Long Wool Sofa

SENTIENT Long Wool Sofa

Our SENTIENT Long Wool Sofa is a multi faceted design inspiration, where the historic meets the modern. Our Long Wool Sofa is created from wool of Icelandic sheep. Brought to Iceland by the Vikings, Icelandic sheep have been bred for a thousand years in a very harsh environment making the wool extremely long and thick, but also soft and supple. The outer shell of this iconic sofa are made from reclaimed oak wood, showing evidence of history and the natural world. In this deep sofa, one is ensconced in material and form and inspired by history.

Product Specifications

  • Limited edition. Designed & manufactured in house by SENTIENT
  • Material: Reclaimed oak, Icelandic lamb wool, pocket springs, two layers of foam and one layer of Dacron
  • Dimensions 96” x 42” x 40”
  • Made to order in Brooklyn, NY.
  • 6–8 week lead time
  • Ships internationally

Reclaimed Oak Boards

Reclaimed oak is known for its strong, prominent grain and array of blonde to nutty brown tones. It has a unique variety of character including worm holes, cracks, knots and nail holes echoing its former use. This combination creates a distinguished historic impression. 100% of reclaimed lumber is sawn from salved timbers or 150–200 years old planks.

Icelandic Sheep Wool

The fleece of the Icelandic sheep is soft and supple in texture and exists in many natural tones. The wool length can be up to 8 inches, with each hide being 6-8 feet in size and is brought from Iceland through a reliable and regional source. A beautiful animal we are humbled to use its wool in our design.

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