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Taize Monteiro | Interior Design | Miami, FL

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Discipline: Interior Design
Location: Miami, FL
Firm: Jallot Design
Phone Number: 954-544-1604
Instagram: @TaizeMonteiro.JallotDesign

Born and raised in Brazil, Taize Monteiro always had a passion for architecture and design. She graduated from UVA – Rio de Janeiro in Fashion Design, then moved to the United Kingdom where she studied Visual Merchandising at the University of the Arts – London. In 2012 she moved to the United States to turn her passion into her profession. She is an Interior Designer certified by the Ivy league University of Harvard and New York Institute of Art and Design , has a Master of Arts Degree in Interior Design From ESDesign Barcelona and a Product Design Certification from Accademia Domani in Italy. Taize is Allied to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Jallot Design was founded in 2017 with a concept and a purpose: to offer high-end design combined with a vision of lifestyle improvement.

​We provide exclusive services with an inclusive vision, that is why our team is composed by highly qualified professionals that also share our vision and values.

Interior Design SENTIENT Deisgners of America Book and Projects Taize Monteiro

Interior Design SENTIENT Deisgners of America Book and Projects Taize Monteiro

Designers of America Book

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