Flow Pedestal Tables

SENTIENT Flow Pedestal Tables

At SENTIENT we speak to the synchronicity of art and design, beauty and comfort. Our lounges and armchairs are inspired by nature, architecture and the beauty of materials. We believe that design can elevate the way we live. In a time of quick production and throwaway culture our furniture pieces stand the test of time and design, ensured by craftsmanship and quality of materials.

Customizable Design, Material and Finish

Our Flow Pedestal Table is comprised of pure materials, form and craftsmanship. Its wood usage is not limited and can be customized to one’s own vision. Maple keeps its form light as American black walnut gives its purity depth and drama, but the woods and finished available are limited only by one’s imagination. Contrast its subtle and simplistic top with a blackened stained base and one art for the using.

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