Zora Coffee Table

Zora Live Edge Coffee Table

The SENTIENT Zora Coffee Table is a modernistic design combining a bias-cut hardwood slab top contrasted with a gloss white laminate cantilevered pedestal base. At SENTIENT a theme of our work is timelessness, however with the Zora Coffee Table, it is as if the clock is pointing to the future. To us, it looks like a futuristic space vessel on its way to battle in some distant galaxy. Before it sets off on that journey, maybe we can share a cappuccino.

Product Specifications

  • Designed & manufactured in house by SENTIENT

  • Material:  Live edge cross cut hardwood, laminate base

  • Dimensions: 16” w X 42” d X 14” h

  • Made to order in Brooklyn, NY. 

  • 6–8 week lead time

  • Ships internationally

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276 Greenpoint Avenue
Building 9 Floor 5
Brooklyn, NY 11222
1 (888) 236-8862
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