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Custom-Made Conference Tables

The conference table is the nucleus of any company. It is the site where employees make vital decisions, impress potential clients, and continue building relationships with old ones. Custom conference tables provide an invitation for team members to feel part of a community, as equal participants in the collaborative workspace. The meeting room should be where productivity meets sociability, striking a balance between work and warmth. Boardroom tables are by no means a simple piece of office furniture, but rather the centerpiece around which any company does its best work. At SENTIENT, we understand, meet, and exceed the expectations that clients have for this fundamental element of the corporate interior.

Our custom conference tables are carefully constructed artwork that is available in a range of premium hardwoods, expertly finished with the help of supreme craftsmanship. Each model is created with a specific client in mind, and tailored to a specific set of requirements. Our conference room tables transform the meeting room with originality and comfort, becoming a gravitational force within the space they inhabit.

Conference tables by SENTIENT – innovation, prosperity, and hospitality

As a furniture designer and manufacturer, SENTIENT has transformed many office spaces with impressive stylistic variety —from formal corporate companies to casual tech startups, we have supplied boardroom furniture that is designed to impress. We understand the demands of the businesses we work with and design according to their specific needs. The result is bespoke creation at its most attentive, with an eye for detail that leaves our clients satisfied.

SENTIENT offers a selection of traditional conference tables and live edge conference tables with elegant, sophisticated, and luxury aesthetics. We design and manufacture furniture for spaces with a creative edge, or traditional, formal, and classic interiors. Each one of our high-end tables is a statement piece that will leave an indelible image in the minds of team members and clients alike.

The perfect boardroom table is a worthwhile investment for any organization that takes pride in their collaborative ethos and a professional approach to their work. First impressions form upon entering the meeting space, and the collaborative table represents an imposing artwork that is hard to dismiss. The solid wood conference table is a signature piece that immediately speaks to the company ethos, showing pride but also an appreciation for clients and business partners alike.

Conference tables of any size and shape – Bespoke construction

We provide bespoke conference tables that fit your requirements to perfection

Our design is predicated upon what clients need and follows their aesthetic taste. This process results in a unique meeting table for each client; no two tables are exact copies. Fundamentally, we believe in a client-centered approach where conference room tables not only meet the expectations of their owner but go a step beyond.

Because no two companies are exactly alike, we believe no two meeting tables should be either. The design of the modern conference table should exude the essence of the company’s philosophy, welcome new guests and proudly stand as the epicenter of professional business dealings. We pride ourselves on our relentless dedication to achieve this together. Our conference room tables speak of this dedication, with impressive art and design, with quality manufacturing that is meant to last.

The process of designing conference room tables

Collaboration is an integral part of the production process. Our clients work directly with the SENTIENT design team, as we brainstorm material choices and stylistic and aesthetic options. Our workshop is located in Brooklyn, New York, where we empower local talent to craft spectacular projects, creating works of art. Together, we will manufacture a custom conference table that meets the exact specifications—and goes further. Our job is to collaborate closely with the client and ensure that the upscale conference table becomes utterly indispensable to the company.

SENTIENT offers a wide spectrum of hardwoods, veneer, and metallic finishes for all of our custom-made boardroom tables. We choose the material together, based on the desired look and feel. Each combination of options exudes a different quality, depending on the preferred aesthetic characteristics. Our experience with a host of different clients has allowed our team to become well-versed in meeting the needs of different spaces and business types, as we provide excellent customer service.

Live Edge Conference Tables

SENTIENT is probably best known for our signature live edge furniture. We construct magnificent pieces that are the perfect combination of old-world sophistication and contemporary charm, and our philosophy is to elevate the inherent aesthetic in existing raw materials. Essentially, live edge design appreciates the natural form of wood. Finished with a clear coating, our models emphasize the organic grain, as we accentuate its raw beauty. Thus, the live edge conference tables are a profound statement of timelessness and reassurance. It is an elegant design concept that lends itself to a wide range of corporate environments.

The revelation of the exquisite lines, shapes, and colors is brought to the fore through our finishing process, displaying a captivating visual symphony. This is the wooden conference table, with the most sophisticated design and fabrication; our best-quality furniture, with commercial-grade specifications, created to last.

Our clients have been magnetically drawn to our live edge design options that include a range of pieces from coffee tables to credenzas and bookcases. We are now pleased to offer conference room tables as part of this catalog. What is truly exceptional about our custom live edge dining table models is that they seamlessly adapt to a variety of tastes and situations. Whether we are looking to outfit a traditional, corporate space, or a young, innovative company on the rise, these luxury meeting room tables offer a richness that is hard to come by in other pieces.

Custom conference tables –
Options & product specifications

SENTIENT works on custom projects to create unique boardroom tables for the business environment. We offer unlimited design options through aesthetic finesse, premium materials, and a streamlined manufacturing process. This is how we create modern conference room tables with impressive characteristics.

Premium American hardwoods

We work with premium North American hardwoods, sustainably harvested from renewable sources. The offer includes Black American walnut, Ambrosia maple, white oak, and other species, both for solid wood conference tables as well as veneer options.

Round conference table

The round conference table is a magnificent display of expert craftsmanship. It is an iconic symbol of collaborative environments that thrive under horizontal management structures and an irreplaceable addition to the boardroom.

U-shaped conference table

We can create a U-shaped conference table in a variety of dimensions and proportions, suitable for the interior layout of the meeting room. Supported by innovative base options and a captivating design, the U-shaped model represents a balance between aesthetics and function.

Oval conference table

The oval conference table is the quintessential model that imbues the meeting space with timeless elegance and warmth. SENTIENT works with architectural drawings to create an impressively accurate tabletop, where the oval shape matches the design renderings down to the millimeter.

Boat-shaped conference table

The boat-shaped conference table is a sophisticated display of old-world craftsmanship, offering a traditional design solution that is still captivating in today’s corporate environment. We design boat-shaped models of any size and shape, with proper base support that aesthetically matches the tabletop.

Base options

The discussion table offers a visually captivating top, but the base support is equally important. SENTIENT makes sure to design and manufacture a durable and technically matching base, which can withstand the weight of these spectacular models.

Powered conference tables

Designed for the contemporary boardroom, our conference tables with power outlets provide outstanding convenience. From cable management to data entry and multimedia, our meeting room tables bring seamless power and data integration, bridging the gap between technology and old-world craftsmanship.

Lead time and delivery

The usual lead time for our custom models is 10-12 weeks, depending on the project requirements. We offer on-site measurements, design iterations, manufacturing, and delivery, and send a team of trained professionals to securely install these magnificent statement pieces, transforming your conference room environment.

Powered conference tables & Wire management options


While the aesthetic aspect of our models is incomparable, we understand that every meeting room has specific technical requirements. To keep up with these specifications, we offer cable and internet management solutions to ensure that our custom-made conference tables are just as beautiful to look at as they are functional to use.

The necessary technical requirements are masterfully interwoven into the design, providing a range of options. The multimedia conference table can allow for audio and video calls, as we skillfully integrate the equipment into the overall design. Our models elevate the corporate environment, through exceptional elegance and sophistication. That means no unsightly wires or a disorganized tech mess that interferes with the beauty and appearance of the solid wood conference table.

With countless presentations internally and to clients, and an ever-growing number of devices from laptops and smartphones to tablets and projectors, powered conference tables are going to provide streamlined efficiency that is indispensable to the business setting. SENTIENT finds perfection where the practical and the beautiful intersect. We understand that the modern meeting table has to offer both, redefining high-quality furniture in a fast-paced corporate environment.

Standard Woods & Finish Options

To ensure that our custom conference tables reflect the aesthetic vision of our clients, we offer a range of options for the material and the finish. Each wood species provides a different textural experience, bringing a specific kind of finesse into the piece. We are happy to advise on all elements of our solid wood conference tables, and ensure that each custom model is befitting of the vision for the specific interior.

Hardwoods: Black Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, White oak and more

Veneers: Walnut, Maple, Oak and more

Metal Finishes: Blackened Steel, Bronzed Steel, Brass, etc.

Other Materials: Painted, Solid Surface, Stone, Tempered Glass and Laminates

Pricing and Inquiries

Clients can get in touch to ask about pricing, discuss options, or simply brainstorm their dream conference table, by filling out the contact form below. Visits to our Brooklyn workshop are by appointment, and we are located at 276 Greenpoint Avenue. Set up a consultation today to see how we can bring style and originality to your meeting room, by reaching out via phone at 1 (347) 309 6721.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tabletop shapes does the conference table have?

Conference tables can be designed and manufactured in a range of shapes, from rectangular and round, to oval, boat-shaped, and U-shaped. We work with clients to evaluate their meeting room layout, and design solutions that elevate the space by integrating style and function. Our bespoke models rely on unique architectural drawings, as each tabletop requires a different base for adequate support.

What is the standard size of a conference table?

Conference table sizes can vary depending on factors such as seating capacity, style, and the overall room layout. Nevertheless, there are general guidelines that inform the design process:

Small conference room tables typically range from 36-48 inches in diameter (for round conference table models), or from 60 to 72 inches wide for rectangular or boat-shaped options. These models can generally seat around 4 to 6 people and are designed for smaller companies and meeting rooms with limited space. Their weight is approximately 100-200 pounds.

Medium conference room tables are typically 72 to 96 inches wide (6 to 8 feet) and can seat 6 to 8 people. Also referred to as the conference table for 8, or the round conference table for 8, the medium size is the most popular option for most businesses. Each table weighs between 200-300 pounds.

Large conference room tables are usually 120 to 240 inches wide (10 to 20 feet) and can accommodate up to 20 people or even more, depending on the length and the overall design. These magnificent models weigh between 300-500 pounds.

Boardroom tables are typically 240 to 360 inches wide and can accommodate 20 to 30 people. Depending on the model, these can vary in weight, between 500-800 pounds, although it depends on the choice of material, the addition of design highlights, and the overall design concept.

What is the difference between boardroom tables and conference room tables?

Most of the time, the terms boardroom tables and conference room tables are used interchangeably. Both furniture concepts are designed for meetings, presentations, and discussions in a professional setting, and allude to the space they occupy. However, there are certain distinctions based on size, purpose, and tradition.

Boardroom tables are typically found in a boardroom, where an organization’s board of directors meets. The models are often larger, and somewhat more ornate, reflecting the significance of the collaborative decisions. Traditionally, boardroom tables are rectangular or boat-shaped and made from high-quality materials, such as solid wood, with quality finish and luxury highlights.

Conference room tables are used for a wider range of meetings, not just those involving the executives. They host meetings and presentations between employees, potential clients, and business partners, and come in a variety of shapes. These models are somewhat smaller than boardroom tables, with a versatile design to adapt to different meetings and styles of management.

What finishing options are available for solid wood conference tables?

SENTIENT uses high-quality finish coats to accentuate the natural grain of hardwood species and ensure exceptional durability. Our water-based options provide an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t alter the color of the wood and its texture. Oil-based finishing coats are strong enough to penetrate the surface, affecting its visual characteristics. Therefore, we use them with great care, to guide the stylistic outcome set forth by the client.

For our custom conference tables, we also use lacquer finish, which is different than oil-based and water-based options, and uses a different type of solvent, referred to as a lacquer thinner. Lacquer thinner dries much faster, and as it evaporates, the cellulose hardens, leaving behind a hard, protective coating. Lacquer offers a glossy appearance, with impressive characteristics in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

We also offer charred or spalted finishing techniques, which add immense visual interest, creating a spectacular work of art.

What options are available for the modern conference table with data ports and power?

SENTIENT explores the boundaries between old-world craftsmanship and technological innovation, integrating them into resplendent works of art. We manufacture video conference tables with seamless wire management and connectivity options, helping clients elevate their productivity while minimizing friction. The media conference table offers unlimited features, including USB data ports, power outlets, audio support, as well as wireless and LAN connection for reliable internet access. These features are available for the oval conference table, the circular conference table, and the boat-shaped conference table, as we work diligently to integrate them into the overall design of each model.

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