpose.

What customization options are available for reception desks?

We pride ourselves in being among the few Brooklyn-based furniture designers and manufacturers who offer a fully custom check-in counter. Our belief that prefabricated models are not suitable for the work environment compels us to approach every project with an open mind. By consulting closely with our clients, we create a unique design narrative that brings to focus custom dimensions, specific hardwood species, and accent materials, to manufacture a unique service counter. All of this is further emphasized through a professional wood treatment and brand signage, elevating the stylistic concept and pragmatic use case. We offer a one-of-a-kind model, ideal for specific business and hospitality needs.

The customization options extend beyond wood, to include stone, metal, glass, or veneer, and any combination of premium upholstery to match or contrast the environment.

We also offer unlimited cable management options, with flexibility to include power and data outlets, as well as custom LED lighting, displays, and a complete audio-visual solution.

What customization options are available for solid wood reception tables?

Solid wood reception tables offer many customization opportunities, including different hardwood species, surface heights, shapes, dimensions, and finishing options. We can employ a variety of coats that work in concert with the wood surface to accentuate its natural grain or manipulate its inherent color. Offering protection and visual splendor, our models are coated with oil, wax, lacquer, or varnish, for a durable and aesthetically pleasing wooden surface.

What is the difference between finishing options?

Finishing coats can be used for protective and aesthetic purposes, in combination with specific hardwoods. In a general sense, the oil finish is known for its ability to penetrate the surface and interact with the cellulose fibers and carbohydrate polymers. It is easily applied, maintained, and repaired whenever necessary. However, it doesn’t offer the same degree of protection as varnish or lacquer. What oil is especially known for is the aesthetic result, as it creates deep and rich undertones that accentuate natural color.

Wax, on the other hand, can be used alone or in combination with other coating options, to add sheen and an additional level of protection.

Varnish offers stylistic diversity as it is available in different sheens, ranging from matte to glossy. It offers excellent protection, but is slow to dry and very hard to apply. Lacquer is equally popular, offering a highly protective finish, and it is much easier to work with.

We also work with polyurethane, which comes in water and oil based options, to offer a synthetic finish and superior protection against wear and tear, water, and heat.

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