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The Live edge dining table –
a pinnacle of craftsmanship

The wood slab dining table is our canvas for artistic expression. Born of the pursuit of excellence, it redefines the aesthetic possibilities of luxury furniture, introducing visual interest that is uniquely charming. SENTIENT is on a mission to display the elegance of nature through the exceptional artistry of the human hand. For us, that process involves taking prized wood that is both locally and sustainably sourced and meticulously transforming it into a piece of furniture art. We listen to our clients to understand their specific needs, as we create a focal point worthy of appreciation. Our flagship product – the custom live edge dining table – shares a design perspective and manufacturing savoir-faire that is bound to impress. It is an immense satisfaction to furnish commercial and residential dining areas, and we do it with enthusiasm for supreme craftsmanship and appreciation of premium hardwood.

The luxury dining table –
masterful craftsmanship from start to finish

Every step in the creation of our live edge dining table is carefully considered. Beginning with the sourcing process, we work conscientiously to ensure that our raw materials are both ideally suited to the project, as well as ethically produced. We source American black walnut, spalted maple, cherry, oak, and other hardwoods, from various areas within the United States. The primary supplier of wood slabs for our line of raw edge items is Pennsylvania, which is within 200 miles of our Brooklyn workshop. All SENTIENT products satisfy the relevant certification requirements, bridging the gap between luxury décor and eco-friendly furniture.

Once we find the perfect wood for our slab tables, we start preparing them through several stages. The slabs are air-dried for a period of up to two years, and residual moisture is removed in a heated kiln, which may take an additional three months. The wooden slabs are then planned and spend up to a month acclimating in our Brooklyn workshop before we begin the transformation process. It is only at this point that a raw slab is ready to be refashioned into a beautiful solid wood table.

The work of constructing the perfect live edge dining table is not complete until we can vouch for its longevity, making it a timeless heirloom. Each of our live edge tables is protected with several coats of deep sealer and preserved with top finishing coats. This process accentuates the beauty of the wood grain patterns, along with other naturally-occurring characteristics that are particularly noticeable in our black walnut. The result is a live edge dining table with captivating aesthetic features that create a visual symphony unlike any other.

Live Edge Table Product Specifications


When it comes to manufacturing the best live edge dining table, SENTIENT takes customization seriously. We steer away from the generic, choosing the path of the extraordinary instead. Our signature slab dining tables are made with a specific design vision that is unique to every client. From live edge conference tables decorating the business interior, to a slab dining table elevating residential décor, we ensure that each SENTIENT masterpiece is exactly what our clients had in mind.

To accomplish this level of customization, we consult our prospective clients, leaving no stone unturned. From our Brooklyn, New York location, we brainstorm the ideal live edge dining table reflecting a unique design narrative. Every client has a different idea for the raw edge table – from a statement piece elevating the family dining area to the core furniture item of a luxury restaurant interior. SENTIENT embraces this concept of aesthetic diversity, creating a timeless product suitable for every environment.

To catalyze the brainstorming process, here are the general product specifications of SENTIENT’s flagship product, the black walnut live edge wood table:


The tabletop is made from live edge American black walnut. If clients prefer, we also have tabletops available in maple, cherry, and oak. Rather than cutting the wood into a strict rectangle, we keep the naturally occurring shape of the material to give the piece a distinctive feel. This is how the raw edge table displays a unique, singular, design.


Clients can choose from several base options that pair seamlessly with the live edge walnut dining table. For a comprehensive list, please email SENTIENT at the form provided below. Slab dining tables offer an imposing top that usually occupies the center stage, but much of its aesthetic appeal can be drawn from the base which we can manufacture in wood, metal, stone, or concrete.


Our single slab tables are typically 70” – 168” long by 30 – 60” wide. We are happy to adjust these measurements according to specific architectural requirements, making the live edge dining table larger or smaller upon request. SENTIENT can also manufacture double slab tables where the live edge wood is placed symmetrically to maintain a continuous grain and provide for a wider tabletop. We can also add solid wood boards in between, making the raw edge table even wider.


Each one of our natural edge tables is made to order from our workshop in Brooklyn, New York. We foster a professional and friendly environment where local talent unites to create exceptional works of art.

Turnaround time

The wood slab dining table is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship. Due to the intricacies of the process, our models require a six to ten-week lead time.

Shipping our live edge dining tables

We are proud to serve our local community and be internationally connected. Offering a variety of shipping options, we provide local delivery across the Northeastern region of the United States, but we also collaborate with rebuttable shipping partners to deliver our raw edge tables by land or freight both nationally and internationally to any place in the world.

Live edge table legs

Leg options for the Live edge dining table

We offer several base options that pair exceptionally well with the wood slab dining table. Depending on the client’s requests, the raw edge tabletop can be supported by a range of leg options, including the popular wishbone legs, or perhaps canted legs, v-legs, trapezoids, or wooden frames. Upon request, we can also incorporate a one-of-a-kind design that results in a unique model. Whatever the option, we will make sure that the base of the live edge walnut table is as attractive as the top. The live edge table with metal legs hints at minimalism and elegance, whereas the other options offer extravagance, warmth, or artistic boldness. The possibilities are endless, and only the client can guide the aesthetic story.

Live edge wood table
design and fabrication

Each SENTIENT live edge table is designed and fabricated after discussions with the client

We love the collaborative process, where craftsmen, designers, and clients discuss their vision and how it can be achieved from a technical perspective. Typically, the customer provides a general indication of size, leg choice, and wood species, as well as their thoughts on other specific design details. From there, we prepare a computer rendering of the live edge dining table showing all the outlined specifications. The final details are put together and then submitted to the customer for approval. This is a key component of the process as it allows our clients to see a simulation of their live edge walnut dining table before it is physically fabricated, allowing them to make final changes. Once we receive client approval, we are ready to commence the hard work of composing the table, and these designs take more time than our standard solid wood dining table models.


The walnut dining table live edge design always benefits from client contributions. Their insight is integral to designing and manufacturing each luxury dining table. We see the process as a collaboration between tastes and needs, with skill and artistry. If any element is missing, the raw edge dining table would not become the artistic centerpiece it was always meant to be.

Final finish and quality assurance

Our finishing process brings out the timeless beauty of the wood grain and its inherent color. Or mission is to uncover the delightful visual repertoire that is embedded in the slab, rather than attaching an artificial layer. Our workshop has developed a water-based clear finish that we advise all our customers to consider as a part of their unique project. Our experience has taught us that this is the best option when it comes to finishing our signature live-edge dining tables. Running the hand over the tabletop, one can feel the grain of the actual wood, even though the table is sealed and protected. The subtle details in the wood are brought forward by applying several sealer coatings before we add the topcoat and finish. Then we sand the tabletop again, repeating the process several times. The result is a deep finish that looks clean, minimal, and extraordinary. It is elegant, sophisticated, and polished, worthy of our finest luxury dining table.

When all fabrication and finishing have been completed, each live edge wood table is assembled and inspected. Once approved, the tabletop is disassembled from the legs, wrapped, and either scheduled for local delivery or packed into a sturdy shipping crate for delivery outside the Tristate area. The process of designing, manufacturing, and delivering the custom live edge dining table is SENTIENT’s proudest work.

Pricing and Inquiries
for the Live Edge Dining Table

Whether you are ready to start the process of fabricating your live edge walnut table, or you would like to know more about pricing and product specifications, please get in touch. We would love to talk you through the options available. Make an appointment to come into our workshop and see our natural edge tables that are at the forefront of the New York design scene. We are available for a free consultation at 1 (347) 309-6721, and clients can visit our studio and gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, to discuss project specifics in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live edge table?

The live edge table is a luxury furniture item made of a wooden slab. Also known as the raw edge table, it features an irregular edge that displays the organic development of the tree, without excessive chiseling or artificial embellishment during the manufacturing process. The live edge walnut dining table is the most recognizable product of slab furniture and part of every gallery space that offers products made of solid wood.

Does SENTIENT make a live edge kitchen table?

To match the aesthetic beauty of slab furniture throughout the home, we offer a range of tabletops and base options suitable for every room layout. The kitchen table is somewhat smaller and casual in style, and we can make it match the rest of the live edge furniture that’s displayed in the dining room. Conversely, the live edge kitchen table can offer a contrasting design perspective in terms of wood choice, design, and finishing options, to stand out as a unique item.

Does SENTIENT make a live edge dining room table set?

SENTIENT can match the design of your table with that of the dining chairs. This includes the choice of wood, the crafting techniques used, and the sealers or finishing options employed to achieve the final vista. While life edge chairs may compromise seat comfort, certain efforts can be put in place to replicate the appeal of slab furniture. We can also manufacture live edge dining benches, that pair nicely with the tabletop, to create aesthetic cohesion.

Why is the live edge black walnut dining table so popular?

Live edge furniture gained popularity during the middle of the 20th century, when George Nakashima, the father of the American craft movement, woodworker, and architect, introduced the raw edge design to the mainstream.

Today, the concept is irreplaceable in modern, sophisticated, and luxurious interiors, where the organic appeal of slab wood is increasingly appreciated. The reason why the live edge black walnut dining table is so popular is that it showcases a unique design that is impossible to replicate, carrying all the beautiful characteristics of one of the finest hardwoods. American Black Walnut offers a rich, deep color, with a wavy grain pattern that looks irresistibly sophisticated.

From a more technical perspective, walnut offers good dimensional stability, which reduces the risk of cracks and wrapping when exposed to humid environments or changes in temperature. It also has high tannin content, and moderate porosity, which allows it to readily absorb finishing coats, while its lignin and cellulose structure encourage even drying and durability of the coat.

Put in the hands of skilled craftsmen, and paired with the right sealers and finishing coats, this impressive hardwood provides a visual spectacle that is impossible to dismiss.

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