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Custom restaurant furniture
for the upscale venue

Being tethered to the New York design and architecture arenas has allowed SENTIENT opportunities to assist in the design process of numerous restaurants and bars following strict LEED guidelines and creative plans. Our fabrication workshop and studio are equipped to handle the demands of any forward viewpoint while also assisting in the design process itself: guiding, fabricating, and installing custom restaurant furniture to suit every layout. Residing within the hub of the entertainment sector has allowed SENTIENT to hone exceptional skills, establishing a reputation of know-how and vision. It is through this perspective that we create luxury restaurant furniture worthy of attention.

Atera Restaurant | Tribeca, NYC

Working with Parks & Labor, SENTIENT supplied several live edge American black walnut tables for the Atera Restaurant | Tribeca, in addition to many other pieces of custom wood furniture, including custom-built shelving for a large wine cabinet, a hosting stand, a rolling cart, and trays. It was an honor to be a part of this local, high-rated, and exclusive venue, exploring the frontline of restaurant furniture design.

Restaurants and Cafés at Edition Hotels | New York, London, Miami, and Hollywood

SENTIENT supplied high-end restaurant dining tables in solid wood, upholstered restaurant furniture, case goods, and other specialized custom items for restaurants and bars at Edition Hotels in New York, London, Miami, and Hollywood. It was our pleasure to work on design and fabrication and assist in bringing these creative visions to fruition. The goal was to provide a visual statement via thematic consistency, art, and design, delivering commercial restaurant furniture with impressive characteristics.

Upscale Restaurants at Boutique Hotels

As a design studio and furniture workroom, SENTIENT has had the pleasure of working with many upscale restaurants at notable boutique hotels. We have created custom restaurant furniture and one-of-a-kind statement pieces, to transform environments to the exact specifications of each design director’s vision. From modern restaurant furniture to imposing reception counters, SENTIENT has furnished many renowned brands, including the headquarters for Pace Gallery, located in the Chelsea art district, New York City. The new eight-story building measures approximately 75,000 square feet, representing a continuation of our collaboration with ENRICO BONETTI and DOMINIC KOZERSKI. To create commercial furniture that sits alongside great art is a challenge and a privilege that we value and respect. This applies to standalone items and commercial millwork, both of which share the same standard of artistic excellence.

Jams Restaurant | 1 Hotel Central Park

SENTIENT supplied many reclaimed oak communal tables, round & square coffee tables, and other custom furniture pieces for this warm and inviting space at one of the premier boutique hotels in Midtown Manhattan. The project was a captivating combination of contemporary design and restaurant bar furniture that enriched the layout, preserving the exterior and interior vision with aesthetic consistency and visual savoir-faire.

Bread & Tulips Restaurant | Hotel Girafe | Central Park

For the New York Edition, SENTIENT built several custom dining tables, hosting stands for the bars, credenzas, coffee tables, and other items for this expansive and modern project. We employed design consistency to create luxury bar stools and restaurant dining chairs, with captivating aesthetics and premium ergonomic support.

Maialino’s Italian Restaurant | Gramercy Park Hotel

SENTIENT built elegant custom booths and restaurant banquettes for this well-known and loved classic Italian restaurant in the Gramercy Hotel. We also supplied luxury dining table models and built-ins to add to the cozy and casual feel of the space. The project resulted in a lovely display of bespoke restaurant furniture that is elegant, sophisticated and closely reflects the overall restaurant branding. We are proud to have created an atmosphere of cozy upscale dining where guests can enjoy their meals with a memorable experience. Thematically consistent, our custom restaurant furniture emphasizes the ethos of this iconic venue, decorating yet another landmark of exceptional New York dining.

More Renowned Restaurants & Bars

SENTIENT has worked with numerous esteemed designers and architects on restaurants and bars renowned for their overall brand vision and aesthetics. We work closely with design directors on each project to ensure that their vision is executed with precision. Our goal is to honor their creative concept while ensuring the quality of materials and craftsmanship, in creating luxury restaurant furniture. It is the final product that the public sees, but it’s the work ethic, vision, and collaborative passion that brings it forward for their enjoyment. This is how we approach designer restaurant furniture, and how we collaborate with renowned clients.

Restaurant outdoor furniture

SENTIENT works with premium quality South-American hardwoods, to create outdoor restaurant furniture that is weather-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. From custom restaurant dining chairs to outdoor dining tables and bar top table designs, our restaurant patio furniture brings together elegance, sophistication, and style. We also design, manufacture, and install custom banquette seating with weather-resistant fabrics suitable for the outdoor environment. It is the fusing of high-end restaurant furniture and exceptional durability that gives SENTIENT a recognizable line of products. Blending luxury design with seat comfort and functionality makes our team one of the leading restaurant furniture suppliers on the New York design scene, located at the heart of Brooklyn.

High-end restaurant furniture worthy of recognition

The upscale venue needs more than aesthetic décor. SENTIENT collaborates with clients and architects to tap into the essence of brands, providing commercial-grade furniture with exceptional seat comfort, artistic design, and thematic consistency. We deliver upscale restaurant furniture, helping interior designers to transform any dining environment into a visual spectacle, with exceptional stylistic finesse. As a furniture designer and manufacturer, our goal is to explore custom restaurant furniture ideas and bring them to life with technical expertise, at scale.

Pricing and Inquiries
for Restaurant Furniture

Our restaurant furniture projects vary in many ways, offering an incredible breadth of technical and stylistic variety. We are available for a free consultation where we can discuss the specifics and material considerations, and clients can reach us at 1 (888) 236-8862, or schedule a visit to our studio and gallery space on 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn. SENTIENT can work with architectural drawings from third-party designers, or iterate upon stylistic suggestions and inspiration photos from our clients, to create detailed renderings, for projects of any size and scope.

The upscale venue needs more than aesthetic décor. SENTIENT collaborates with clients and architects to tap into the essence of brands, providing commercial-grade furniture with exceptional seat comfort, artistic design, and thematic consistency. We deliver upscale restaurant furniture, helping interior designers to transform any dining environment into a visual spectacle, with exceptional stylistic finesse. As a furniture designer and manufacturer, our goal is to explore custom restaurant furniture ideas and bring them to life with technical expertise, at scale.

Other custom projects & contracts

Hospitality furniture, Commercial & Residential projects

We have worked closely with designers, architects, and design directors, ensuring the clarity of their vision while bringing quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We believe that design starts with the inspiration of an idea and ends with the collaboration of many. Our designers and craftsman have decades of experience working for many luxury brands; apart from commercial restaurant furniture and luxury hotel projects, our work includes furnishing retail and major airline firms. We bring this experience and expertise to each of our projects and clients, never resting fully on our reputation but relying on dedication to design and the finest display of aesthetic décor. Our contract furniture decorates some of the most renowned brands across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SENTIENT make luxury restaurant furniture at scale?

While many of our items are designer restaurant furniture with exceptional artistic finesse, we have the expertise and know-how to engage in at-scale manufacturing to satisfy larger venues. Our contract furniture projects are unique and infinitely customizable, allowing us to adjust each piece of the puzzle, including materials, technical specifications, pricing considerations, and style. We have the capacity for expediency, without sacrificing our signature quality standard. From restaurant tables and restaurant dining chairs to all assets of modern restaurant furniture, we can deliver a wide range of products made of premium solid wood and commercial-grade upholstery.

What is commercial-grade furniture?

Commercial-grade furniture is a category of products that have been designed and manufactured for high-traffic areas, including restaurants, hospitality lounges, hotels, and retail locations. These furniture items are characterized by exceptional durability, seat comfort, and adherence to strict standards of health and hazard prevention. We design and manufacture ADA-compliant furniture, fire-retardant upholstery, and weather-resistant outdoor restaurant furniture that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Most of our restaurant tables, chairs, and custom build shelving are made of solid wood species native to the North American region, including walnut, maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany. Our restaurant outdoor furniture is made of imported South American hardwoods including teak, guarapa, Ipe, tigerwood, and others that satisfy the relevant regulatory standards for eco-friendly and sustainable harvesting. We treat these materials throughout several stages of the production process, before applying a finishing coat for adequate aesthetic and durability requirements. We employ a range of furniture finishes that offer exceptional protection and stylistic variety, in a controlled environment to ensure adequate curing. These offer our finished products enhanced durability and ease of maintenance, which are the hallmark characteristics of quality restaurant furniture.

For restaurant banquettes and custom banquette seating, we use commercial-grade quality fabrics with high double rub count, fire-retardant treatment, fade-resistance, stain resistance, and anti-microbial as well as anti-fungal protection depending on the client’s request.

How is the collaboration process for commercial restaurant furniture projects?

SENTIENT believes in the shared wisdom that comes from the collaborative process. We meet with our clients early on to tap into their creative vision and learn the specifics of the project. In some cases, our team of craftsmen and architects proposes certain design iterations, and often we send our experienced technicians to take measurements on-site so we can conceptualize the project even better, through a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant layout.

We then discuss the feasibility of the project, with proposals for technical solutions, material selection, and other specifics which dictate the timeline of the contract along with its total budget. Our bespoke restaurant furniture is fully customizable, as we guide you through the consultation process.

When everything is in place, we render a series of computer images of the project and wait for the client to discuss further iterations or give the green light for moving forward with the manufacturing process. Our custom restaurant furniture is then created through a collaborative process of skillful craftsmen, as they move through various stages of development before adding the final touches.

SENTIENT offers exceptional customer service throughout the process, from brainstorming to delivery and installation. Our team is charged with delivery across the Northeastern region of the United States, and we partner with reputable companies to ship nationwide or by sea to any part of the world. We can also send certified technicians to install every piece of our upscale restaurant furniture, including restaurant banquettes and custom-built shelving made of engineered or solid wood.

What line of bar furniture items does SENTIENT offer?

From the bar top table to luxury bar stools, hosting stands, high dining tables, credenzas, coffee tables, lounge chairs, and bar racks, we furnish the modern bar environment with a range of fully customizable items, for unlimited stylistic diversity. We can deliver restaurant bar furniture that merges the fine dining environment with the eclectic bar scene, creating an impressive display of hospitality design and décor. Tethered to the New York design scene, we treat the bar interior layout with exceptional aesthetic finesse, providing commercial-grade furniture that can withstand high traffic and decades of heavy usage.

What customization options are available for upholstered restaurant furniture?

We offer custom restaurant dining chairs and custom banquette seating that fit into any design layout. Every aspect of our upholstered restaurant furniture is fully customizable, starting from shape and size to material selection, seat comfort, and stylistic finesse. Clients can consult with our team to choose the most suitable framing options, the spring system, and the padding, to fully control the softness or firmness of the seat and backrest. We can offer a wide range of materials, including natural fabrics such as leather, wool, cotton, chenille, velvet, silk, and others, and arrange them with a variety of color options, texture combinations, and stitching techniques to achieve a specific design vision. We also offer weather-resistant upholstered restaurant furniture, for creating exceptional outdoor environments.

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