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Weather-resistant elegance that is built to last. Custom designs handcrafted to perfection.
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Solid wood outdoor furniture
that redefines the garden

SENTIENT is proud to introduce a diverse range of solid wood outdoor furniture, suitable for the residential and commercial lounge. Artfully designed and manufactured with attention to detail, our handmade wooden furniture seamlessly blends stunning indoor décor with impressive outdoor resilience. We create sophisticated narratives for commercial dining areas and upscale residential projects, bringing quality hardwood species to an aesthetic climax. Our enthusiasm for elegance and durability permeates through each product, ricocheting throughout the New York design scene.

Custom outdoor furniture in solid wood


Our manufacturing process offers infinite customization, setting a high standard for hospitality furniture. We work directly with clients and independent furniture designers to bring any project to life. Through ergonomic principles that are elegantly woven with captivating stories, our in-house team develops unique statement pieces. Sophisticated and durable, they are bound to impress.

We offer a variety of dining tables, lounge chairs, and coffee tables, in a plethora of hardwoods, designed to seamlessly complement any outdoor setting. Customized in all ways imaginable, they redefine the sophisticated aesthetic narrative, and celebrate the essence of designer furniture and free expression. Elevating outdoor spaces, our furniture sets the benchmark for durability and contributes to a healthier environment.

Solid wood outdoor furniture
that unites style and function


Employing industry expertise and manufacturing excellence, we deliver furniture that is super resistant to the outdoor environment. Our premium selection of imported hardwoods offer superior thermal properties, tannin content, rot resistance and density, to withstand prolonged sun exposure, moisture or significant temperature differences. Polished and coated with a range of finishing options, our outdoor restaurant furniture is aesthetically captivating and easy to maintain.

Luxury outdoor furniture crafted to perfection


Without a hierarchical relationship between function and design, we create bespoke outdoor furniture that lives in harmony with its immediate surroundings. Taking into account moisture, precipitation, and temperature, SENTIENT employs the necessary techniques to achieve outstanding resilience. Through kiln-drying and pressure treatment, we ensure the best outdoor wood furniture protection, significantly extending its lifespan. Our models are highly resilient to insects and decay, and further protected with quality stains, paints, and oil finishes depending on the particular requirements of the materials.

SENTIENT creates solid wood outdoor furniture by drawing inspiration from nature, with an unmistakable aesthetic continuum. Through commercial-grade quality and artistic design, our pieces depart from the conventional, breathing life into the space they inhabit. From luxury residential patios to high-traffic bars, lounges, and outdoor dining areas, our custom-made models create rich and elevating experiences.

Solid wood outdoor furniture - responsibly manufactured elegance

Responsibly sourced from South America, our materials carry the necessary certifications that ensure a sustainable future. These include adherence to PPQ regulations, EPA standards, and CITES recommendations, pertaining to responsibly harvested and rapidly renewable resources. We work with premium wood to promote durability and longevity, employing uncompromised craftsmanship to ensure low emissions. It is through these principles that we show an unwavering commitment to our local Brooklyn community and an eco-friendly sustainable future. Our elegant patio furniture is part of a bigger story where aesthetic expression coexists with a set of environmental values.

Impressive collection of
outdoor wooden furniture


The outdoor lounge area is a staple of fine living. We furnish the residential patio and the commercial terrace with style, boldness, and exterior sophistication. Our catalog includes modern solid wood lounge chairs, and timeless outdoor dining furniture that redefines comfort and hospitality. With natural fine grain and a seamless finish, our hardwoods blend perfectly with accent materials including fabric, glass, stone, and a selection of metals. Sturdy and imposing, all of our wooden designs exude an enduring appeal.

Solid wood outdoor furniture
product specifications

All of our models rely on premium hardwood species with impressive characteristics. We then work with different specifications, to manufacture versatile furniture of custom dimensions, textures, and colors. To achieve this, we draw from exceptional design talent, our local community expertise, and some of the most sophisticated woodworking technologies. Handmade and crafted to perfection, our outdoor lounge furniture becomes an artistic statement worthy of recognition.

Variety in style and function

SENTIENT offers unlimited customization options unbound by stylistic constraints. From minimalist to traditional, from art deco to contemporary, our models span across the visual narrative. We work with independent designers to provide full customization, by following unique blueprints and client requests. Functionally versatile, our solid wood outdoor furniture includes dining tables, lounges, decorative centerpieces, benches, dining chairs, bar tops, stools, coffee tables, and other custom items.

Solid wood furniture in premium quality hardwoods

SENTIENT selects quality hardwood species, known for their impressive tensile strength, hardness, and resilience. From teak and redwood, to Ipe, Garapa, Black Locust, and Tigerwood, our premium materials offer natural resistance to moisture, insects, and decay, which is further enhanced through sophisticated woodworking techniques and protective finishing options. We also manufacture luxury outdoor furniture from custom accent materials, using sealants and protective treatments to improve their longevity. Integrating everything together is where we excel!

Custom upholstery for the outdoor setting

SENTIENT has furnished outdoor restaurants and hospitality venues, reinventing numerous commercial lounges and dining areas. Employing high-quality materials, we upholster solid wood frames, allowing for unlimited customization. This is how we advance the comfort and aesthetic perfection of wooden garden furniture.

Accent materials that stand out

We can employ a range of materials with different properties and aesthetic characteristics, to manufacture a truly captivating line of products. Our craftsmen can match metal features with concrete table tops and bases, or use any combination of custom upholstery, solid wood and stone to create comfortable and captivating furniture.

Lead time and delivery

We manage all projects efficiently to ensure timely wood preparation. All of our furniture is manufactured in-house, inside our Brooklyn-based workshop, saving tremendously on transportation and logistics, to ship just in time. Quotes and delivery expectations are provided for each order, and our expertise ensures reassuring precision. The usual lead time is between 12-14 weeks, and we can meet the challenges of any ambitious project with at-scale manufacturing without compromising our quality standards. We ship our products internationally, with local delivery to our New York community and the Northeastern region, or reputable shipping partners for international and oversea orders.

Outdoor lounge furniture for high-end commercial venues


We have worked with many clients in the hospitality sector, furnishing a number of upscale establishments across New York, the United States, and abroad. SENTIENT has designed and manufactured luxury outdoor furniture for high-end hotels and restaurants, bars and lounges, as well as commercial office areas with an accompanying outdoor setting. Our designers can provide ideas for the exterior layout, or work in concert with clients to ensure that their vision of custom wood furniture is brought to life. The resulting outdoor wood furniture continues our legacy forward, by elevating the standards of comfort and durability.

Memorable dining experience under the open


The outdoor wood dining table is the centerpiece of any exterior. Bringing guests and family together, it is a staple of residential and commercial design. SENTIENT recognizes the iconic importance of this piece of furniture, as we manufacture a range of outdoor tables with different shapes and dimensions. From sophisticated live edge tables to imposing communal tables, our models draw inspiration from nature, showcasing premium hardwood species. Sturdy, heavy, durable, and nicely balanced, the impressive bases and tabletops create a harmony of design and function. Our dining tables and dining chairs make a strong visual statement that is impossible to ignore.

Pricing and inquiries
for solid wood outdoor furniture

We are open to inquiries about wooden outdoor furniture both for the commercial and luxury residential setting. Clients can order from our luxury collection, request customization options, or work directly with independent designers to envision unique models. We approach custom-made outdoor furniture projects with enthusiasm and care, ready to explore the frontiers of our industry. All clients are welcome to call 1 (347) 309-6721 or visit our studio and gallery space at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we achieve the best protection for outdoor wood furniture?

While some manufacturers concern themselves with superfluous protection methods, we observe the entirety of the manufacturing process instead. In this regard, the best protection for outdoor wood furniture begins during the process of wood selection. After we collect hardwood materials with impressive specifications, we engage in seasoning and kiln-drying, as to remove excess moisture. Strengthened and improved, the wood becomes highly resistant to fungal attacks and insects.

Where necessary, we employ other treatment options before considering a plethora of time-tested joinery techniques to create lasting connections between all the components. The skill of the craftsman complements the ingenuity of the designer, dictating the woodworking technique for every piece. Handmade and crafted to perfection, our luxury outdoor furniture is sanded and polished before we apply a high-quality finish. This added coat protects from moisture, UV damage, and the usual wear and tear, greatly extending the lifespan of the product. We use premium oils and other chemical agents in concert with corrosion-resistant hardware that is adequately protected.

What is the best wood for outdoor furniture?

SENTIENT uses hardwood species by following the best practices of design and functionality. While we give the best treatment to any model from our collection, we would be remiss not to comment on the inherent properties of different hardwood varieties.

Options like teak, redwood, Garapa, Ipe, Black Locust and Tigerwood provide superior specifications. All things being equal – which is to say without special treatment – these hardwood species offer impressive durability, water resistance, and a comparably reduced need for maintenance than alternatives growing within the Northern hemisphere.

It is best to consider the specific requirements of the project, and select wood varieties according to factors like climate – that is to say average temperature, temperature differences, sun exposure, moisture, precipitation, or the overall aesthetic vision.

What upholstery options are available?

We offer bespoke outdoor furniture with unlimited customization options, including an endless variety of upholstery. From premium leather and plush velvet to classic linen and durable vinyl, we offer monochromatic or patterned fabrics that are long-lasting, stylish, and stain-resistant.

Are there more customization options are available?

To highlight artisanal expression and accentuate the salient properties of our solid wood outdoor furniture, we include a variety of timeless materials such as stone, marble, glass, or metal. It is through such design choices and manufacturing excellence that SENTIENT can create opulent statement pieces that visually dominate the commercial outdoor lounge or luxury residential patio.

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