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We are curiously exploring the creative arenas of art, design, and architecture. Our furniture gallery blurs the separation between these domains, creating a lofty ideal for residential and commercial environments. Each project brings us deeper into the realization of what the creative mind can do: inspiring a better way of living, resolving our social and environmental ills, and celebrating the beauty of human ingenuity. Driven by bespoke design, our artistic furniture highlights the collaborative ethos, opening up a realm of creative possibilities.

Artistic Design & Gallery Furniture

Brooklyn | New York

Artistic furniture and
concept pieces by SENTIENT

As a furniture designer, SENTIENT expands its reach beyond the category of functional design into the realm of art, fusing inspiration and passion. We find our voice of artistic expression through curiosity and courage – a visual language that inspires the way we live, as we fearlessly embrace the future. Championing collaboration with emerging designers, we empower the creative like-minded. This is where sparks fly, and where creative bravado finds its footing.

Furniture gallery for custom statement pieces

Our custom furniture New York items occupy stunning commercial and residential spaces, as they make their way to the New York Design Week. We also work with independent architects and interior decorators to manufacture bespoke items of exceptional creative finesse. These custom furniture pieces showcase artistic qualities and exceptional craftsmanship, directly influencing the heart of the industry, and affecting the New York furniture design currents.

Friends Bookcase – an art furniture concept

SENTIENT’s Friends Bookcase is a unique furniture design, where form and function are brought together to unveil contrasting angles and horizontal planes. This artistic home design embodies the movement of lines in space, expressing wealth through visual proportion. This is how a bookcase becomes a figurative sculpture, an homage to friendship and the love of knowledge. Inhabiting our furniture gallery, the model is a testament to craftsmanship, modern design, and fine art that captivates the Brooklyn design scene. Along with the Wave luxury chaise lounge, they form an elegant and sophisticated pair that dominates all interiors and captivates the astute observer.

Causeway Table – a handmade furniture marvel

The natural world continues to inspire our creativity, whether it is through materials or pure visual splendor. The Causeway Table is a unique furniture design that steals the show regardless of its placement. With its clusters of hexagonal columns and American black walnut, it reenacts the creative expression of nature. Inspired by an ancient volcanic fissure eruption on the coast of Northern Ireland, this table is a rich display of memory and visual awe. It is here where art furniture allows personal experience to inspire the design, and design to inspire personal experience in turn. The Causeway is a model in which art and design solidify, telling stories that elevate spaces and enrich sensory experiences.

Artistic furniture collaborations

Designer furniture for top brands and international events.

Gallery furniture for top designer brands

We are not invested only in our own creative voice but also in those of others. Striving to expand the conversation around high-end furniture, SENTIENT collaborates with emerging designers and brands, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that redefine upscale interiors. We expand the dialogue through creative camaraderie, deepening our passion, knowledge, and aesthetic refinement. The goal is to create quality work by ourselves and with the help of partners and celebrate beauty through the ingenuity of furniture art.

Designers of America Book

Open Call to Interior Designers and Architects to Get Published in the Designers of America Book

Our furniture gallery displays our luxury furniture collection, as well as handcrafted furniture by some of the most promising designers in America. We also collaborate with other brands and up-and-coming artists, to move the conversation forward, making strides in contemporary art. The book Designers of America by SENTIENT is a project that connects the community, bringing together contemporary furniture designers. It is a place where talented architects and interior decorators can showcase their best work. The project is also a virtual furniture gallery, and an archive of modern art furniture, with an impressive catalog of captivating statement pieces. Each furniture designer has a dedicated page that serves as a portfolio for some of their most captivating projects.

Furniture gallery and design studio in the heart of Brooklyn

We are happily ensconced in the heart of Brooklyn, inhabiting our studio and workroom for many years. Supporting the local community, SENTIENT is proud to be at the forefront of burgeoning creative arenas. As furniture makers, we manufacture statement pieces through creativity and craftsmanship, captivating the New York scene with the work of local talent. Bringing artistic furniture to the borough of Brooklyn, and visiting countless exhibitions, we have become an integral thread in the vibrant tapestry of this cultural haven. Fostering designer collaborations, and nurturing connections with local suppliers, we champion the spirit of innovation that defines this neighborhood. Our furniture gallery is an extension of NYC, trying to magnify the qualities that make this city endlessly captivating.

Collaborate with SENTIENT

Visit our furniture gallery in Brooklyn, New York, where we bring artistic furniture ideas to life.

Visit the SENTIENT workshop and furniture gallery in Brooklyn, New York

Our workroom and studio are all housed on the same floor of a building that is occupied by other creative businesses and entrepreneurs. This floor plan and proximity bring a natural creative flow of inspiration both for our team and those who visit. Studio visits and tours are always welcome – we create for our clients, who reward us with their inspiration and passion for designer furniture. Partners and clients can reach us at 1 (347) 309-6217, or visit the SENTIENT furniture gallery and workshop on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, that is open during business hours.

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276 Greenpoint Avenue
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Brooklyn, NY 11222
1 (347) 309-6217

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of custom furniture does SENTIENT make?

SENTIENT works with in-house talent and third-party designers to create bespoke furniture items that are infinitely customizable. Our luxury furniture products span many categories, emphasizing the embrace of functionality and fine art. We make everything from residential furniture to commercial furniture, and architectural millwork. This includes upholstery, solid wood furniture, weather-resistant outdoor furniture, and unique concept pieces that combine quality materials to make a lasting statement.

What is so unique about SENTIENT’s gallery furniture??

We offer a captivating collection of high-quality items, but we also update our furniture gallery with new concept pieces that stem from a continuous and successful collaboration with independent designers. Each model is born from a novel creative vision, exploring the boundaries of furniture art. This is why SENTIENT represents one of the bastions of New York furniture design, allowing creative talent to unite and thrive.

Our handmade furniture represents the apex of extraordinary design work and exceptional craftsmanship. Many of these dining tables, sofas, lounge chairs, and other museum-quality models find their way to the New York Design Week and other design events, before decorating our gallery furniture store where visitors can enjoy them more intimately.

Our designer furniture gallery offers modern art furniture that is part of our luxury collection, as well as unique pieces with artistic design that came about as a result of collaboration with past clients. These items can be made to order, and we accept infinite revisions to the original concept. By emphasizing uniqueness, our goal is to create artistic furniture that intertwines distinct aesthetics with rich sentimental significance.

a SENTIENT contemporary designed custom maple live edge table corner with black wishbone legs
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an open SENTIENT contemporary designed catalog luxury design book

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