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The curved sectional sofa from Brooklyn, New York
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The Baashe Sectional Sofa

This curved sectional sofa is a veritable testament to sophistication and luxury. Redefining spatial harmony, and setting the stage for a social ensemble, it offers an elegant nod to the contemporary needs of the modern lifestyle. The curved modern sofa comes in two parts, with a gracious arc that complements the overall design. Featuring a truly seamless continuation, it displays aesthetic élan and supreme craftsmanship, bringing warmth to the room layout. Boasting a subtle design, the modular sofa sits upright, allowing the soft lines to evoke an elegant seashell. The Baashe model offers glamour, as an elegant addition to a well-appointed apartment, or a sculptural objet d’art decorating the nightlife scene in a swanky cocktail lounge.

Modern curved sofa for upscale interiors

The Baashe is a curved modern sofa that fits any upscale layout. From hospitality venues to luxury residential spaces, this high-end, modern curved sofa offers unparalleled seat comfort within a streamlined base with a low footprint. The gleaming accents and the circular curvature can complement any interior, from hotel lobbies to restaurants, and from hospitality lounges to a more intimate living room. The curved leather sofa can become a statement addition to the nightlife scene as well, decorating bars and clubs with its upscale, sophisticated allure.

The round sectional couch,
available in any dimension

Our 2 piece curved sectional sofa can be infinitely customized. We can iterate upon the overall design while staying true to the model, or change the aesthetic features completely, as we work with a more personalized drawing. Dimensional changes can affect the length and seat depth of each modular part, allowing us to redesign the L-shape section and the straight section, to retrofit any room layout. The backrest of the round sectional sofa can be additionally customized, giving this iconic design a novel spin. From changing the height and shape to adding a tufted back, we can employ our years of experience to completely redefine the original model.

The timeless appeal of curved sofas

The rounded sectional sofa provides modular seating with unparalleled aesthetic finesse and comfort. This semi-circular sofa model is non-imposing, yet captivates with its elegance and style. Often used as a corner sofa, the Baashe elevates the less frequented parts of hospitality venues, providing a continuation of the visual narrative. As a luxury furniture piece, it offers a surprisingly small base profile, without sacrificing seating capacity, and comfort. Designed for the small living room, this rounded sectional sofa is inviting and warm, offering spatial harmony and relaxing surrender. This is how we design all of our luxury sofas, and how we conceptualize lounge furniture.

Product specifications for the
Baashe curved sectional sofa

  • Designed and manufactured by SENTIENT, in Brooklyn, NY
  • Sectional sofa dimensions:
    • 124″ x 72″ overall
    • 72″ x 40″ L-shape section
    • 84″ x 40″ right section
    • 30″ deep and 15″ seat height
    • Custom sectional sofa sizes are available
  • Base and leg options include walnut, oak, ash, cherry & maple
  • Standard upholstery includes Divina by Maharam & Robert Allen Orvis.
  • Custom upholstery including leather is also available
  • 10–12 weeks lead time

Fully custom upholstered sofa

The Baashe upholstered sofa offers unlimited customization through premium fabric options, framing design, and customizable padding. Clients can choose from velvet, chenille, leather, wool felt, linen, cotton, and many other fabrics, to showcase a specific texture and imbue various characteristics. We can also discuss a range of filling options such as foam, down, and fiberfill, and match them with the appropriate spring support, to create a unique seating experience that brings to life the creative vision of the client. Our custom upholstery service offers a truly personalized creative outlet, and our designers and craftsmen can help clients make the right decision from framing and padding to fabric and stitching.

We also offer bespoke upholstery furniture where clients have complete control over the architectural design, changing everything from arm style – such as flared, track, or rolled – to the shape and height of the backrest, or adding a tufted back and other stitching styles. We can also use different frame materials for the curved sectional sofa, such as solid wood, engineered boards, and metal, to respect the desired technical characteristics or budget considerations. To match the existing interior décor, SENTIENT also works with the client’s own material (COM), creating a unique and memorable upholstered sofa, that graciously fits the space it inhabits.

Pricing and inquiries

The Baashe curved sectional sofa offers infinite customization to fit any room layout and interior décor. We encourage clients to get in touch, so we can discuss their creative ideas together, as we consider the technical design, choice of material, upholstery options, and budget. The SENTIENT team is available by phone at 1 (347) 309 6721, and we welcome visitors to our studio and gallery space at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, to brainstorm creative solutions about their custom sectional sofa ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?

The terms sofa and couch are often used interchangeably to describe the same piece of furniture – an often large, upholstered piece that can seat multiple people, providing cushioning and back support.

Although there is no significant difference between sofas and couches, it is important to recognize the historical origin of both terms. The term couch was derived from the French “coucher” meaning to lie down, describing a piece of furniture with no arms. On the other hand, the term sofa comes from the Arabic term “suffah”, which meant bench, describing a more imposing seating piece with arms and back support. Over time, these two concepts merged together, without a reliable distinction.

What is sectional furniture?

Sectional furniture, often referred to as sofas and couches, is a type of furniture that is made up of multiple separate pieces that are arranged or re-arranged in a variety of configurations. The sectional sofa can be designed with 2-5 pieces, including curved components, corner seats, armless chairs, and left- or right-facing parts. The purpose of these components is to act like standalone pieces when needed, but also to come together and fit seamlessly, allowing several configuration options, with different shapes and layouts.

The large sectional sofa is very popular, especially for expansive interiors, as it allows many layout configurations that can create multiple seating areas within a single space. The modular sofa is often used in open-concept homes and lobbies, whereas the 2 piece curved sectional sofa is ideal for a small waiting area, intimate hospitality venue, or small living room configurations.

What is the difference between the curved sofa and the circular sofa?

While the curved model describes a sofa with some level of curvature in its overall design, the circular sofa is a specialized seating arrangement where the sections form a nearly full circle. Contrary to the semi-circular sofa – which boasts a 180-degree design, the circular sofa (round sofa) is usually closer to 300 degrees. By nearly forming a circle, it creates a centralized seating hub, perfect for fostering intimate conversations or shared experiences. Similarly, the same terminology is used when differentiating between the round couch (circular couch) and the curved couch.

It is important to note that rounded sectional sofas are rarely circular, because such a design limits the benefits of modular sofa seating, and can be utilized mostly within large hospitality environments.

What is a crescent sofa?

Semi-circular sofas are also known as crescent sofas, named after the crescent shape when viewed from above. Creating a moon-like curve, these sofas showcase an elegant arc that adds a touch of sophistication to any living room or seating area. The crescent-shaped sofa can be manufactured as single-piece furniture or sectionals, and in a very broad stylistic range, from classic to contemporary, with endless variety in upholstery, cushioning, arm design, and choice of legs.

What is the seating capacity of rounded sectional sofas?

The seating capacity of rounded sectional sofas can vary depending on the overall design, the length of the sections, and how neatly they come together. The Baashe designer model can easily be referred to as the 5-seater sectional sofa, although it can become a 7-seater sectional sofa by extending the length of the corner piece or the straight section. 

We use sectional connectors to hold this piece of luxury furniture in place, utilizing every inch of seating space. Generally, curved sectional couches are notoriously hard to utilize fully, as the connection between the parts is not particularly comfortable. We designed the Baashe to solve this problem, irrespective of whether clients order the model as a fabric curved sectional sofa or a curved leather sofa.

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