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Banquettes can redefine the dining area, through a combination of sophisticated design and elegant upholstery. By introducing commercial banquette seating, SENTIENT strives to elevate the hospitality experience, and offer stylistically diverse models across a plethora of layouts. Through an artistic story of elegance and the highest ideal of ergonomic design, we manufacture the luxury dining booth as the centerpiece of hospitality and comfort. Born from the New York design scene, and made of solid wood and premium upholstery, our commercial banquettes aim to set the standard for restaurant and lobby furniture worldwide.

Solid wood and premium fabrics –
the secret to building banquette furniture


Banquette seating ideas can reimagine interior décor through various artistic expressions. By weaving together form and function, this impressive product becomes a staple of commercial furniture. Imposing and durable, it demands a laborious woodworking process. Challenging as they are, upholstered banquette arrangements provide a canvas where our experience, creativity, and expertise roam freely. Building a banquette takes an orchestrated effort where design talent unites perfectly with artisanal craftsmanship, to create unforgettable statement furniture.

Our banquettes rely on responsibly sourced wood from nearby Pennsylvania, which undergoes the necessary treatment and preparation for increased strength, resilience, and durability. All models are handmade, with quality hardwoods and premium materials. From walnut, maple, and oak to luxurious leather, velvet, classic linen, and an infinite array of custom fabrics, we create unlimited options that artfully combine solid wood with high-end upholstery, including customer own materials and a range of suggestions.

To achieve the perfect banquette seating layout, and create a cohesive narrative between function and style, we cherish collaboration through every step of the process. All of our models are manufactured in-house, at our facility in Brooklyn, where we work closely with independent designers to materialize every creative vision. This flexibility allows for an impressive breadth of restaurant seating ideas and banquette-style seating in particular, designed for high-traffic commercial areas and upscale venues. The final product offers unmatched sophistication, privacy, and an acoustic barrier that redefines the guest experience.

Corner banquettes

Bringing elegance to every corner of the room, our stationary banquette models provide a captivating stylistic expression. With custom dimensions and attention to detail, corner banquette seating becomes the coziest place in the house. From straight angles to curved benches, SENTIENT delivers ergonomic designs with unmatched durability.

Modular banquette furniture

Hospitality lounges and high-traffic areas benefit greatly from modular furniture, allowing for infinite experimentation with the interior layout. Our modular designs offer convenience and sophistication that are meant to impress visitors and elevate the space they inhabit.

Banquette seating with storage

Boutique restaurants and lobby areas can redefine their furniture layout through the introduction of storage options within their seating arrangement. Through solid wood craftsmanship and impressive finishes, we create intricate storage departments within our built-in banquette models. There is no better way to maximize space and efficiency, without compromising style. Our designs can embrace the idea of minimalism, by allowing aesthetic consistency and functionality to exist in concert.

Curved banquette seating

Through advanced steam bending techniques and sophisticated craftsmanship, we transform quality hardwoods into elegant models with impeccable curvature. Meant for small and intimate dining areas, or airy and open spaces, curved designs add style and function through unforgettable comfort. Being a testament to luxurious design and artisanal vision, the semi-circle or the wavy banquette can redefine the dining experience and transform the restaurant layout.

Built-in banquettes

SENTIENT has a team of professionals ready to take measurements and modify the design blueprint accordingly, so that the final product is a perfect fit. Built-in banquettes are a sophisticated option for those who want to maximize space without sacrificing aesthetics – a distinct option to enhance the visual narrative.

Stand-alone or adjacent to walls

The iconic island banquette is a charming addition to any restaurant furniture layout, offering unmatched privacy and comfort. Alternatively, our clients can choose infinitely customizable benches, partially installed against walls, with padding and cushion support that blends or contrasts the interior design environment.

Dinning banquette seating for the upscale hospitality venue

Our bespoke models decorate boutique hotels and well-known restaurants, where they elevate the dining experience of guests and visitors. Designed to stand the test of time, they represent the pinnacle of custom hospitality furniture. They complement fine cuisine with extraordinary comfort, by creating a continuum between the lounge and the dining area. It is no wonder that the built-in banquette is becoming a designer favorite for residential areas as well, decorating the modern kitchen.

We also work with independent designers and leverage our manufacturing expertise to fully transform the restaurant layout, through an adequate match of dining tables that fit into the overall floor plan and complement the adjacent banquettes.

Banquette seating
product specifications


All of our bespoke models draw inspiration from nature. Featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, and Paris Design Week, our work has redefined stylistic conceptions, positioning SENTIENT as one of the leaders in high-end furniture. Each material fights hard to earn a place in the final product, which is a pinnacle of sophistication.

Unparalleled seat comfort with various upholstery techniques

A range of premium foam and spring solutions to redefine seat comfort, and provide durable support. We can employ various manufacturing techniques and material combinations, to develop custom thickness and firmness, creating a memorable tactile experience.

Lead time and delivery

SENTIENT prioritizes efficiency through a commitment to renewable local harvesting and in-house production. We employ design talent and expert craftsmen from our Brooklyn community, to produce luxury banquette furniture without compromising between quality and expedience. On average, our custom furniture models take between 10 to 12 weeks to create, and we ship with delicate care both across the United States and internationally.

Banquette seating on-site installation

We work with hospitality venues to deliver the final product, so that it is ready for display. Our expert technicians redefine attention to detail and expedience, through professional installation. Our goal is to keep uptime, without obstructing foot traffic from visitors, or the overall operation of the venue.

Unlimited customization
for luxury banquette seating


SENTIENT works with a range of hardwoods, metals and fabrics, to materialize any creative project. We employ a sophisticated process of material selection and manufacturing, and welcome originality through COM (Customer Own Materials) and COM (Customer Own Leather) requests that are specific to each project. From shape and dimension, to base materials and fabrics, our custom upholstery repertoire is unmatched.

Pricing and inquiries
for Luxury Banquette seating


We welcome project inquiries for commercial and residential seating with infinite customization options. Clients can call 1 (347) 309-6771 or visit our studio and gallery space at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, to discuss custom orders. Designers and venue owners can also contact us by using the form below, where they can describe the specifics of the project.

Banquette seating and commercial-grade furniture – from design rendition to a final product


SENTIENT welcomes interior decorators to present their aesthetic vision, as we can work with basic renderings and bring them through several stages of refinement and into a final product. Our technical expertise will inform on the proper structure, the necessary materials, and the correct cost, without sacrificing client preferences as we meet them all the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the iconic banquette arrangement?

With its unmistakable French origin, this plush and elegant seating option brings sophistication and comfort to hotels and restaurants the world over. Perfectly customized, banquettes can fit the interior design narrative of any upscale establishment, maximizing its space efficiency and seating capacity. Adding visual interest and providing a sense of exclusivity, they facilitate rich social interactions and memorable dining experiences.

Choosing between a restaurant sofa and a dining banquette?

The restaurant sofa, although shorter, is somewhat synonymous with the dining banquette. Referred to as the dining sofa, it can be designed for mobility or fixed placement. Banquettes, while similar in specifications, can offer much more seating space. Depending on the furniture layout, they can be modular or uniform, extending in length to accommodate the requirements of lobbies, restaurants, and any commercial or residential area.

What customization options are available for banquette seating?

Modern banquette seating should unite comfort with extravagance, to perfectly serve the upscale restaurant. We offer infinite customization options in terms of materials and dimensions, with a range of manufacturing techniques to create a sophisticated product. Whether clients are interested in L-shaped banquette designs or cozy booth seating, we employ talent and expertise to materialize their vision. From the choice of wood, finishing options, and upholstery, to banquette cushions, backrest positioning, bench dimensions, and storage options, each design tells a uniquely captivating story. Cozy, casual, or luxuriously distinct, our furniture conveys diverse narratives, which enrich breakfast, lunch, and dinner occasions.

We also welcome Customer Own Materials (COM), and Customer Own Leather. Including these into the product, we can visually complement any hospitality space, bringing to life a specific design narrative. These custom integrations can impact the project timeline as well as the overall price of the product, allowing us to focus our energy on manufacturing and installation. This is why we collaborate with clients and independent designers, meeting their requests at any stage of the process.

Choosing between a banquette and a dining bench?

Some of our clients prefer the striking visual presence of the banquette, while others value the elegant convenience of the dining bench. SENTIENT can incorporate both options into the furniture layout, to create a comfortable luxury environment through a cohesive design narrative. We design and manufacture commercial-grade dining bench models, in solid wood and premium upholstery, to command attention. Built for comfort and durability, these versatile items enrich the hospitality venue or the residential space that they so proudly inhabit.

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