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Custom hardwood elements for restaurants, hotels, and lobbies
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We offer premium millwork solutions through unlimited structural and decorative elements. Manufactured with precision, a range of quality hardwoods, and engineered panels, our finished products elevate the interior design, creating a unique visual narrative. From rustic and cozy, to modern and sleek, these sophisticated wooden embellishments represent artisanal craftsmanship scaled to perfection. Ideal for hospitality venues and commercial spaces, our service offers flexible collaboration options. From measurement and design to manufacturing and installation, we provide start-to-finish contracts, ideal for the upscale establishment.

Bespoke architectural millwork


We celebrate tailor-made wood decoration that relies heavily on architectural and technical drawings. Our finished carpentry items offer stylistic diversity and reflect specific design concepts. Exceptionally practical and aesthetically pleasing, they add character, sophistication, and elegance that off-the-shelf products cannot provide.

Customized millwork offers an unlimited repertoire of elements, with full control over hardwood species, engineered panels, grain patterns, and finishing options. Crafted for specific spatial requirements and a distinct aesthetic theme, architectural millwork can match any interior or exterior concept. SENTIENT helps restaurants, hotels, and commercial lobbies to materialize their vision, borrowing from a versatile selection of hardwoods, quality engineered wood, and stunning accents in steel and glass.

Collaborating with Architects and Designers

Commercial millwork can maximize the available space, through a range of structural and decorative solutions. We collaborate with architects and designers to guide expert craftsmanship, for a bespoke product that is bound to impress. From manufacturing alone to ideation and design included, we can work together to develop a budget based on dimensions, materials, and finishing options. Engineered to order, or guided from inspiration photos and aptly iterated, our custom millwork service is open to all collaborative endeavors.

High-end millwork from start to finish


We can work with independent architects, or venue representatives to offer commercial millwork that is ready for display. With a professional measurement of location-specific dimensions, drawing, manufacturing, and installation, our custom millwork is inseparable from the space it inhabits. Our goal is to become a trusted partner who understands the functional and aesthetic requirements of any upscale establishment and meets them all the way.

Brand recognition
through commercial millwork


Created to enhance the design and functionality of commercial space furniture, our custom millwork is ideal for hotels, restaurants, and lobbies. With detailed architectural woodwork manufactured at scale, SENTIENT helps brands to reinvent themselves and delight visitors with an outstanding hospitality environment.

Combining overall design themes with available space and practical requirements, we provide a bespoke product that stylistically elevates the interior, improves the acoustics, and makes each venue stand out.

Hotel millwork

From reception counters and decorative wall paneling to moldings, and built-in furniture, SENTIENT imbues the boutique hotel with a breath of freshness. We champion expert craftsmanship to create exceptional details including custom shelving, baseboards, crown molding, wainscot, and elevator interiors, and infinite custom solutions for hotel lobby furniture.

With their spatial variability, hotel rooms can benefit greatly from commercial millwork designed for specific interiors. SENTIENT can design, manufacture, and install walk-in closets that provide ample storage, as well as media units that blend into the interior or capture the spotlight. We also install headboards into the wall, with an unlimited range of stylistic diversity.

Restaurant millwork & Bar millwork

We utilize architectural precision to create bars, booths, wine racks, ceiling beams, and moldings, along with tables, chairs, and decorative or functional shelving. Designed with attention to detail, and manufactured at the right scale and budget, custom millwork can evoke an atmosphere of choice. From rustic and cozy, to modern and sleek, our hospitality millwork redefines elegance and sophistication by setting the stage for restaurant furniture. We also design sophisticated banquette seating, with executional stylistic élan, ergonomic finesse, and unparalleled comfort.

Lobby millwork

Created for the corporate environment, our commercial millwork decorates the reception area with aesthetic savoir-faire. We design and manufacture reception desks, seating, decorative walls, and other architectural features, from a welcoming and visually captivating environment. Working together with architects and interior designers, our goal is to utilize the commercial area, introducing thematic consistency and visual climax. We achieve this with decorative and structural elements that perfectly relate to one another, bringing quality wood species and engineered boards to their finest form.

At-scale manufacturing contracts


SENTIENT excels at tailor-made woodwork that serves practical and decorative purposes, manufactured at scale. From commercial to residential, from interior to exterior, we create ornate moldings, mantels, trims, doors, wall paneling, staircases, and restaurant furniture, to proudly display American craftsmanship. The goal is to skillfully adapt the manufacturing process, and create sizable quantities of quality millwork without compromising our high standard of excellence.

Delivery and installation

We deliver nationally and internationally, directly to hotels, restaurants, and lobbies, or ship our products to warehouses and storage facilities. Our team of technicians is ready for onsite deployment, offering professional installation for all sorts of custom millwork.

Premium hardwoods and quality engineered panels

North American wood species ideal for commercial interiors, sustainably harvested from renewable sources. From pine, walnut, and mahogany, to maple, oak, cherry, birch, alder, and cedar, we offer an unlimited selection of material characteristics and grain patterns, coupled with various finishing options.

We also manufacture high-quality weather-resistant millwork for outdoor settings, serving bars, and diners with decorative precision. Importing a range of durable hardwoods, our custom projects offer teak, Ipe, Redwood, Garapa, Black Locust, and Tigerwood, to achieve unparalleled protection against sun exposure, temperature differences, and precipitation. Our broad selection offers quality engineered wood with impressive durability and technical characteristics that complements solid hardwoods to create exceptional millwork.

Unlimited selection of decorative and functional elements

Our millwork studio is based in Brooklyn, New York, where we combine local talent with exceptional manufacturing sophistication. Relying on in-house professionals and independent designers, we manufacture a range of high-end custom furniture elements suitable for the commercial setting. These include:

  • Crown moldings
  • Staircases
  • Custom shelving
  • Wall paneling
  • Custom Banquettes
  • Wainscot
  • Mantels
  • Dining booths
  • Dining booths
  • Elevator interiors
  • Built-in furniture
  • Doors
  • Wine racks
  • Media units
  • Closets
  • Interior trim

Residential millwork


SENTIENT elevates the luxury residential space with custom millwork solutions that are elegant and practical. We design, manufacture, and install walk-in closets with custom storage options, as well as media units and entertainment centers that take the spotlight. With custom shelving that fits down to the millimeter, our millwork solutions transform interiors into highly functional and aesthetically refined spaces.


Pricing and inquiries


Custom millwork projects can be manufactured at any scale, with unlimited personalization options to fit any budget and time requirement. We collaborate with independent architects and interior designers to further enhance their blueprint, and bring any creative vision to life. Lead time varies depending on the specific needs and preferences, but our team can provide an accurate estimation after we learn the scope of the project, and select proper materials with adequate finishing options. Our studio is located at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, and we can be reached by phone at 1 (347) 309-6721.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between millwork and casework?

Millwork stands for bespoke woodwork that is manufactured in a mill, and designed for decorative and functional purposes. These elements are created from hardwood species, and engineered wood, and tailor-made to fit any design theme and spatial requirement.

Casework is a form of modular carpentry that provides an off-the-shelf furnishing solution, which is mostly reliant on self-assembly. While custom millwork is personalized and specific to each project, wooden casework is hard to retrofit in existing designs. The name originates from the phrase “furniture built in hard-sided cases”, and as a category it includes cabinets, dressers, entertainment units and bookcases that are sold as standalone units.

The quality between casework and millwork differs greatly, as millwork is manufactured by experienced craftsmen, often handcrafted to perfection, while casework is prefabricated and mass-produced, to be ready for retail.

It is important to note that while casework can also be custom-made, it is usually sold as standalone pieces, without the built-in nature that is associated with millwork. Standalone pieces can be moved and rearranged as needed, while millwork is permanently fixed into the structure of a building, custom-designed designed to fit the space.

Does millwork require architectural drawings?

Often referred to as architectural millwork, custom furnishing solutions rely on detailed designs and precise drawings to guarantee accuracy. These architectural diagrams provide guidance, helping craftsmen create unique pieces that fit together into a cohesive aesthetic theme, with practical value and visual sophistication. SENTIENT can collaborate with third-party architects, as we follow Computer-Aided Design (CAD) projects, or develop a professional blueprint based on measurements or inspiration photos, before materializing the creative vision.

How long have millwork been around?

From a historic context, millwork has described almost anything made of wood that was built into or attached to public, commercial, or residential interiors. While the roots of early woodworking can be traced to China, carving, parquetry, cabinet making, and carpentry have quickly spread across the western hemisphere. As a result of mass commercial effort, the “Golden Age” of mill working proliferated wood manufacturing. Soon after, interior hardwood elements became an inseparable part of construction projects. The United States developed a nationwide standard, as virtually everything was made from wood.

What wood species are used for millwork?

Millwork carpentry is made from a variety of hardwoods, depending on client preferences such as aesthetics, durability, cost, and expediency. Some wood species are easier to work with than others, and each option provides a unique color, grain pattern, density, and dimensional stability.

Popular choices include white oak millwork and red oak millwork, due to excellent workability and cost options, as well as great density, hardness and strength of these two species.

Alternatively, mahogany millwork is associated with high-end projects, as the wood is relatively soft and easy to work with. This premium hardwood is durable and visually pleasing, offering excellent dimensional stability. With a uniform and interlocked cellular structure, higher oil content, and relatively low shrinkage, mahogany is suitable for indoor environments with high moisture and temperature differences.

Walnut millwork is another premium hardwood that offers a distinctly rich color, an elegant grain pattern, and an impressive reaction to several finishing options. Walnut has good dimensional stability and medium density, though it is much harder to work with due to its interlocked grain, which turns and carves beautifully, making it a top choice for ornate elements.

We also manufacture architectural millwork with a range of wood species, including cherry, maple, pine, birch, and alder.

As hardwood species offer certain characteristics, so does engineered wood that is used for panels with exceptional strength and durability. We use premium engineered wood alongside solid wood, to make full use of these characteristics.

What other materials and hardware can be used in millwork projects?

SENTIENT offers unmatched customization, including a range of material accents from metal and glass, to stone and concrete. We use quality materials manufactured with precision, and protected for visual sophistication and durability. From glass sections and metal accents to designer bases in stone and concrete, or capacity for customization is virtually unlimited. Complementing wooden millwork at scale, we create a functional line of elements that displays visual cohesion.

We also collaborate with reputable manufacturers and distributers, to order a range of handles, knobs, hinges, locks, rails, slides and brackets that neatly match the specific millwork design.

Clients can also inquire about power options and cable management solutions, ideal for the commercial environment. From integrated displays to complete audio-visual projects, SENTIENT brings functionality and architectural sophistication together.

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