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Designer Sofas

Our collection of custom sofas embodies clean lines, curves, angular planes, and specialty materials. Each is hand created in our Brooklyn, New York studio and workshop utilizing high-end upholstery craftsmanship. Strong in their designed line and form, these sofas are custom made, available in any material and size, featuring custom fabrics, padding options, and stylistic features. All models pursue excellence through comfort and their artistic ability to inspire. The wool sofa and the Curved sectional sofa are one of our proudest creations.

Custom upholstery services
that offer true personalization

Each of our custom sofas is designed and hand created in our Brooklyn studio and workshop, ensuring the quality of construction and materials and allowing for infinite customization. We personalize each model by designing it in a particular size or shape, or simply use unique fabrics to make it stand out. As a design studio, customization goes to the core of what SENTIENT stands for: quality and the inspiration that beauty can bring.

Custom Sofas &
High-end Upholstery

Our upholstered pieces are handcrafted in our Brooklyn studio and can be customized with the help of our in-house designers. Each sofa model provides unlimited level of personalization, or the option for the design to be executed according to the original concept, with the offered specifications. Having our studio within our workshop ensures the quality of construction and materials necessary for high-end custom furniture.

Customization goes to the core of what SENTIENT believes. Design should provide a personal experience, bringing inspiration to our space and beauty to our life. Sofa upholstery and couch upholstery offer a way to tap deep into rich creative visions, as we bring these qualities to the surface. SENTIENT uses an unlimited range of fabrics, upholstery tacks, padding, and framing techniques, to capture the artistic bravado of New York, brought forward through the skillful hands of exceptional Brooklyn talent. Some of our custom sofas rely on weather-resistant materials to become part of durable outdoor lounge furniture, able to withstand prolonged sun exposure, precipitation, and harsh weather.

Custom sofas that
redefine luxury upholstery

By customizing each model, we get to work with different fabrics, framing materials, and padding options. The goal of our custom upholstery furniture projects is to elevate seating comfort through ergonomic furniture, giving each model a strong foundation. Our upholstery services expand far beyond the aesthetic, anchoring SENTIENT firmly into the New York design scene. We believe that luxury upholstery should provide reliable and durable comfort, before dazzling the astute observer with its timeless elegance and artistic beauty. Our custom sofas are the mere product of old-world craftsmanship and bold design exploration, brought together by a strong ambition to enrich residential and commercial spaces, making life even more wonderful and fulfilling.


Our clients can reach us at 1 (347) 309-6217 or schedule an in-person meeting in our studio and workshop at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, to discuss their furniture project.


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