Banquette Seating Arrangement – Variety in Style and Function

Upscale hospitality venues rely on a sophisticated balance between style and function, represented through a carefully designed layout. With valuable square footage, furniture items have to compete for placement, offering more than mere aesthetics. Banquette seating arrangements are versatile design solutions that provide unmatched comfort. They maximize seating capacity and welcome numerous guest configurations, into a luxurious and relaxing environment. These elegant dining booths reduce foot traffic and offer privacy, creating a memorable and immersive dining experience. 

By contrasting the visual staccato sequence of modular furniture, and reducing interior clutter, banquettes can anchor the aesthetic narrative of the dining area. This article offers practical considerations for modern banquette seating, appropriate for high-end hospitality venues.


Banquette seating arrangement blueprint by SENTIENT

Recognizing functional and aesthetic diversity


Banquette seating options can be versatile and stylistically abundant. They borrow from an architectural trope that is firmly grounded in antiquity, reflecting the time-honored tradition of communal gathering and shared dining experiences. As a category on their own, banquettes offer inherent adaptability that makes them suitable for the upscale venue. Integrating into a variety of spatial configurations, this furniture arrangement embodies form and function, offering a palette of creative possibilities.

Banquette design encapsulates a vast diversity of layout configurations. The single booth and the double booth, for example, are timeless classics that redefined the American dining scene of the past century; the wall bench and the L-shaped banquette carry unmatched versatility in interior design; while the circle booth represents visual sophistication that is impossible to replicate with conventional furniture, offering privacy, comfort, and style.

Furniture manufacturers iterate upon these forms, to create a harmonious balance that appeals to contemporary design sensibilities. Borrowing from the grandeur of a bygone era, their job is to delight guests with a unique banquette seating arrangement for a memorable experience.


modern banquette seating in plush green by SENTIENT

Modern banquette seating ideas


Designers can use custom banquette seating to shape the guest experience and the overall interior décor. The choice of form, texture, and color can greatly influence the visual narrative, providing a nuanced toolkit and infinite possibilities.

We have worked with many clients to transform their floor plan and introduce sophistication through premium craftsmanship of bespoke booths. Our furniture is proudly displayed locally, across New York, but also nationally and internationally, including places such as the EDITION Hotels in Miami, Hollywood London.


banquette seating layout at a luxury restaurant

Less imposing arrangements


While some designers use the banquette as a focal point of their interior configurations, others prefer them for their function alone. Infinitely versatile, the banquette can adopt a low profile, matching the accompanying chairs in height, or forgo the backrest in exchange for an elegantly curved, prominent base. These designs can offer refined simplicity, borrowing from the timeless motif of antiquity.

L-shaped banquette seating is ideal for corner areas, enriching the otherwise empty space, and reducing the clutter that comes along with dining chairs and armchairs. It can create a visual statement, or blend seamlessly with the wall through coordination between the paint and the upholstery.


Reclaimed wood banquette

The banquette seating arrangement
must be in sync with dining tables


Banquette seating dimensions can vary depending on the space, but they are generally less confined in hotel lobbies and commercial reception areas. The upscale dining venue, on the other hand, has to serve its functional priority. This is why the banquette seating layout must correspond with the overall restaurant furniture layout, matching the accompanying tables in length, shape, and style, as per the associated requirements.

Designers can choose a combination between long dining tables and wall banquettes, or an endless wall-to-wall booth with several small table islands along the seating bench.

Round tables, on the other hand, are best matched with a curved booth, which mimics the shape of the table. When this is the case, it’s good practice to consider the design of the accompanying chairs, and at the very least curve their backrest so that it reflects the overall visual narrative.


Banquette seating arrangement in a luxury restaurant

Curved banquette designs


Through the introduction of curvature, interior designers can bring about infinite combinations of seating layouts. The ¾ curved booths, for example, are ideal for privacy and intimacy, allowing for a single point of contact with the rest of the space.

Alternatively, the dining bench can express an elegant wavy form, flowing seamlessly between tables, for a more connected dining experience. This is why it is important to create an overarching interior design concept for the venue, in which all other elements coexist through a dynamic interplay. From a practical and aesthetic perspective, restaurant table ideas must correspond with the banquette layout and vice versa.

In some cases, designers would forgo the modern banquette in exchange for the curved sofa, which serves a similar purpose, but invites a broader range of exploratory design options.


Outdoor banquette seating arrangement

Imposing furniture


The banquette can easily dominate the interior canvas, serving as the focal point of artistic expression. Through a careful selection of shapes and textures, it can become a testament to luxury craftsmanship that is impossible to ignore.

A tall and tufted backrest is going to be glamorous and extravagant, especially when combined with a head roll or an intricate shape at the high end of the backrest – the more prominent the design, the more captivating the furniture.


Playing with colors


When we want the banquette to stand out, the fabric can be bright and bold, or colorful and dynamic. To create a focal point, SENTIENT works with independent designers, offering unlimited customization. Oftentimes, we incorporate Customer’s Own Materials into the blueprint, manufacturing an authentic design vision.

Fabric color is easy to understate but it can dramatically transform the dining area, especially when paired correctly with the rest of the dining furniture, or the overall color palette. Plush purple velvet, for example, can make a luxurious statement, aesthetically elevating the space it inhabits.

On the other hand, leather banquette upholstering pairs nicely with a rich walnut base, adding to a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance that is impossible to match. This combination of materials requires more maintenance than usual, but the result is a resplendent visage that draws attention.

Banquette cushions can contribute to the overall design as well, opening up a plethora of color variations to explore. Some designers avoid the backrest altogether, and add cushions instead, in the form of a thick padding that is placed directly on the wall. Combined with a smart choice of wall paneling, one that matches the adjacent chairs, these creative solutions can introduce visual coherence that is elegant and sophisticated.


Size and shape can transform the layout


The booth is an aesthetic pinnacle of hospitality furniture. Building a banquette takes manufacturing expertise and an understanding of furniture ergonomics, as well as familiarity with restaurant and dining requirements to create a memorable experience.

We customize the banquette seating arrangement by customizing the seating construction, as we make a unique frame of solid wood or metal that is of the appropriate shape and size. We have the technical expertise to adjust any part of the furniture design, to materialize all visual preferences without sacrificing seat comfort. Our craftsmen can employ an array of foam options or incorporate a spring structure, to achieve a range of visual and tactile outcomes. Support and seat comfort are the number one priority, and we can bring any design to life without having to compromise either.

Shape and size can also dictate the restaurant layout. Some designers choose a wooden trim that enshrouds an entire portion of the dining area, creating a boxed-in ambience. Alternatively, owners can introduce a wavy banquette with seating options on both sides, separated by a single backrest in between. This gives away a sense of freedom and an unencumbered layout.

Simpler design methods exist to achieve a similarly distinct visual narrative. The vertically channeled seat and back upholstering can make the banquette far more imposing, whereas the horizontally channeled option can visually expand the space in either direction.


The versatility of the
banquette seating arrangement


Offering unmatched privacy and comfort, the modern banquette is a feast for the senses. It can maximize the seating capacity of any dining area, and help achieve visual coherence, by uniting a variety of design solutions.

Borrowing from the ideas above, we can customize the banquette seating arrangement, as well as the shape and size of the dining booth. This can be achieved through introducing a range of framing and upholstery options to create a distinctly sophisticated piece of furniture that is worthy of appreciation. We encourage venue owners and interior designers to call, or visit our SENTIENT studio in Brooklyn, New York, to discuss a specific project or conceptualize the best banquette design at the right price and scale. Together, we can match premium cuisine with manufacturing excellence, and create an unforgettable dining experience.