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Nelson Dieguez-Suarez | Architecture | Houston, TX

Discipline: Architecture
Location: Houston, TX
Firm: NJ design
Phone Number: 3462778850
Instagram: @nj_design6

NJdesign was created by two designers in Houston TX. We are an architectural visualization company that specializes in 3D Architectural renderings, animations, and 3D Floor Plans. Our company produces high-quality architectural illustrations, animations, and scale models for commercial furniture and residential development projects and contracts. We provide you with the best quality products.

We produce photo-realistic architectural renderings. NJdesign prides itself on providing the most realistic architectural renderings for your architectural projects. Your CAD drawings/sketches are converted to a 3D rendering using the latest 3D software. For that extra element of realism, our company also adds real-life environment variables, such as lighting, landscape, vegetation, human activities, and others.
Helping developers, realtors, and architects looking for a highly persuasive marketing tool is our priority.

Architecture SENTIENT Deisgners of America Book and Projects Nelson Dieguez-Suarez

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