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In the world of statement pieces, the epoxy river table stands unchallenged. The artistic union of premium wood and treated resin alludes to the sophisticated design and genuine expertise, earning rightful recognition. With unparalleled intricacy, our opulent epoxy tables will elevate the ambience of any space they inhibit. Each model represents a harmonious marriage between natural beauty and cutting-edge craftsmanship, expressed through captivating aesthetics. SENTIENT brings the custom design of this furniture concept to new heights, exploring an endless variety of sophisticated river models.

The process behind our custom epoxy table


Much like the lively currents, the story of making an epoxy river table takes a winded road. Through a careful selection of hardwoods and a sustainable supply process, we engage in this project with extreme environmental caution. As a Brooklyn-based furniture manufacturer, and part of the eco-conscious NYC design scene, we are very serious about sourcing our material properly and minimizing the necessary transportation.

The journey then continues with sophisticated wood treatment, followed by an acclimation process that prepares the slabs before our woodworking concerto. We allow nature to supply the inspiration, paying respect to innate curves, contours and imperfections, which are masterfully integrated into the final handcrafted product. Resin is then cautiously mixed, applied, and cured under controlled conditions, before we sand, polish and coat the epoxy tabletop to perfection. Paired with an adequate base, the wood and resin table is finally ready for luxury residential or commercial placement.

As an upscale furniture manufacturer, we take a special interest in solid wood dining furniture. To our mind, the epoxy dining table is the highlight of the room, as it commands attention through its undeniable presence. There is something about the intricate blend of premium wood and picturesque resin that invokes unique qualia impossible to communicate outside of the context of a direct experience. Our goal at SENTIENT is to reliably arrive there with every product. To impress, inspire, and ignite the imagination. The long solid wood epoxy table strives to be a captivating centerpiece and a sophisticated heaven, where people enjoy shared meals and cherished conversations. Along with our live edge dining table, this model is the pinnacle of aesthetic savoir-faire.

The epoxy river table.
Designed with your vision.
Modeled accordingly.


SENTIENT can design and manufacture the epoxy resin table with a variety of considerations. Complementary to the epoxy dining table, we have an expansive portfolio of designs that stretches to accommodate the epoxy side table and the epoxy coffee table. Our designers can modify the epoxy and wood combination, and pair it accordingly to a matching base, presenting a stylistic variety that is impossible to quantify. We often work with independent third party designers who provide their own table dimensions, wood preferences, and support options, to create one-of-a-kind furniture item.

The end result is a luxury epoxy table imbued with artistic values which express a singular narrative. We can create custom furniture with black resin, blue resin, or green resin tabletop variations that are worthy of praise across the NYC design scene. Impressive statement pieces to fall in love with that are perfectly suitable for luxury residential placement – a lively addition to any home.

The Colorado River table

Minimalist interiors can benefit from the simplicity and transparency of glass river tables, expressed through the iconic Colorado River design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a dynamic serpentine flow, it creates a mesmerizing visual experience through which you can feel the untamed spirit of the wilderness, as it echoes through the heart of the American West. From clean lines to live edges, the Colorado River dining table can be modified for any environment and aesthetic vision. With tempered inset glass, blackened metal base and wood choices between American black walnut, spalted maple, Ambrosia maple and other wood species with different degrees of treatment, the Colorado River design is a versatile masterpiece. This timeless river table design is a unique take without the use of resin.

Epoxy river table product specifications

Epoxy tabletop

Crafted to perfection, our tabletop designs provide endless customization, embracing a vast diversity in style. From clean to live edges and similarly contrasting river aesthetics, to various thickness, grain and finishing options.

Materials for the epoxy river table

Our eco-friendly process insists on locally sourced wood, which is just 150 miles away in nearby Pennsylvania, minimizing our transportation footprint. We manufacture models from American black walnut, spalted maple, ambrosia maple, oak, and other wood species with versatile properties and aesthetic characteristics.

Imposing table legs

Clients can choose from an impressive palette of metal legs, including steel and brass, with extremely durable properties, in color variations that match any upscale design. We also manufacture elegant wooden frames, imposing slabs, or matching epoxy bases that create a visual continuation of the river design. The waterfall table can extend the epoxy resin into a cascading dynamism that is bound to impress.


While the standard dimensions of a dining table dictate its height, which is between 28 and 30 inches, we adjust our models to personal preferences, including the specific needs of users or accompanying dining room furniture, such as dining chairs, or sideboards. We allow for complete customization, ranging from shape, length, width and thickness.

Locally manufactured, adhering to premium standards

All SENTIENT models are designed and manufactured in house, and clients are welcome to visit our workshop and gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. The epoxy resin table is a testament to design ingenuity and our furniture manufacturing expertise, which we are very glad to share with others.

Delivered throughout the states and abroad

We are part of the Brooklyn design community, shipping to a number of commercial partners and independent clients throughout New York. We also cherish our lasting bond with international clients, by frequently shipping abroad.


The reverse river table

Made with straight borders and a live edge slab nestled in between, the reverse river table is a unique combination of wood and epoxy. The resin saturates both sides of the table top, leaving a picturesque island in the middle, which retains the natural outline.

Cherishing memories through infinite personalization

Our craftsmen can pour the epoxy with unprecedented attention to detail. We can place unique artifacts like paddle stones and other sentimental items in the middle of the resin, to solidify memories and cherish the way through which clients express their personality. Bringing home the memory of a family trip or displaying a unique jewel that is passed through generations, the luxury dining table is a beacon of togetherness that deepens our bond.

Pricing and Inquiries

SENTIENT is open to inquiries about the custom epoxy river table, and ready to bring your vision to life through artisanal design and sophisticated manufacturing. Clients can reach us at 1 (347) 309-6721, or visit our gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, to discuss their residential or high-end commercial projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between epoxy and resin tables?

The epoxy vs. resin inquiry is one of classification and detail instead of style. While the terms are used interchangeably, at least in reference to tables, there is a slight distinction to be made, which doesn’t confuse the stylistic outcome. A good way to differentiate between the two is to view resin as a general term which refers to a wide range of synthetic or natural substances with a viscous, liquid texture hardened into a solid material.

In contrast, epoxy tables rely on a specific high-performance type of resin that is known for its chemical resistance, and favorable mechanical properties, including elongation, hardness and tensile strength. Put simply, epoxy resin is a specific resin classification that happens to be fully representative of this furniture category.

Can I order a round epoxy table?

While round epoxy tables represent a rare design decision, we can certainly take a look at the idea and bring it to life. Depending on joinery and grain pattern preferences, we might consider specific dimensions and offer different solutions on how to approach the project. Our designers and craftsmen have worked on round and oval table models with great success, so the round epoxy table is definitely a project worth engaging.

What distinguishes a high-end epoxy table?

The epoxy river table can certainly inhibit a spectrum. To showcase superior quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail, it has to rely on several distinctive properties associated with luxury dining and high-end resin furniture.

While customization and seamless integration of materials is crucial, the high-end epoxy models must be made of premium quality hardwood, which is sourced from carefully selected and responsibly harvested trees. Chosen for its unique properties like durability, grain patter and color, the material can indeed elevate the aesthetic vision and design execution. As we go forward, woodworking tools and epoxy molds can greatly influence the manufacturing process, and with it the outcome as well.

The quality custom epoxy table will rely on top of the line sealants, pigments and color additives that adhere to all health and environmental standards. Some may include special additions like Mica powder or added protection against UV light. Then comes the mixing process followed by sufficient drying time under controlled conditions, which can additionally differentiate one product from another. It is known that viscous materials are prone to air bubbles and other imperfections that might stand in stark contrast with desired aesthetic visions. Finally, careful sanding, polishing and protective coat application can dramatically transform the end product.

Which color and grain combinations are available?

The aesthetic uniqueness of the epoxy river table is largely determined by its texture and color. Depending on the choice of wood, its early-stage treatment and subsequent finishing techniques, we can achieve a striking visual distinction between any two models. Grain patterns can be accentuated through kiln-drying, stabilization or heat treatment, and additionally highlighted with staining or a protective finish. Clients can choose between a variety of wood species that react differently to these treatments, providing for a unique stylistic narrative.

As for the epoxy, we can materialize any color along the spectrum, including opaque black and white, with or without metallic effects or gradients. Combined with the dark and rich tones of walnut, cherry and redwood, or the broad stylistic variety of maple and oak, there is hardly an aesthetic concept that we cannot bring to life.

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