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Livia Shi | Architecture | Chatsworth, CA

Discipline: Architecture
Location: Chatsworth, CA
Firm: Atelier LSM2 Inc.
Phone Number: 818-645-3376

Livia Shi is a seasoned architectural and furniture design professional with over 22 years within the industry. She is Director Design and Principal of Atelier LSM2 Inc. based in Los Angeles.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Livia embarked on her career with an apprenticeship to famed architect, Stanley Saitowitz. Later, she worked at reputable Los Angeles area firms – Steinberg Architects and LHA Architects, Inc. Livia has extensive commercial, educational, and residential furniture design experience.

In 2007, Livia decided to open up her own building design practice, which focused on the design of custom homes & furniture. Eventually, her practice morphed into Atelier LSM2 Inc., a full-service architecture and furniture design firm based in LA. Her residential projects have been featured in magazines like Azure, Inhabitat, & Valley Scene Magazine. Recently, her architecture & furniture design was work included in Interior Design Magazine’s Fall Market Tabloid & Interior Design Magazine’s Decade of Design Book. In her free time, Livia enjoys spending time with her family & playing with her pet bird. As a native Californian, Livia describes herself as an avid foodie and animal lover.

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