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Upholstery creates a sense of comfort and timeless luxury, transforming every piece of furniture into a unique work of art. With elegant frames, ergonomic fillings, and sophisticated techniques for fabric application, SENTIENT reinvents functional furniture with aesthetic finesse. Handmade in our Brooklyn workshop, and decorated to perfection, our custom upholstery services expand to fit any commercial or residential project. We prioritize seat comfort through a harmonic combination of shape, structure, thickness, and support, contributing to a delightful lounging or dining experience.

Custom Upholstery furniture
with infinite collaborative options


We work with architects and interior designers to provide comprehensive upholstery solutions and furnish hospitality venues at scale. From elegant hotel lobbies to vibrant restaurants, we are tethered to the New York design scene, exploring the boundary between conventional and artistic. Guiding design to improve manufacturing feasibility, cost, and delivery, we achieve proper structure and technical execution without any compromise on aesthetic refinement.

From leather, velvet, chenille, silk, and cotton, to polyester, wool, microfiber, tweed, linen, and a variety of other options, we seam quality fabrics for an exceptional finish. Our tailors and craftsmen work together to ensure timeless elegance and unparalleled attention to detail. Sourcing from a range of fabrics, and incorporating Customer’s Own Materials, we manufacture custom upholstery that blends perfectly within any interior setting. Used in concert with a variety of decorative patterns, trims, and details, our products bring elegance and sophistication to the commercial, hospitality, and residential environment.

High-end upholstery for the upscale venue

SENTIENT has the responsibility of elevating the lounging and dining experience across a range of hospitality venues. We also collaborate with commercial brands to furnish office areas and lobbies, bringing signature quality to the upscale setting. Our goal is to create comfortable, durable, and aesthetic products that combine elegant design with creative ingenuity, worthy of recognition. Our upholstery projects are displayed across boutique hotels and renowned restaurants including The Marriott, Hyatt, the Edition hotels in London, Miami, NYC and Hollywood, Atera, Jams, Nobu and Bread & Tulips. From banquettes and sofas to unique dining chairs, lounges, ottomans, headboards and everything in between, we offer unlimited variety unconstrained by style and scope.

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Custom upholstery with impressive
variety across the furniture spectrum


Our products represent the pinnacle of handmade craftsmanship and exceptional design talent. We rely on the creative drive and work ethic of our Brooklyn community and bring together an expert team of tailors, upholsterers, and woodworking artists.

Following a sustainable in-house process, we deliver a range of products – from sofa upholstery, and complete sectionals, to armchairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, custom cushions, headboards, dining benches, and banquette seating. We also excel at weather-resistant solid wood outdoor furniture upholstery, bringing timeless elegance to the garden setting.

Using flame-retardant fabrics and eco-friendly materials, we accept furniture reupholstery contracts for large commercial and hospitality venues. Offering different refinishing options, our goal is to help clients meet safety and environmental standards without any compromise on refinement and style. Thanks to many years of experience, our efficient process and streamlined production can offer a high-quality upholstery service unlimited by functional or stylistic restraints.

Custom upholstery with layered quality
and exceptional comfort


Our wooden frames are engineered with quality panels and skillful joinery, designed to last, and handcrafted to perfection. We then integrate steel springs, which are custom weighted and carefully fitted within the frame. The structures are gently filled with foam and fiber batting, which is applied by hand, to achieve a desired ratio of thickness and softness for unparalleled seat comfort.

Sourced from reliable suppliers, our quality custom fabrics provide a seamless finish for an impressive product. From wood choices and foam to finishing options, every material meets the highest standards for durability and emissions.

Custom upholstery in
soft, medium, or firm support


Whether it is custom sofa upholstery or custom chair cushions, we employ a variety of techniques to make the seating in various thickness and firmness options. With soft, medium, or firm fillings, we blend fibers, feathers, and down to completely control the tactile experience. Padded with low-density upholstery foam or supported by inner pocket coils, our high-end custom furniture can provide a durable and resilient core with a cozy contact zone. From polyurethane, high-resiliency, and memory solutions to feathers, down, and various spring structures, we offer unlimited padding options that redefine seat comfort and achieve a stylistically captivating final product.

Luxury upholstery details


Sophistication and luxury concern themselves with detail. Our custom upholstery options offer contrast welting, button tufting, nailhead trim, dual fabrics, and railroading for visual interest and reinforced design. With a combination of techniques, we explore unlimited upholstery patterns and furniture styles, including traditional, minimalist, transitional, and mid-century modern. Each technique highlights details, elevating the stylistic and decorative appeal. Tufted with biscuit, diamond, or an elegantly subdued pattern, our luxury upholstery is impossible to ignore.

We also make skirts and slipcovers that elevate practical seating options to new aesthetic heights, designed to fit over the existing upholstery and style a new, luxurious appearance.


Outdoor furniture upholstery


The outdoor setting can often prevent stylistic expression, leaving minimal variety in upholstery furniture. SENTIENT dispenses with this paradigm by weaving weather-resistant materials into a robust and durable product. From solution-dyed acrylic to color-imbued yarns, we work with a palette of fabrics that fare exceptionally well under sun exposure. Utilizing a combination of shapes and angles, reticulated or open-cell foam, our custom upholstery allows water to dissipate quickly, leaving a dry surface. With upholstery maintenance addressed within the furniture design, we minimize the need for upholstery cleaning and relocation, liberating hospitality venues to invest in their service.

Custom upholstery furniture –
Pricing and inquiries


Custom millwork projects can be manufactured at any scale, with unlimited personalization options to fit any budget and time requirement. We collaborate with independent architects and interior designers to further enhance their blueprint, and bring any creative vision to life. Lead time varies depending on the specific needs and preferences, but our team can provide an accurate estimation after we learn the scope of the project, and select proper materials with adequate finishing options. Our studio is located at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, and we can be reached by phone at 1 (347) 309-6771.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom upholstery and what does the service usually entail?

In furniture manufacturing, the upholstery section is what makes the soft coverings of sofas, chairs, lounges, headboards, or other types of furniture. Upholstery services can vary in scope, including everything from custom design and manufacturing, to furniture reupholstery, refinishing, or restoration.

We offer a range of collaborative options, to design and manufacture unique pieces from scratch, starting with the wooden or metal frame. We can also perform partial or complete reupholstery to an existing line of products, dramatically improving aesthetics and seat comfort. This is how we help our clients, to stylistically revitalize commercial and residential environments. Our restaurant furniture upholstery service includes everything from detailed measurements, and design refinements, to manufacturing and installation. From luxury dining chairs to cozy sofas and imposing banquettes, our services redefines aesthetics and comfort.

What types of springs are used in custom upholstery?

While there are many varieties of support solutions, most furniture manufacturers would utilize three main types of springs. Depending on the upholstery requirements, the frame can be fitted with strong and super durable coil springs, which provide a cushioning effect suitable for hand-tied upholstered furniture; or serpentine (zigzag) springs that are formed with a continuous wire, suitable for mass-produced pieces. Tension springs are used less often and usually for recliners and couch upholstery, to support the conversion mechanism.

Furniture items with a limited surface area can benefit from cone springs, which are durable cone-shaped coils with one end larger than the other. Larger upholstery items such as sofas can also use platform coil springs that are larger in size and usually added at the base of the furniture, to create strong support for the other upholstery elements such as custom cushions.

The spring system depends on many factors, including the style and the intended usage. Marshall Springs, also known as encased coil springs, for example, are mainly used in mattresses, though some furniture projects can benefit from their unique characteristics. These are individually wrapped coil springs that are packed together for ease of installation. They behave like the eight-way hand-tied system, with the added feature of quick placement.

Some designs forgo springs altogether, and install webbing, which is made of strips of fabric and synthetic material that are woven together and attached to the frame.

Are there different types of upholstery stitching techniques?

Our craftsmen utilize a range of stitching options, giving upholstery items different functional and decorative styling. From the whipstitch and slip stitch, to backstitch and topstitch, each option provides a unique way to reinforce seams, upholstery tacks, and fabrics into a highly resilient, comfortable, and visually stunning product.

Top stitching is used for reinforcing seams, and adding a decorative touch, involving a line that is visible from the top side of the upholstery. It adds a finished look that feels orderly and stylish.

Piping or welting is a decorative trim where a small, fabric-covered cord is sewn into the seam. This stitching technique provides visual interest through complementing or contrasting design, and can be added twice (as double piping) for an even more captivating result.

Button tufting is a technique where buttons are sewn through the upholstery to create a plush, dimpled pattern. The technique is commonly used for ottomans, upholstered headboards, and sofas, providing a luxurious look.

Diamond tufting is similar to button tufting, and it is often associated with traditional Victorian-style furniture. The technique involves pulling the fabric tight into a diamond shape pattern, and then reinforcing it with buttons.

Channeling is a type of tufting where craftsmen sew the fabrics into rows, to create channels. The technique is used to add comfort, or create a vintage appeal in sofa furniture.

Box stitching is used mostly with leather furniture, where the stitches form a square shape at the edge of the cushion, to further secure the upholstery fabric.

Nailhead trim adds a rustic and traditional feel through the use of decorative nailheads to attach the fabric to various parts of the furniture.

Faggoting allows for two pieces of fabric to be joined together with an open seam, which is then reinforced with a decorative stitch in a contrasting color.

French seams provide a clean, finished look both on the outside as well as the inside of the upholstery fabric. The technique involves sewing the pieces twice to hide the raw edges.

Biscuit or square tufting offers the same geometric appeal associated with button tufting, but without the use of added details. This technique creates square shapes only through sewing, and represents a modern take on the traditional method by forgoing the buttons.

What is the double rub, and how do we measure the durability of fabrics?

The term double rub represents a testing measure that directly indicates the durability of the fabric. These tests are performed in a highly controlled environment where the material is rubbed against a pad as it moves back and forth, simulating wear and tear. To ensure that the material is durable, look for a higher double rub number.

What's the difference between woven and knit upholstery fabric?

The choice between woven and knit fabrics depends entirely on the specific design requirements since they have different structural make. While woven fabrics are manufactured by weaving threads over and under in a crisscross pattern, knit fabrics interlock loops of yarn – this results in a strong and stable fabric for the woven variety, and stretchy and flexible for the knitted material.

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