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The luxury dining table, infinitely customized
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Custom dining tables designed to impress

The luxury dining table is the hallmark of hospitality. This timeless furniture anchors the culinary experience, bringing together family and friends to create memorable moments. SENTIENT offers the custom-made dining table in a variety of natural American hardwoods, with infinite stylistic expressions. Each bespoke model is made to order and is available in just about any size. From the rustic dining table to the modern centerpiece, we manufacture high-end dining tables with artistic savoir-faire and exceptional craftsmanship. Located in Brooklyn, and tethered to the New York design scene, SENTIENT aims to redefine dining room furniture by bringing together the aesthetic appeal of nature and the artistry of the human hand. Our custom dining tables reflect this mission, through their technical excellence and stylistic élan.

Fully Custom-Made Dining Tables

For Upscale Restaurants & High-End Hospitality Projects

Custom dining tables & communal tables
for hotels and restaurants

One of SENTIENT’s strengths is the ability to build a custom table for any environment. Whether it’s for a New York brownstone, San Francisco apartment, or Colorado ski villa, SENTIENT can design and build unique dining tables that fit the occasion and the overall design narrative. We are suppliers for luxury hotels and many blue-chip corporate headquarters of conference tablescommunal tables, and a vast range of live edge dining furniture.

We work with design drawings provided by the client or help them with architectural blueprints that iterate upon a specific vision. Every order results in a three-dimensional drawing and rendering, which helps our customers understand the final product. The same drawing is used by the carpenters in our workshop leaving no room for improvisation. We can fabricate the luxury dining table in almost all wood species as well as veneers, laminates, and other solid materials for the tabletop. Legs and bases can be made of wood, steel, brass, and many other unique materials depending on the project. Each model can include electrical and IT services, along with specific ports and conduits whenever required.

Custom-made dining tables with luxury design

Our Brooklyn, New York workshop is a place where local design talent meets extraordinary skill. Working with a range of domestic hardwoods, our craftsmen transform acclimated wooden slabs to create the walnut dining table, the oak dining table, and the maple dining table, as the best representatives of our custom wood furniture.

Each solid wood dining table is sketched, drawn, rendered, and presented to our customers for review and approval. We then fabricate and ship the finished product, either via white-glove service or in a fully secured shipping crate. We can build one unique bespoke dining table of just about any size, shape, or material, or supply 500 restaurant dining tables for luxury venues or hotel brands looking for quality and consistency across their locations.

Our display tables are proud representatives of our commercial space furniture that decorates retailers such as Cartier and Hermes, and our marble presentation tables grab attention at the PACE Gallery in New York. Other designs have found their way to lobby and dining areas for EDITION Hotels and British Airways, where we have created gorgeous communal tables and other high-end hospitality furniture. We also supply unique dining room tables for luxury residential areas, with an expansive design repertoire that is continually growing.

The live edge dining table

The wood slab dining table is an expression of raw beauty. Each model is fully customizable, offering an endless variety of premium American hardwoods, finishing coats, and design highlights. Responsibly harvested, and consciously manufactured, our eco-friendly furniture satisfies the relevant certification requirements, representing a healthy choice for the environment. In its final form, the live edge dining table is a marvel to look at, as it embodies the beauty of nature, creating an elegant dining room.

Unique dining tables – artistic models
with impressive visual characteristics

The luxury dining table can come in many forms – from solid wood models without any sign of imperfection, to the rustic dining table with raw edges and organic curves. SENTIENT also manufactures the epoxy dining table, which is a visual spectacle worthy of attention, and the waterfall dining table, where cascading grain patterns mimic the aesthetic finesse of flowing water. Beyond these models, we work with clients and furniture designers to materialize unique dining tables with aesthetic characteristics that don’t appear anywhere else.

Solid wood round dining table

The round solid wood table is an elegant focal point that creates a shared dining experience. SENTIENT manufactures this timeless masterpiece in a variety of domestic hardwoods, including black American walnut, maple, and oak, using a broad repertoire of design options. With seamless joinery techniques and attentive polishing, we can create many size options, including the large round dining table, which is 96 inches in diameter, sitting up to 12 people.

Product specifications
for the round solid wood table

The solid wood round dining table is a work of art. We source the wood carefully, kiln-dry the slabs to perfection, and apply the proper wood treatment before undertaking several rounds of polishing and protective coat application. Each model can be fully customized in terms of hardwood selection, finishing options, and base materials.

The round tabletop

Clients can order a fully round table or an oval dining table depending on their design layout and aesthetic preferences. We can straighten the edges or work with live edge slabs to introduce unique knots and imperfections. The result can be a rustic dining table, a modern centerpiece, or a contemporary item that is somewhere along the spectrum.

Round solid wood table dimensions

The large round dining table can seat 12 people, with a diameter of 96 inches. We can also make smaller models, seating 4 to 6 people. For sizing estimations, a dining room table for 8 will be 60 inches in diameter, whereas a dining room table for 6 will require at least 53 inches.

Base options for the round table

SENTIENT manufactures the base from several materials, including wood, metal, stone, and concrete. Each can be treated for protection and visual interest, to either complement or contrast the imposing tabletop. The pedestal design is elegant and sophisticated, offering an impression of spaciousness and comfort that is hard to replicate. Unique bases make unique dining tables, so we invest a considerable amount of attention and energy in making this part as exceptional as the top.

The luxury dining table with impressive American hardwoods, crafted to perfection

The solid wood dining table by SENTIENT is a canvas for domestic hardwoods and an artistic outlet for local Brooklyn talent. We use special wood treatment and an attentive polishing process, to accentuate the sophisticated grain, bringing out the rich and deep color of these fine wood species. The black walnut dining table, a flagship of our workshop, is a visual spectacle to enjoy. Dark in color, and displaying a wavy pattern, it provides a sophisticated focal point for the dining area. The maple dining table offers greater variety, as it can feature several species with slight differences in color, along with impressive finishing options that greatly expand the visual repertoire. The oak dining table provides lightness and fine grain, leaving room for exceptional models with traditional and artistic finishing touches. Our custom dining tables display the finest characteristics of these impressive wood species, both practically and aesthetically, to offer a product that is functional and beautiful at the same time.

Quality finish coat, artfully applied

From a rustic dining table with a matte finish to a sleek walnut table featuring a glossy top, we can employ a range of finishing options that affect both durability and design. Working with a repertoire of tonalities, we can accentuate the grain of the selected hardwood, by creating a slightly contrasting hue. Oak will readily absorb coating agents, resulting in an enhanced contrast, whereas maple, with its denser grain, will bring about a subtler vista. Shellac will add depth to walnut and cherry, highlighting their natural color palate.

Depending on the design, SENTIENT can use many finishing coats, including polyurethane, lacquer, varnish, and oil agents such as Tung or Danish. We can also employ sophisticated finishing options such as Fuming, Ceruse, Shou Sugi Ban, and spalting, to create unique dining room tables with impressive visual characteristics.

Custom dining tables with chairs

SENTIENT has a holistic perspective on dining room furniture. We can offer the solid walnut table with luxury dining chairs in the corresponding design keeping a coherent visual narrative. Our models can also feature live edge boards for the backrest that perfectly complement the top of the wood slab dining table. The goal for the dining room sets is to maximize seating capacity and comfort, through a careful selection of table legs, design features, and sizing specifications. We also offer bench seating and banquette seating options that elevate the dining room décor.

Communal tables

Tracing its origin back to France, the communal dining table offers an elegant way to bring people together for a shared dining experience. The long wooden dining table is excellent for upscale venues looking to maximize space and introduce diverse seating configurations for their guests. Our options start at 60 inches in length, extending up to 172. These farmhouse dining room tables, like the 12-foot dining table, are a spectacle to behold and will decorate residential and commercial areas with timeless elegance and charm.

Lead time and shipping

The lead time for our custom dining tables is between 10-12 weeks. This is what it takes to move the project from brainstorming and ideation to manufacturing, delivery, and installation. We ship each custom-made dining table with absolute care and attention to detail. Our team delivers the models personally across the Northeastern region of the United States, and we collaborate with reputable shipping partners to send our Brooklyn dining table throughout the nation and across the ocean to any place in the world.

Pricing and inquiries

Our custom dining tables offer a broad design repertoire with infinite stylistic options. SENTIENT works with furniture architects and interior designers to bring to life a unique combination of domestic hardwoods, metal, stone, and other highlight materials, creating high-end dining tables for any venue or residential area. Clients can reach us by phone at 1 (347) 309-6338, or schedule a visit to our studio and gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, to discuss the specifics of their project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between oak, maple and walnut dining tables?

Each hardwood can introduce different technical and aesthetic characteristics. Oak dining tables, for example, borrow from the light color of the material, which is dense and very resistant to scratches and dents. The fine grain can camouflage minor wear and tear, and readily absorb clear finish options like polyurethane. To achieve a natural, rustic look, oil coats can provide a less glossy appearance, bringing the tabletop to a light medium-brown hue.

Maple dining tables are made from another resilient hardwood, with excellent durability and scratch resistance. On the aesthetic side, maple offers a subtle grain pattern with creamy brown color that adds lightness to the layout. Polyurethane can offer a clean finish, which prevents discoloration and accentuates the natural hues of this beautiful material. Staining is difficult to apply evenly, so we often use a pre-stain wood conditioner for solid wood dining table projects where we want to achieve a darker color.

The black walnut dining table is very popular due to its rich, dark brown color and wavy grain. The hardwood pairs nicely with oil finishing options, which bring out the character of the wood, accentuating its grain and color depth.

At the end of the day, the choice of wood, its design, and finishing options, all depend heavily upon the client’s request and the aesthetic vision we are trying to materialize.

How to maintain your custom made dining table?

The solid wood dining table requires minimal care and maintenance. Owners can use a damp cloth to remove stains or a mild and diluted soap solution that won’t affect the topcoat. It is important to keep the surface dry, so always wipe with a soft towel to remove any spillage. More important, however, is to keep the dining table away from drastic temperature differences, such as heat sources, as these can easily affect the finishing coat and even the surface of the wood, making it expand, and, eventually, crack. Proper placement, away from continuous sun exposure is key, as well as keeping stable room temperature, without sudden variations.

Can you modify the width of the live edge black walnut table?

While it is true that the wood slab dining table comes from a single piece, it is possible to use sophisticated joinery techniques to expand the width. The walnut live edge dining table, for example, can be made from two symmetrical pieces that join to form a continuous grain. Similarly, we can add extra boards to expand the width even further, making the live edge black walnut table much wider without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

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