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Custom hospitality furniture
for the upscale venue

SENTIENT designs and manufactures commercial-grade furniture of outstanding durability and aesthetic finesse. Our contract furniture projects rely on premium hardwood, expert craftsmanship, and sophisticated production, to transform high-traffic areas into artistic galleries of visual delight. We combine high-end upholstery with artisanal solid wood hospitality furniture, to offer exceptional seat comfort and unforgettable design. Our goal is to elevate commercial environments across the United States and abroad and create memorable experiences through lounge furniture that is worthy of appreciation.

Renowned hospitality partners and clients


We have had the honor of working with esteemed designers and architects on numerous projects, including British Airways, Edition hotels, as well as first-class lounges, both local and abroad. With each project came a level of excellence, demanding only the best from our craftsmen and designers. The goal is to always provide bespoke hospitality furniture of quality materials and old-world craftsmanship, worthy of the upscale lounge area. SENTIENT prides itself on the original design and high-end custom furniture, both for private and commercial use, going beyond production to the specialization of design and vision, as we bring to life timeless beauty and outstanding seat comfort.

Lounge furniture for exceptional hospitality venues

We work with third-party designers to create sophisticated solutions, suitable for the commercial environment of our renowned clients. From custom architectural millwork to lounge chairs, dining tables, luxury sofas, and artisanal furniture, SENTIENT brings to life some of the most captivating ideas from the New York design scene. Located in Brooklyn, our team follows the pulse of the hospitality industry, putting forth design and fabrication that competes on the world stage.

First class lounge furniture for British Airways | Dulles Airport | Washington, D.C.

For a project at the Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., SENTIENT worked with British Airways to create their first-class lounge, reflecting the quality standards of this respected airline. Bringing the vision of the design director to life, we produced to specifications upholstery chairs with exceptional style and comfort, dining chairs that echo the continuity of flight, and fluid pedestal tables with banquette seating that cultivate post and pre-flight calm. Here, design meets function, creating a pleasurable experience appropriate for the grandeur of flight.

Custom Upholstery for British Airways First Class Lounges

Hospitality furniture for British Airways | First Class Lounge | JFK Airport, NYC

Our team at SENTIENT loves working locally, as we bring beauty to friends and neighbors. For British Airways within JFK Airport in New York City, we had the honor of collaborating with their design director on making the first-class lounge. Reflecting the flux of energy and calm of NYC, we were tasked with producing upholstered chairs of specified contrasting colors and patterns, creating an air of whimsy and relaxation, for a bold hospitality design. In contrast, we also produced streamlined chairs and tables with custom banquettes and wood-veneered walls that induce a sense of calm within the busy airline. The goal was to establish a visual narrative of different hospitality products that creatively unify the aesthetic élan of NYC.

Hospitality Furniture for British Airways First Class Lounge |
First Class Lounge | Newark Airport

SENTIENT worked with several architects to build a wild, sci-fi-inspired stairwell portal that combines a conference table with the adjacent counter space. We also built out the kitchen space and created the custom millwork that highlights the contemporary appeal of this exceptional lounge area. Custom projects like these display the breadth of our service, and the unlimited personalization of our custom hospitality furniture that is manufactured to last, and designed to impress.

Custom Hospitality furniture for Avalon Communities | Long Island City, NYC

Avalon Communities are a number of high-rise apartment buildings in Queens. SENTIENT supplied custom high-end millwork and upholstery for their lobbies and common areas, using natural woods and subtle earth tones to provide a relaxing environment.

Commercial furniture for Virgin Spa | Natirar | New Jersey

Natirar is a high-end spa, featuring a resort, restaurant, and bar. It is part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Empire, with a recognizable standard for excellence. As a hospitality furniture manufacturer, SENTIENT worked with Virgin to provide custom upholstery seating, keeping the thematic consistency of this former carriage house & stable, which is now converted into a magnificent bar and restaurant.

Outdoor lounge furniture for the upscale venue

SENTIENT has worked on many lounge furniture ideas for the outdoor venue, providing a versatile line of weather-resistant products to redefine comfort and style. Our outdoor hospitality furniture offers commercial-grade quality and aesthetic finesse that elevates the outdoor lounge through high-end design and fabrication. We are one of the few hospitality furniture manufacturers in New York that pay equal attention to interior and exterior spaces, exploring the boundaries of luxury outdoor furniture, its practical finesse, and aesthetic savoir-faire.

Hospitality furniture for
Hotel projects – lobby areas and guest rooms

Custom hospitality furniture for boutique hotels

SENTIENT has had the honor of working in the hospitality industry on numerous boutique hotels under the direction of respected designers and architects. We craft exceptional hardwood to exact specifications and bring to life bespoke upholstery designs using quality materials and old-world craftsmanship. Our goal is to bring art and design to public use projects that elevate commercial areas through premium hospitality furniture. We believe in what design can do with its ability to provide comfort and inspiration, crafting a memorable experience. Our hotel lobby furniture reflects these ideals, exploring the hospitality journey from a lofty design perspective that is bound to captivate and impress.

Restaurant & bar projects

Museum Quality Furniture Designed and manufactured in New York

With our expertise in craftsmanship and our extensive workshop in Brooklyn, New York, SENTIENT continues to work with design directors and entrepreneurs, catering to the restaurant and bar arenas. We have had the honor of working with Altera Restaurant in NYC, as well as NOBU, Jams, and others, providing custom millwork, solid wood dining tables, chairs, and upholstery, to their specific vision. It is imperative that we bring to these projects the quality of art and design, through exceptional craftsmanship that gives birth to restaurant furniture with timeless elegance and sophistication. From commercial bar furniture to a range of products for the dining area, we elevate the upscale venue into a gallery of comfort and aesthetics that guests love to experience over and over.

Project Inquiry

Pricing and inquiry
for custom hospitality furniture

We treat each project with relentless dedication and endless curiosity. Our contract lounge furniture varies greatly in product categories, size, and scope, as we cater to the creative vision of our clients. From commercial bar furniture in high-traffic areas to cigar lounge furniture for intimate spaces, we discuss the details of each contract in a collaborative process.

Our craftsmen and designers can assess technical feasibility, and help clients with design iterations, on-site measurements, and budgeting considerations. From material selection to production, we can tweak any stage of the process, to come up with a convenient agreement for our clients and partners. From a handful of artistic pieces to at-sale manufacturing, our process of making premium hospitality furniture is endlessly customizable. Clients can contact us at 1 (888) 236-8862, or visit our studio and gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC, to discuss these details in person.

Other commercial furniture projects & contracts

Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential custom projects

Our team of craftsmen and designers has had years of experience creating and executing the creative projects of many notable architects and decorators, ensuring a high standard of quality and aesthetic excellence. We put forward our personal best, with an immense passion for the bespoke. From office lounge furniture to restaurants, hotels, and residential areas, we embrace the unique challenge with every design project. That is how we make hospitality-grade furniture, through a collaborative ethos and endless curiosity. We have seen what design can do, and what craftsmanship can bring to our everyday living, through premium materials and relentless dedication. This goes beyond business, into personal philosophy and pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of products that SENTIENT creates for lobby areas?

Hospitality furniture is a very broad category, with impressive functional, stylistic, and aesthetic variety. SENTIENT designs and manufactures a wide range of products, including sofas and sectionals, lounge chairs, coffee tables, credenzas, sideboards, and armchairs, that decorate indoor and outdoor lobby areas.

We also specialize in custom millwork for the commercial lobby, offering reception desks, custom shelving, space separation, entertainment units, and other architectural elements that perfectly fit the venue layout.

What range of products does SENTIENT offer to restaurants and bars?

We furnish upscale restaurants and iconic bars with everything from dining tables and chairs to banquette seating, booths, bar top tables, luxury barstools, and bespoke architectural millwork. Our commercial bar furniture decorates renowned locations across New York and abroad, offering modern design solutions and expert craftsmanship with impressive durability.

What separates commercial furniture from residential furniture?

Commercial-grade furniture has several distinct characteristics, mainly associated with durability and speed of production. Our hospitality products represent the best quality furniture, as they benefit from special treatment throughout the production process. All of our upholstery materials offer high double rub counts, which indicate exceptional durability and resistance to continual wear and tear, and we can additionally treat them with fire-retardant solutions, as well as fade-resistance treatments, to ensure adherence to safety regulations and weather resistance. Our sofas, lounge chairs, and armchairs, feature premium padding, strong spring support, and highly durable frames, that can withstand the usage requirements of high-traffic areas.

For solid wood hospitality furniture, we use premium American hardwoods such as walnut, maple, oak, cherry, mahogany, and other sustainably harvested species. For outdoor hospitality furniture, we use teak, guarapa, black locust, ipe, tigerwood, and other South-American species that have a high tolerance for temperature differences or sun exposure, and excellent resistance against moisture and decay. Solid wood furniture pieces are polished and coated to perfection, with finishing solutions that add impressive protection and aesthetic finesse.

As an experienced furniture designer and manufacturer, we can produce commercial furniture at scale, and with the right specifications, matching the requirements of each project.

What other features does the custom hospitality furniture contract include?

Apart from customization, we offer on-site measurements and full design support, as well as ad-hoc iterations, delivery, and installation.

We deliver our furniture personally across the Northeastern region of the United States or collaborate with reputable partners to ship the finished products nationwide and across the sea to any destination. We can also deliver our contract furniture securely, to warehouses or storage facilities around the world. Our team excels not only at manufacturing high-quality furniture but also treating the products with exceptional attention to detail, until their very placement and display.

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