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Working with Architects & Designers to Create Unique Residential Spaces

Being a design studio, SENTIENT works closely with residential interior designers creating custom wood furniture, case goods, millwork, and luxury furniture of our design and that of the interior designer, ensuring heirloom quality and timeless design. It is essential that our living environments not only have proper storage and comfort but visual inspiration that custom design brings. The experience of quality materials and good design elevates our living, smoothing the edges of our day-to-day. This is what SENTIENT strives for: the inspiration that design and beauty can bring.

SENTIENT Furniture Residential Projects

Luxury Custom Made Furniture Pieces Made for Upscale Residential Projects.

Anne Chessin Designs | Upper West Side, NYC

In assisting interior designer Anne Chessin with her Upper West Side project, SENTIENT created a live edge dining table, coffee table, and chest of drawers of American black walnut, in addition to a customized wall unit. We are honored to have assisted in bringing this personalized living space to fruition, helping to elevate living by way of good design. What we design, designs us.

Flavin Architects | The Tanglewood House | Massachusetts

The vision of an architect often transcends the outer shell into the elements that reside within. This exemplifies the Massachusetts project, The Tanglewood House, designed by Flavin Architects. For this project, SENTIENT produced custom wood furniture, including a Colorado Table in American Black Walnut. Here the interior and exterior seam seamless in there mimicking of line and form, bringing to light the architect’s total vision.

BDHM | The Amberly Residential Tower Lobby | Brooklyn, NYC

Though an imposing form of architecture, the Amberly residential tower is ladened with warmth and specialty within, infused throughout with custom SENTIENT furniture. Here, modern design meets the warmth of natural materials, the symbiosis of inside and outside and the luxury and benefits of what good design can bring to everyday living. This project not only reflects our philosophy of what design can do but our continued support of our local communities, the environment and the future of quality craftsmanship.

Anne Chessin Designs | Chambers Street, NYC

Working with an interior designer is a SENTIENT specialty. For Anne Chessin Designs, we created a custom live edge coffee table of American black walnut and a solid wood dining table supported by steel wishbone legs. By working with an interior designer and utilizing custom work, we bring to our homes a personal quality that cannot easily be acquired in our time of quick fix and mass production.

CookFox Architects | City Tower Apartments | Brooklyn, NY

It is the architect’s vision that builds the frame and the designer’s that fills it, and combining the two creates art for living. For the City Tower Apartments project designed by Cook Fox Architects, SENTIENT produced luxury coffee tables and luxury lounge chairs for the common space. This space exemplifies the ideology of design for all while shining the light on what design can do. We are honored to work with architects and designers, bringing the world, their vision.

Apartment on the Bowery | NYC

For this loft apartment design project, SENTIENT produced a custom walnut dining table as well as s custom open shelving unit, bringing to light the designer’s overall vision of quality and simplistic design.

Flatiron Apartment | NYC

For this apartment near the Flatiron building, SENTIENT designed a custom canopy bed with interchangeable panels on the headboard that allow for different looks. We also made them a live edge walnut dining table.

Other Projects & Contracts

Hospitality, Commercial, Residential projects.

For this apartment near the Flatiron building, SENTIENT designed a custom canopy bed with interchangeable panels on the headboard, as well as a live edge dining table in American black walnut. This custom project units utility with beauty, inspired by the vision of the designer.

SENTIENT Furniture Collection

Artistic and Creative Pieces Handcrafted at Museums-level Quality

At SENTIENT, our philosophy is predicated on the balance between art and design, which is reflected throughout our line of artistic furniture. The vacillation of utility, beauty, and quality and the inspiration that design can bring by way of nuance and material, the scale of the body, and how a piece of furniture is used. Within our studio, we explore the idea of design perceived as art and its impact on how we live. From interior décor to custom outdoor furniture, our scope of what makes live beautiful is always wide enough to capture novel and exciting creative visions.

a SENTIENT contemporary designed custom maple live edge table corner with black wishbone legs
Live Edge Furniture Design

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