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Restaurant Tables and Chairs
for the Upscale Venue

Furnishing the restaurant environment is a creative and manufacturing endeavor of impressive scale. SENTIENT honors this challenge with a professional commitment to craft restaurant tables and chairs that elevate the sophistication of high-end dining areas. Our goal is to provide outstanding functionality and stylistic élan, through a brand signature worthy of recognition. From materials and size to intricate architectural specifications, our bespoke restaurant furniture is endlessly customizable and infinitely captivating. We bring premium American hardwoods to their aesthetic climax, creating a range of products that forever transform the dining experience.

Restaurant tables and chairs 
in a variety of American hardwoods


We manufacture solid wood restaurant tables and custom restaurant dining chairs from a palette of American wood species. Designed with intricate detail, and manufactured with exceptional finesse, our products redefine comfort and style. Brought to perfection, with a range of wood treatments and a lengthy acclimation process, American black walnut, spalted maple, cherry, reclaimed oak, and many other premium hardwoods are transformed into works of art. Our finishing options are applied under controlled conditions, to accentuate the natural grain or achieve a distinct and sophisticated visual narrative. We aim for commercial-grade quality and aesthetic distinction.

Stylistic abundance of restaurant dining tables

From long restaurant tables brought forth by the stunning communal design, to epoxy resin table tops, Colorado River concepts, and live edge restaurant tables, we offer an infinitely customizable dining repertoire. Sophisticated and elegant, our custom restaurant furniture can be adapted to any environment and aesthetic preference. Designed according to high standards of ergonomics and safety, our table tops and bases represent durable and functional works of art.

Large communal tables

The communal table is an imposing centerpiece of restaurant furniture. Sturdy and timeless, it creates a shared dining experience, accentuating the culinary delight. Available in walnut, cherry, and light maple hardwoods with subtle tonalities, it fits perfectly across a variety of interior design settings. The finished product can be tailor-made, featuring up to 172 inches in length, and 60 inches in width, with a range of base options, wood treatments, and finishing coats.

Customizable standard tables

SENTIENT offers a custom take on standard tables for 2, 4, 6 and 8 people, with unlimited stylistic diversity. Our restaurant tables offer round, square or rectangular forms, in a variety of materials. The options include premium American hardwoods, exceptionally durable and weather-resistant South-American wood species, stone, concrete, and plenty of accent materials that elevate the overall design. Leg options are equally versatile, with a selection of pedestal, wishbone, T-shape, trapezoids and custom furniture designs specific to each project. Each restaurant table can be made in bar height or standard height to accommodate the space it inhabits.

Live edge restaurant tables

Our custom restaurant tables offer impressive characteristics and durable craftsmanship, manufactured from a variety of organic wood slabs. The live edge design is a testament to refinement, as we use subtle irregularities or visually expressive trunk shapes to add character, style, and depth to any dining area. The process involves air-drying for up to two years and kiln-drying to remove any residual moisture. We then allow these premium wood slabs to acclimate in our Brooklyn workshop, before polishing them to perfection.

Flow pedestal restaurant tables

Exceptional round restaurant tables in American black walnut, ambrosia maple, or other quality hardwoods, which are perfect for stand-alone restaurant layouts with modular design requirements. Offering solid wood tops, river design, and straight, or live edges, the solid wood round dining table is the epitome of customization, ready to display a range of creative visions.

Epoxy resin tables and Colorado River tables

Our exotic forms are brought to life with quality wood slabs and an impeccable finish. The Colorado River model is a perfect combination of a live edge tabletop, inset glass, and blackened metal base. It is a resplendent statement piece that feels at home in any upscale venue, ready to elevate the dining experience by captivating guests with charm and sophistication.

The epoxy river table provides infinitely expressive combinations of resin and live edge wood, to tell a story of the wild American mountain river. Poured under controlled conditions and polished to perfection, it becomes the artistic highlight of any dining area.


Our adaptable manufacturing process opens all kinds of possibilities. SENTIENT is ready to collaborate with independent architects and interior designers, to produce custom restaurant tables with stylistic consistency and unwavering commitment to quality and finesse. We have worked on many projects and contracts within the New York design and architecture arenas to furnish impressive venues. Our work is proudly displayed in upscale restaurants and boutique hotels including Atera, Jams, Bread & Tulips, and multiple Edition Hotels including New York, London, Miami, and Hollywood. From ideation and manufacturing to shipping and installation, we supply a fascinating line of wood restaurant tables, dining benches, banquettes, and contemporary unique chairs that complement the hospitality experience.

The Ethos behind our restaurant tables and chairs

Our high-end restaurant tables and luxury restaurant seating represent the natural continuation of our ethos. We take pride in our environmental values and ethical work environment, committing wholeheartedly to renewably harvested wood, and the support of local talent. SENTIENT is part of the New York furniture scene, with notable community presence and international recognition.

Standard sizes for restaurant tables

We manufacture tried and tested models in all the standard sizes, to fit any restaurant furniture layout. From round restaurant tables to square models and booths, we offer products across all standard table sizes. These include:

Custom restaurant
dining chairs


Manufactured with intricate precision, our restaurant chairs are the pinnacle of ergonomic design. SENTIENT can deliver a stunning variety of angular and curved models that are guaranteed to impress. 

From upholstered chairs to solid wood restaurant high chairs, we can create an aesthetically consistent range of options that blends perfectly within a specific design concept. This is how we create a visual symphony of elegance and allure. We also manufacture restaurant lounge chairs and luxury bar stools to accommodate all needs and layout requirements, supplying an impressive range of high-end restaurant furniture.


Unlimited choice of upholstery


From solid wood bases complemented with luxurious leather to an endless range of fabrics, we explore the infinite variety of upholstered restaurant chairs and banquettes, to achieve optimal seat comfort. Our craftsmen can work with Customer’s Own Materials (COM), including leather, velvet, linen, cotton, wool, chenille, and many other available options. Combining these with premium foam or spring support, our cozy restaurant chairs offer variability in softness, thickness, and angular positioning that improves seat comfort and elevates the culinary experience.

Bringing commercial-grade quality fabric to the restaurant interior, specifically designed to withstand heavy usage. High double rubs count for exceptional durability, added coatings for stain resistance, and unmatched fade resistance for the outdoor environment. Our fabrics also offer an endless palette of colors, patterns and textures, each treated with fire-retardant chemicals to meet all safety regulations for the upscale commercial venue. To satisfy client requests, we can also install anti-microbial or anti-fungal materials that greatly reduce health hazards in high-traffic areas.

Pricing and inquiries
for Restaurant tables and Chairs

SENTIENT is ready to collaborate with independent architects and interior design firms to bring commercial-grade furniture front and center. Quality restaurant tables and chairs create the perfect ambiance for any upscale venue, and we are ready to take on bold and ambitious projects of unlimited stylistic variety. Clients can reach us at 1 (347) 309-6771, or visit our studio and gallery space at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. We’d love to take a look at specific projects or inspiration photos and provide an accurate estimation with regard to technical feasibility, lead time, and budget considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SENTIENT produce matching restaurant table and chair sets?

We can manufacture standalone designs of any combination, or create gorgeous table and chair sets that share a striking visual consistency in color, grain patterns, and finishing sheen. From angular chairs that fit well with square table designs to curved back support options complementing the round table, we employ a range of manufacturing techniques to create the perfect match. From solid wood seating to upholstered restaurant chairs and dining benches, we offer unlimited variety.

What bar furniture options are available?

The upscale bar is the quintessential venue of American hospitality. We are guided by deep curiosity and expertise, to explore unlimited furnishing options, including custom millwork and everything from the top table to solid wood stools, metal bar stools, upholstery, and restaurant lounge chairs. It is through an intimate understanding of the industry and a relentless commitment to manufacturing excellence that we create an unforgettable guest experience. We also manufacture custom shelving, by closely following architectural specifications or iterating upon design concepts and inspiration photos provided by clients.

Can our restaurant tables and chairs be manufactured precisely according to architectural drawings?

Our manufacturing process allows for unparalleled intricacy of detail. We work with CAD drawings from independent architects or iterate upon inspiration photos to bring together technical feasibility, design sophistication, and aesthetic savoir-faire.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of dining furniture, including the square table and the round table, with different dimensions, shapes, thickness, and base options. From dining benches and banquettes to restaurant chairs, we excel at custom-made seating, offering made-to-order contracts that align with client expectations.

SENTIENT is a restaurant furniture manufacturer, and restaurant furniture designer, ready to meet the requirements of the luxury hospitality venue, at scale and without compromise.

What other features does the restaurant furniture contract include?

Our luxury restaurant furniture extends beyond custom restaurant tables and dining chairs. We also specialize in booth seating, wine racks, custom-built shelving, and architectural millwork. From space planning to design iteration, our team can collaborate with independent third parties at any stage of the project to create restaurant furnishing that is worthy of recognition. We also specialize in weather-resistant outdoor furniture for the hospitality lounge, offering outdoor restaurant tables and outdoor seating that provides unparalleled seat comfort and unmatched durability.

We also design, manufacture, and install high-end banquette seating, with unlimited customization options and exceptional seat comfort.

From on-site measurements to design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, our service aims to support upscale venues in achieving a high standard of excellence. 

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