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Solid wood furniture &
luxury furniture artisanal designs

Taming the aesthetic wealth of nature, through the ingenuity of artisanal design and expert handcraft, we bring a luxury furniture collection to the heart of New York. Elegant and sophisticated, our line of products encapsulates the dynamism of the city, representing a lively clash of old-world craftsmanship and innovative luxury design. Our solid wood furniture and commercial-grade upholstery offer aesthetic savoir-faire, ideal for upscale residential and high-end hospitality projects. Exploring creative potential, we offer bespoke designer furniture across all categories. This is how we bring bold visions to life, and how we place SENTIENT among the leading visionaries of high-end furniture and an iconic name on the New York design scene.

Dining tables and Communal tables

The solid wood dining table is the hallmark of our luxury furniture collection. We offer exceptional statement pieces in a variety of domestic hardwoods, with museum-quality aesthetics that accentuate the inherent beauty of organic wood. The luxury dining table by SENTIENT is available in live edge or hard edge, in just about any size. Our team is ready to embrace any creative challenge, as we endlessly iterate upon the original concept, with unique, one-of-a-kind models that forever transform the dining area. Completely customizable, the solid edge models and the live edge dining table models are the epitome of upscale furniture.

Luxury Furniture for the Boardroom | Conference Tables

SENTIENT has worked on a wide array of conference tables, by introducing design concepts and artisanal finesse that befits the upscale office. Our custom conference tables range across the stylistic spectrum, with exhibition-worthy models that decorate formal corporate meeting spaces and casual tech startups. Drawing attention with their refined aesthetics, they represent the best of high-end furniture.

Credenzas & Dressers
Luxury furniture artwork

Our modern solid wood furniture collection includes a number of unique luxury credenzas and high-end dressers, with elegant storage options and showroom design. Offering the very best of upscale furniture, these models are completely customizable, allowing for specific requests in unlimited shapes and styles. Clients can contact us to share their creative ideas and discover a range of options for luxury home furniture in solid wood.

Luxury lounge chairs & Armchairs

SENTIENT presents an impressive collection of contemporary armchairs and luxury lounges, ideal for upscale residences and high-end hospitality venues. Made of hallmark materials, and displayed in collaboration with prestigious brands, our luxury lounge chairs put SENTIENT among the best designer furniture makers in New York.

Luxury Furniture
Live Edge Collection

SENTIENT designs and manufactures exceptional live edge furniture with unique aesthetics and unparalleled durability. We use sustainably-sourced American black walnut, spalted maple, cherry, and oak, to reflect the essence of nature, and accentuate the raw beauty of these premium hardwoods. Drawing from the innate characteristics of these seasoned wood species, these models represent the best of luxury wooden furniture.

Lounging Luxury Furniture |
Sofas & Upholstered Pieces

Our luxury sofas include several different shapes, with bold artistic expressions that define high-end furniture. These premium upholstered pieces feature clean minimalist lines, with straight angles, or exaggerated curves and wild tussled furs. Offering endless iterations, in both fabric and design, our sofa upholstery shows the possibilities of handcrafted furniture for residential and commercial spaces.

Dining Chairs

SENTIENT produces a collection of unique dining chairs in a variety of stylistic expressions. Conceptualized by some of the leading NYC furniture designers, and paired with exceptional tables, our contemporary dining chairs bring the best qualities of luxury furniture to homes and restaurants around the United States.

Epoxy River table

The iconic epoxy river table represents contemporary elegance and unmatched design sophistication. Manufactured with organic wood slabs and resplendent resin, it elevates the dining experience in commercial and residential settings.

Live edge bed frames

SENTIENT is proud to present a collection of live edge beds that offer an immersive aesthetic experience and highlight the magnetism of natural wood. Made with expressive live edge headboards, hidden storage drawers, and custom dimensions, our bespoke bed collection can fit any stylistic narrative, elevating bedrooms and hotel guest rooms. Endlessly captivating, these models are an unforgettable display of handmade wood furniture.

Coffee Tables
Luxury Furniture for the Living Room

SENTIENT offers the contemporary coffee table in a wide range of stylistic expressions. With the luxury design, custom dimensions, hardwood choices, and finishing options, each coffee table represents a unique project that redefines living room furniture. Conceptualized in Brooklyn, New York, these luxury coffee table models showcase the best of handmade wood furniture. We work with in-house talent or collaborate closely with third-party designers and architects, to push the boundaries of luxury design and manufacturing techniques, bringing luxury furniture to its finest conclusion.

Consoles & TV Stands

Natural hardwoods make for a warming contrast against the cold metallic sheen and plastic display of electronic components. SENTIENT’s luxury consoles are designed with bold forms and a combination of materials that make for a captivating statement piece. Real wood furniture brings the best of luxury design, but we want to take a step beyond that, offering bespoke construction and endless design iterations for all of our media and entertainment units.

Luxury Furniture for the Office | Luxury desks

We are one of the few hardwood furniture makers in New York that explore the creative wealth of high-end desks, with endless conceptual iterations that befit corporate executives, startups, and home office environments. Bringing together a range of seamlessly executed features, our solid wood desk models offer ample storage, power outlets, and endless design options that are difficult to find elsewhere. We offer quality solid wood furniture for the home office and the corporate setup, with custom dimensions and premium specifications.

Designer furniture gallery
in New York

As one of the most prominent wooden furniture makers, SENTIENT expands its reach beyond the category of functional design into the realm of art, fusing passion and aesthetic inspiration. It is only through creative expression and bold ideas that one finds new voices of visual language to reflect on our most important values. We design high-quality artistic furniture in an effort to appreciate life to its fullest. Our luxury furniture gallery exalts these virtues, allowing artistic design and exceptional craftsmanship to lead the way forward, putting American-made solid wood furniture on its rightful pedestal.

Custom Made & Custom Designed Luxury Furniture Pieces

Work with SENTIENT’s team on you custom furniture project

Luxury furniture, customizable to the core

The SENTIENT luxury furniture collection is a unique set of designs that have been created and built from a blank piece of paper to a beautiful end product. We conceive, sketch, prepare workshop drawings, and build everything from start to finish, all within our dedicated facility in Brooklyn, NY. All collection items, including our custom-made tables, credenzas, upholstered sofas, and chairs have gone through this process. The same applies to custom orders by clients, including indoor wood furniture and luxury outdoor furniture. To help the customer understand what is going to be created, we will prepare a 3D rendering and dimensions drawing for review, discussion, and final approval before fabrication. We have sent custom wood furniture items all over the world, including many to signature hotels such as the Edition Hotels collection in London, Miami, West Hollywood, and New York.

Proud of our unique high-end furniture models

The SENTIENT designer furniture collection includes unique dining tables, chairs, credenzas, beds, and upholstered items, which showcase our vast experience, and ability to create in a wide range of disciplines and styles. It is also a demonstration of our unique and original design talents, proudly displayed with our high-end furniture models, such as the Wave Luxury Chaise LoungeFriends Bookcase Concept, or Time When Console.

Luxury furniture
End-to-end production – design, manufacturing
and installation

At a time when it is becoming more and more challenging to find truly original design concepts, we take pleasure in our streamlined creative process. This is where efficient collaboration is turning aesthetic ideas into luxury furniture on par with our legacy collection. We collaborate with in-house designers and craftsmen, who represent exceptional Brooklyn talent, to bring any vision to life.

All items are made to order, allowing the customer to change wood species, color, texture, and finish, or alter the size of any specific furniture design. It is our conviction that the best furniture brands must offer bespoke products, where they showcase the full extent of their woodworking ingenuity. We will create a 3D rendering and dimensions drawing, so the customer has a better understanding of how the final piece of furniture looks. Many of our customers have found the process exhilarating, as it allows them to get into the shoes of a furniture designer, and explore the creative depth of luxury furniture.

We are located in the heart of our community at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, and our clients can always reach as by phone, at 1 (347) 309-6217, or schedule an in-person meeting to discuss their creative furniture projects.

Frequently Asked Questions
for our Luxury Furniture Collection

What aspects of the luxury furniture collection can be customized?

Our upscale furniture collection can serve as a starting point for your custom furniture project. This means that all product specifications, including dimensions, choice of materials, and even the original design concept can be iterated upon ad infinitum. In a sense, each model from our high-end furniture collection can inspire endless possibilities that branch into any stylistic direction.

Does SENTIENT offer outdoor wood furniture as part of the collection?

While we don’t have a dedicated catalog of outdoor furniture models, we can certainly create a wide range of items that bring timeless elegance to the upscale garden. Working with renowned hospitality brands in the past, SENTIENT has the expertise to design and manufacture weather-resistant furniture of exceptional aesthetic finesse, featuring solid wood and commercial-grade upholstery.

Does SENTIENT accept comprehensive furnishing projects?

As luxury furniture manufacturers, we design for residential and commercial clients, offering extensive furnishing options. Our portfolio includes hospitality and restaurant projects with a wide range of items, where we employ design consistency in service of a grand aesthetic vision. From intimate dining room furniture to poolside lounges, we can furnish any space with a variety of handmade furniture products and custom millwork. Built as unique pieces or manufactured at scale, all of our items feature intricate detailing, high-end materials, and exceptional durability.

Does SENTIENT collaborate with third-party designers?

While we create our upscale furniture collection in-house, we remain open for collaboration with design firms and independent furniture architects, to bring their creative ideas to life. From home furniture to commercial projects, from single statement pieces to a rich line of products, we can assist anyone who explores the creative wealth of designer furniture. Made from solid walnut, maple, and oak, in live edge aesthetics or artisanal variety, we built each model to its greatest potential, worthy of the New York design scene.

Does SENTIENT work on luxury furniture restoration?

We can revive old models from quality furniture brands and give new life to family heirloom pieces, offering complete stylistic preservation or creative refreshment. Through exceptional joinery techniques, premium fabrics, and wood finishing options, we can revive solid walnut furniture, and limited editions in Italian design, French design, or Scandinavian exclusive collections.
a SENTIENT contemporary designed custom maple live edge table corner with black wishbone legs
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