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SENTIENT’s Philosophy

The philosophy of SENTIENT Furniture is found in the name. It is a concept that describes the ability to perceive through sensation and consciousness, coloring our rich awareness of the world. By imbuing our designer furniture with these sophisticated pursuits, our goal is to alert the perception of our clients. We continue the tradition of the early Brooklyn furniture makers, through old-world craftsmanship and artisanal design, offering high-end custom furniture that captivates the senses.

We want our luxury furniture collection to be thought-provoking, exciting, and occasionally punctuated with elegant grandeur. The goal is to provoke a reaction that ignites curiosity, enjoyment, and a sense of aesthetic awe. As a New York furniture maker, our success depends upon genuine excitement for each line of products and the portfolio of custom projects. One that resonates with astute observers, who ask questions, comment, and appreciate this sophisticated upscale furniture collection.

Designer furniture with originality and art

We strive to infuse artistic qualities and original thought across our line of products. This is the central theme of our designer furniture and the main highlight of our furniture gallery. If a piece is going to be in a special home or signature hotel lobby area, then we feel we have the responsibility to offer something a little different: perhaps juxtapositions of materials, shapes, colors, and ideas. Whatever is included, we strive toward art and originality.

SENTIENT has been part of furniture exhibitions across many galleries throughout the world, including Dubai, Paris, New York, Miami, and London. Embedded into the surface, our SENTIENT brass signature is a testament to originality and authenticity, and a recognizable token of refinement among Brooklyn furniture makers. Art-Deco, industrial design, traditional, or mid-century modern, our products shine in each stylistic narrative, setting a new standard among luxury furniture brands in New York.

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Furniture as Art

New York designer furniture with museum-quality elegance

At SENTIENT, our goal is to produce each unique chairluxury credenzabed, or custom-made dining table as a strong statement of artful design. Our collections represent art objects that embody the dynamism of urban style and showroom sophistication. This is why the Friends bookcase, the Time When console, and the Icelandic sheep wool Long Wool Sofa are some of the most captivating examples of collectible furniture. We collaborate with in-house talent and some of the most prominent Brooklyn furniture designers, to stay at the forefront of emerging design trends. This is how we lead the industry and how we utilize high-end materials to create exceptional eco-friendly furniture.

Designer collaborations make it easy to imagine a chic South Beach condo with a SENTIENT Wave – our Luxury Chaise Lounge. Placed in a prime corner location, and looking across Biscayne Bay toward the Miami skyline, it becomes an inseparable highlight of luxury residential design. Made in New York, our designer furniture reverberates beyond the NYC furniture market, introducing the Brooklyn design scene to many places across the United States and the rest of the world. Proliferating the creative bravado of emerging designers is the only method of creating a high-end furniture brand. It’s how we find the way to numerous design awards for commercial and residential décor.

Upscale Projects and Contracts

Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential projects

We are one of the few furniture stores in Brooklyn that offer bespoke design and fabrication. Uniting local talent, SENTIENT has years of experience working for renowned luxury brands, delivering commercial space furniture to high-end signature names in the retail industry. We have worked on spectacular projects, creating commercial-grade hospitality furniture for select venues, as well as custom millwork installations and hotel lobby furniture for iconic chains. As a luxury furniture manufacturer, we regularly collaborate with world-renowned architects and interior designers, furnishing some of the most spectacular locations in New York.

Handmade luxury furniture in New York

Brooklyn furniture makers with an exceptional handcrafting tradition

SENTIENT presents a dynamic solid wood furniture collection, with artisanal items for the home, the commercial, and the hospitality environment. Everything takes place in our 25,000-square-foot Brooklyn, New York workshop where our custom furniture is hand-built to the highest standards, through a collaborative ethos and a sophisticated process. Each piece is handmade, and based on natural wood, of which the most prominent is the American black walnut. Similarly to our Live edge furniture, each wooden board exhibits a unique pattern of grain, color, and other aesthetic characteristics. This is how the inherent beauty of natural wood is freely expressed in almost everything that we build. This is how our designer furniture boasts uniqueness and charm, adding to its value and collectible appeal.

Live Edge Tables

Live Edge Dining Tables, Conference Tables, and Communal Tables

Our signature live edge dining table collection offers stately and remarkable models that are sure to ignite conversation regardless of the room they occupy. Clients love our custom live edge dining table concept for home and business – from elevating hotels and restaurants to leaving a lasting impression on friends and family, these remarkable heirlooms transform the dining area with gracious finesse. Each piece is made to order, and customized to specific preferences, offering a bespoke model with unique dimensions, materials, and design highlights. The goal is for clients to fall in love with their new statement piece, sharing the same degree of affection that we have for our creation.

Designers of America

Open Call to Interior Designers and Architects to Get Published in the Designers of America Book by SENTIENT

SENTIENT invites US-based architects and interior designers to submit their work for the possibility of being published in our book, Designers of America.

Curious in our explorations into the creative arenas of art, design, and architecture, our goal is to form a community where any interior design firm can collaborate freely. This pursuit brings us deeper into the realization of what the creative mind can do: how art, design, and architecture can inspire a better way of living, resolve, and fascination with beauty. In our mind, there is no hard line between art and design. To facilitate creative possibility is the ultimate calling for any luxury furniture designer and the only way to support this ideal.

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Collaborating with renowned NYC furniture designers, we have become one of the most recognized Brooklyn furniture makers. Our dynamic workshop is a testament to hard work, and our luxury design is a decorative jewel for many esteemed partners. Being at the forefront of industry events, we offer a wealth of upscale furniture ideas that set a high standard for hospitality, restaurant, and hotel environments. With solid wood craftsmanship, premium upholstery, and a range of sustainable materials, we explore the boundaries of art and design for residential and commercial spaces. This is how we stand out from other designer furniture stores in New York, and earn our recognition as one of the best Brooklyn furniture makers. Developing showroom artistic pieces or commercial-grade quality items at scale, we feel equally comfortable at designing and manufacturing residential furniture, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, or commercial millwork for all types of hospitality and retail venues.

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a SENTIENT contemporary designed custom maple live edge table corner with black wishbone legs
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