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Wood slab coffee table designs handmade in Brooklyn
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Live edge coffee table by SENTIENT

We are proud to present the organic coffee table, with a series of custom models. Made from smaller offcuts of live edge slabs, each design becomes the centerpiece of upscale contemporary environments, offering a lavish display of natural beauty. The organic-shaped coffee table introduces timeless elegance and rustic appeal, encapsulating the charm of live edge furniture. We preserve the raw edge, accentuate the unique grain patterns of quality domestic hardwoods, and work with knots and imperfections to create an artistic masterpiece. The result is a symphony of bespoke design and exquisite craftsmanship, perfectly suited for luxury residential and high-end hospitality spaces.

Natural wood coffee table with custom design

Designed with an intimate scale, the live edge coffee table preserves the dynamic character of natural wood with the craftsmanship and artistry of sculpture. Each model combines utility with creative expression, forming an evocative cadence of rustic allure. The opportunity to customize is vast, as we draw upon the expertise of in-house designers and third-party architects. From table dimensions and wood species to finishing options and highlights, each live edge coffee table conveys individuality, reflecting the vivacity of nature.

Organic coffee table for upscale interiors

Designed and Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NYC

Waterfall Style Live Edge Coffee Table

Designed to human scale or exaggerated, this coffee table can be subtle and simplistic or bold in its architectural form. Using locally sourced woods, this is a timeless design of heirloom quality. Our Waterfall Style Live Edge Coffee Table is fully customizable, without limits on size and material. Matching two pieces to recreate the cascading flow of nature, the slab coffee table is an art form that instantly draws attention.

The wood slab coffee table – responsibly harvested, artfully crafted

For our organic coffee table, we use the finest domestic hardwoods. Each wood slab is collected from renewable sources, helping the industry’s transition to sustainable furniture. Handpicked and acclimated in our Brooklyn workshop, the wood is then chiseled to perfection, polished, and coated with a smooth finish. The manufacturing process involves a series of sophisticated treatments, drawing upon the expertise of our skilled craftsmen. We remain environmentally aware throughout the process, as we prioritize eco-friendly practices that significantly minimize emissions, and limit the release of volatile organic compounds.

Product Specifications for our live edge coffee table

The slab coffee table is an aesthetic marvel of live edge design. Bringing rustic style to the living room, this eclectic piece can take many forms, highlighting different materials, crafting techniques, and creative interpretations. Championing design nuance and artistic exploration, SENTIENT offers a natural wood coffee table with infinite personalization options.

Designed and manufactured in-house by SENTIENT

We work with in-house designers and third-party architects to come up with showroom design concepts. The wooden coffee table blueprints are then transformed into detailed 3d renditions, ready for a final review. Upon approval, we start the production process in our workshop in Brooklyn, where all of our custom-made, handcrafted furniture takes shape.

Materials for the natural wood coffee table

We manufacture each model with a range of domestic hardwoods. These include premium quality American Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, Cherry, and Oak, featuring captivating organic shapes and rhythmic composition.

Bespoke design with custom dimensions

The live edge coffee table by SENTIENT can feature unique shapes and sizes. Organic forms are endlessly captivating, but we can pair the appeal of raw edges with the precision of geometric shapes as well. The round natural wood coffee table is equally mesmerizing, as it embodies such aesthetic opposites. Echoing the rustic charm that is intrinsic to their origin, these wood slabs showcase unparalleled design variety, tailored to individual preferences.

Variety of leg options for the natural wood coffee table

The base for the wood slab coffee table can be made of any material, offering unlimited customization. We work with stone, metal, ceramics, glass, and other options, to create showroom quality worthy of gallery spaces and upscale environments. The goal of live edge coffee table legs extends beyond pragmatism, as we aim for artistic distinction.

Live edge coffee table, made-to-order

The wood slab coffee table took the modern design scene by storm. Today, retail solutions are readily available, but most undermine the essence of handcrafted furniture, showing no room for personalization. SENTIENT collaborates with clients to make unique slabwood tables, ensuring a perfect fit with the overall design layout and the specific aesthetic vision of the client. Each model is made-to-order, highlighting the ingenuity of custom furniture.

Lead time for the live edge coffee table

The production of the raw wood coffee table involves a series of steps, from design and hardwood selection to acclimation and manufacturing. The lead time is between 10-12 weeks, including the initial consultation and creative brainstorming.

Ships Internationally

We ship the live edge coffee table locally across New York and the Northeastern region of the country. For delivery outside of these regions, SENTIENT collaborates with rebuttable shipping partners whose service covers the territory of the United States and all other international orders.

The organic modern coffee table
with exceptional highlights

The live edge coffee tabletop can be paired with different base options for unlimited variety. SENTIENT works with a range of materials including ceramics, metal, glass, epoxy resin, stone, and concrete, to provide creative wealth that is difficult to find elsewhere. While coffee tables in wood and metal legs are popular due to their striking dynamism, our models can also feature a white laminate base, stone accents, vibrant river design, or custom inlays. Each wood slab table conveys a unique decorative narrative, drawing from these sophisticated highlights.

The black wood coffee table

Timeless elegance and sophisticated distinction 

The live edge walnut coffee table is one of our most popular furniture items. Displaying the lustrous allure of American black walnut, tamed through an exceptional manufacturing process, it stands as a testament to refined elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Often at the top of wood coffee table ideas, the walnut slab table is indeed a category of its own.

Create your own live edge collection

Our SENTIENT team understands the importance of design consistency throughout homes and hospitality venues. We can work with clients to create a personalized collection of live edge furniture, including matching designs for the natural wood side table and the natural wood end table. Combined with the organic coffee table, these additions can elevate the interior décor with a distinctive, personalized touch, showcasing the unique grain patterns and elaborate edges of raw wood. Although unique, our models can be united through aesthetic consistency. The live edge dining table can stylistically match the living room furniture offering a uniformed impression of elegance across the home.

Finishing options for the wood slab coffee table

We coat the tabletop and some of our base designs, to create a durable finish that can resist color-fading, scratches, and moisture, giving our natural wood coffee table a distinctive look. Each finishing coat can be used in combination with staining options, different wood species, and wax, to achieve a wealth of aesthetic outcomes. As a furniture designer and manufacturer, we can help clients choose varnish, lacquer, polyurethane, or oil, with glossy or mate shin, for rich, flat, or dynamic overtones.

Live edge coffee table
Pricing and inquiries

At SENTIENT, clients can imagine the live edge coffee table in unparalleled design variety. We can collaborate with furniture architects and interior designers to advise on the technical feasibility of each model, and together we can choose the materials or guide the aesthetic outcome with meticulous precision. Homeowners and venue managers can call 1 (347) 309-6721, or visit our Brooklyn-based workshop at 276 Greenpoint Avenue for a detailed quote and consultation.

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