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Luxury coffee tables with artistic design

Luxury solid wood tables for homes, and custom-made coffee tables
for upscale hospitality venues

SENTIENT offers the contemporary coffee table in a variety of unique shapes and styles. We specialize in live-edge hardwoods, offering live-edge coffee table designs of extraordinary craftsmanship and aesthetic élan. Taking this standard of excellence at scale, we also produce custom-made coffee tables for high-end venues, offering commercial-grade quality that is bound to impress. All of our models are available in custom sizes, with a range of wood species, and quality finish options.

Custom-Made Coffee Tables

The SENTIENT collection of coffee tables varies in design, employing a range of natural hardwoods. Each custom design has its own particular aesthetic, bringing with it a standard of excellence in craftsmanship and materials. Whether it’s minimalist design, mid-century modern, or rustic organic, our contemporary coffee table combines aesthetic inspiration with technical characteristics, in an impressive display of style and utility that is representative of our custom wood furniture items.

Custom-Made Solid Wood Coffee Tables

Using a range of domestic species, our solid wood coffee tables can be customized in size, form, and finish, or be contrasted with metal, stone, or other materials that bring a unique creative vision to life. This is what SENTIENT is known for – customization, craftsmanship, and artistic savoir-faire that elevate luxury residential and upscale commercial areas. Through high-end materials, bespoke design, and manufacturing expertise, we transform handcrafted coffee tables into statement pieces, displaying them proudly on the rich and eclectic New York scene.

Unique Custom Coffee Tables In Metal & Stone

At SENTIENT, we tend towards possibility. If one can imagine it, chances are we can create it. Stone and metal are material options to be customized to one’s own design. Just as our wood options, stone, and metal are limitless in how they are paired and in what form they are designed. What’s possible is only limited to one’s imagination. 

The contemporary coffee table, infinitely customized

At SENTIENT, we tend towards possibility. If one can imagine it, chances are we can create it. By adding stone and metal as material options, we can customize each model to follow the creative vision of the client. Similar to our wood options, stone and metal offer limitless possibilities in how they are paired, or in what form they are designed. The custom-made table can feature a marble top or a metal base, skillfully integrated with other materials to create a one-of-a-kind piece that serves as functional art.

Modern contemporary coffee table

We work with in-house designers or third-party furniture architects, to create the modern contemporary table according to detailed specifications. From the sculptural base to the artistic tabletop, each part receives extraordinary attention to detail. The modern coffee table is the staple of luxury living room furniture, pairing perfectly with contemporary sofas and extravagant armchairs. From solid wood coffee table designs to the marble coffee table, and the glass top coffee table, our bespoke service can materialize all stylistic options that fit the modern interior.

Round contemporary coffee table

Designed for convenience, the contemporary round coffee table is a nod to space efficiency, safety, and versatility. The circular shape adds visual interest to the living room, and a dash of elegance, by breaking the straight lines of angular furniture items. Our round coffee table designs are an enduring testament to these qualities, offering unique design options like a rotating top, or nesting coffee tables that elevate the interior.

Luxury coffee table sets

SENTIENT manufactures luxury coffee table sets with harmonious and artistic élan that perfectly fit a range of interior design concepts. Providing a consistent theme to the room, these luxury coffee table sets solidify the aesthetic narrative offering a complete solution for the living room or the hotel lobby. 

Contemporary coffee table with casters

We can install a range of hardware elements to elevate the artistic and functional value of furniture. For the living room centerpiece, we offer the contemporary coffee table with casters, available in a range of options from traditional to minimalist modern. Contrasting the contemporary wood coffee table with ornate metal hardware fits perfectly within upscale rustic environments, and our bespoke service and premium materials guarantee exceptional products. 

The epoxy river coffee table

Made to mimic the dynamic flow of the wild American river, the epoxy river coffee table is a museum-quality statement piece. This design is suitable for the square coffee table as well as the round coffee table, leaving room for complete customization. We select the right slab and adapt the molding for each individual product, offering unlimited options in terms of size and shape. We then pour and dry the epoxy resin in a controlled environment, avoiding the formation of micro-bubbles. Together with polyurethane, varnish, oil, or wax, this meticulous process makes the polished surface look aesthetically stunning.

Contemporary coffee table with storage

We also design and manufacture the contemporary coffee table with storage, as it represents a seamless fusion of functionality and style. Serving as a focal point but also as a practical addition to any modern interior, the contemporary coffee table with storage can help create an organized environment. Boasting elegant lines and refined aesthetics, these models offer clever storage solutions that are artfully incorporated into the overall design.

Black walnut coffee table

The popularity of walnut furniture stems from the inherent characteristics of this exquisite material. Our black walnut coffee table accentuates these qualities, by highlighting the sophisticated grain pattern, giving this fine domestic hardwood the best treatment. From acclimation to cutting, from polishing to adding the finish coat, we have mastered every step of the process. The walnut coffee table offers a minimalist yet visual symphony unlike any other, with timeless elegance that captivates right away.

Epoxy coffee table models

The luxury coffee table can incorporate resin art, emphasizing impeccable craftsmanship and aesthetic sophistication. This river table concept brings to life dynamic contours that accentuate the inherent beauty of solid wood. Paired with a metal base, the epoxy coffee table becomes the center of attention – a statement piece that dictates the interior design and influences the room layout. Paired with luxury finishes such as gold leaf for the metal base, and high-gloss for the tabletop, the wood and resin combination stands out as a display of timeless elegance and custom design.

Exceptional hardwoods and finishing options

Our SENTIENT team believes in the necessity of eco-friendly furniture. This is why we source our materials responsibly, harvesting sustainable and renewable hardwoods. Imbued with natural beauty and impressive technical characteristics, these wooden slabs include American black walnut, maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, and several other species. The wood undergoes a controlled acclimation process and a range of treatments, where skilled craftsmen showcase their brilliant work. Each luxury coffee table is then finished with a protective coat that pairs perfectly with the model, bringing to life the unique design specified by the client. Accentuated by varnish, lacquer, oil, or wax, the polished surface becomes a stunning tabletop with exceptional durability and aesthetic elegance.

Luxury coffee table product specifications

We like to think of each model as a bespoke masterpiece – a truly unique product that fits the overall design and room layout, radiating elegance and sophistication. This is what our contemporary coffee table is all about. From a glass top to a marble top, and a variety of wood and resin combinations, our production process guarantees masterful craftsmanship and satisfaction.

Table dimensions

SENTIENT offers unlimited coffee table dimensions, as our products can adapt to any creative vision. From low coffee tables with a smaller base profile to higher and much more prominent models with a luxury coffee table base, we adjust the dimensions to fit the specific design.

Custom-made coffee tables with infinite options

We promise and deliver full customization, through a collaborative process with the client. Our custom furniture options provide unlimited creative potential, and we employ our manufacturing expertise to empower clients, helping them realize their unique vision into a tangible reality.

Live edge coffee tables

Borrowing from the inherent beauty of organic slabs, our sophisticated production process gives birth to mesmerizing live-edge coffee tables. These models bring the eclectic outdoor aesthetic into the luxury environment, forming a sense of unity and cohesion with the natural world.

Exceptional materials

Our handcrafted coffee table makes use of fine domestic hardwoods. Responsibly harvested from renewable sources, these materials imbue each model with strength, elegance, and warmth. We also use marble, glass, metal, and ceramics, supplied by renowned partners, to materialize any creative vision our clients can imagine. Many of our contemporary coffee tables offer exceptional durability and weather-resistance, as part of our solid wood outdoor furniture collection.

Manufactured in Brooklyn, NYC

All of our luxury coffee tables are designed and produced within our workshop in Brooklyn, where we unite talented designers with exceptional local craftsmen. Following the pulse of the New York design scene, we are always at the forefront of artistic furniture, exploring the vast possibilities for commercial and residential décor.

Lead time and delivery

The lead time for the luxury coffee table is between 10-12 weeks, but we have the means and production efficiency to scale up the process. Working with hospitality venues and boutique hotels, SENTIENT can engage in at-scale manufacturing without sacrificing the commercial-grade quality that has become a signature of our brand. We deliver our furniture personally across the Northeastern region of the United States, as well as across the country and internationally with the help of respectable partners.

Luxury coffee table designs for hotel lobbies and hospitality venues

SENTIENT has an extensive portfolio of artisanal furniture and project contracts, developed through years of work with some of the most recognizable hotel brands and hospitality venues. Our custom design collection is infinitely expansive, as we have reinvented the luxury coffee table with an endless variety of concepts. To this end, we can collaborate with commercial clients who want to furnish their lobby layout, specifying everything from shape and size to a number of items, stylistic taste, technical characteristics, and budgeting considerations.

Pricing and inquiries

SENTIENT treats every coffee table project as an opportunity to unveil novelty and creative uniqueness. Clients can reach us at 1 (347) 309 6721, or visit in person at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, to discuss their ideas and preferences as we work together towards their valuable statement piece. We can also iterate upon previous models and inspiration photos, changing everything from size and shape to materials, texture, and color.

a SENTIENT contemporary designed custom maple live edge table corner with black wishbone legs
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