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The wavy chair, artistically reinvented. Premium upholstery and impeccable craftsmanship.
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SENTIENT Wave Chaise Lounge

The SENTIENT Wave Chaise Longue represents an original design and one of our most beloved creations. As a luxury chaise lounge, it displays sophisticated aesthetics with elegantly curved shapes, artfully underlying the wooden base and the deeply ribbed flowing seat. The visual symphony is a reference to the slow formation of a wave as it builds up toward its breaking point. From the rear, another reference comes into focus, as the silhouette draws a striking parallel to a stiletto shoe. SENTIENT designs always try to consider both feminine and masculine elements, and the WAVE offers a lovely display of gracious juxtaposition that redefines luxury furniture.

Our luxury chaise lounge at Porsche Zentrum lounge

The luxury chaise lounge complements Porsche

The Wave Chaise Lounge exemplifies its name with its upward curves and ripples. This one-of-a-kind piece is dynamic in its movement, representing a perfect example of the symbiosis between art and design, form and function. With each curved rib, one gets a sense of its intended rhythmic fluidity, expressed through a visual language that is creatively elegant yet delicately poised. As the center of our artistic furniture collaboration with Porsche for the Monterey Car Week 2019 exhibition, the two make a perfect pairing with their sublime flow and sensual dynamic form.

Product Specifications for the WAVE luxury chaise lounge

This luxury chaise longue is available in a variety of solid hardwoods, and other quality materials.

  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York
  • Designer: Nersi Nasseri
  • Made-to-order 
  • 10–12 weeks lead time
  • Ships Internationally
  • Unlimited upholstery options for comfort and support
design blueprint for the Luxury chaise lounge - Wave by SENTIENT

Upholstery Options | Fabric, Wool Felt, Leather, or COM

With its dynamic curves and implied movement, our Wave Chaise Lounge furthers its comfort through the choice of fabrics. From leather, velvet, and natural linen, to our favorite Maharam wool felt, the luxury chaise lounge features premium upholstery options and heirloom craftsmanship. SENTIENT can also work with Customer’s Own Material, to adjust the original design to any residential or commercial environment. Ergonomically padded, remarkably durable, and elegantly stitched, this chaise lounger is one of the most comfortable furniture pieces we’ve ever created. Bringing a standard of excellence that is widely recognized across all of our luxury lounge chairs, the Wave model is a proud representation of our brand, design vision, and values.

Rocking style chaise lounge chair

To further the dynamic movement of our luxury chaise lounge, we’ve added a base option that gives a rocking motion to its fluid form. The linear, curved wood base exemplifies its visual splendor while adding whimsy to the ergonomic seating experience. An artful bespoke design, handcrafted in our Brooklyn, New York workroom. Offering a visual and experiential delight, this armless chaise lounger invites the senses for a pleasurable and relaxing exploration.

The poolside luxurious chaise lounge

The Wave is an indoor chaise lounge with high-end materials, made for the upscale environment. Nevertheless, we recognize how exterior décor has become an extension of the home, compelling us to offer unlimited customization of the original design. Made from quality South-American hardwoods, the WAVE can become one of the most attractive poolside lounge chairs, offering ergonomic seating and timeless elegance as part of your outdoor furniture. Our luxury furniture collection is infinitely customizable, showing no limits to what design talent and expert craftsmanship can accomplish. The luxurious chaise lounge, in all of its design iterations, represents the culmination of our relentless devotion to artistry and functional elegance.

Ideal for commercial and residential spaces

The WAVE is a luxury chaise lounge that exudes comfort and aesthetic élan. Available in a range of hardwoods, upholstery materials, and design iterations, this wavy chair can dominate the visual narrative across vastly different environments. The leather chaise lounge chair with American black walnut may be an excellent addition to an upscale office, and the white oak model with bright wool color can fit perfectly into a modern, vibrant startup environment. Dozens of other combinations are available, as we modify wood choice, finishing options, and upholstery, to create elegant and relaxing models, or bold, vibrant, and unapologetic statement pieces for the commercial space and the luxury residence.

Pricing and inquiries for the
Wave luxury chaise lounge

The WAVE is a luxury chaise lounge that offers timeless elegance and infinite customization to its original design. We encourage clients to call 1 (347) 309-6721 or visit our studio and workshop at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, where we can discuss every aspect of the project, including dimensions, upholstery, and stylistic considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chaise lounge?

The chaise lounge is an elongated chair designed for reclining and relaxation. The stylistic concept is a furniture category of its own, as it resembles a mix between a chair and a daybed. Used in commercial and residential areas alike, the lounge chair features elegant design across many different styles including contemporary, mid-century modern, Arc Deco, and traditional.

Bridging the gap between chairs, sofas, and daybeds, the chaise lounge offers an opportunity for relaxation that is appropriate across several environments and occasions. This extravagant piece of designer furniture is often part of luxury interior design, decorating hotel lobbies, opulent living room layouts, and upscale commercial spaces.

The design itself can feature endless variety, including the right arm chaise, the left arm chaise, and elegant armless chaise models like the WAVE. Functionally useful and aesthetically versatile, these lounge chairs can be seen in living rooms, bedrooms, or poolside, providing captivating décor and unmatched comfort.

What is the origin of the luxury chaise lounge?

The luxurious chaise lounge has deep historic roots, pointing back to ancient civilizations. The Egyptians crafted daybeds from palm sticks, cord, and rawhide, whereas the Greeks depicted both deities and aristocrats lounging on furniture very similar to the modern chaise lounge.

Epistemologically, the term is a mispronunciation of the French “chaise longue”, which translates to “long chair”. Gaining popularity on the old continent, especially in the early 18th century during the Rococo period, the luxurious chaise lounge got characterized by its ornate and decorative style. Seen as a luxury piece, it was often associated with aristocracy and class.

As the luxury chaise lounge migrated from Europe to America, the appreciation for the model made it a staple in many households. Today, it is an inseparable part of luxury interiors and outdoor hospitality venues.

Can SENTIENT modify the dimensions of the original chaise lounge design?

While the original concept is carefully designed with artistic finesse and ergonomic seating in mind, clients can ask for modifications in several verticals including the dimensions. For example, we can increase the width and length, creating an oversized chaise lounge, showing the true customization potential of handcrafted furniture. We can also create a small chaise lounge with different proportion, which borrows the same aesthetic narrative of the long chair.

How many upholstery options are available for this luxury chaise lounge chair?

SENTIENT creates the luxury chaise lounge, the Wave, for indoor and outdoor environments, and upholstery plays a significant part that extends beyond aesthetics. From reticulated foam and down to fiberfill and dozens of other options, we can customize the wavy chair for any use case imaginable. The outdoor chaise lounge features design considerations that prevent water retention, and durable fabrics that can withstand sun-exposure without losing their vibrant color. Pool lounge chairs are — to harsh weather conditions, so we take the necessary treatments to make the upholstery equally durable as it is visually delightful. Our fabrics boast commercial-grade quality, with exceptional technical characteristics.

The living room lounge chair can come in a variety of leather options, each paired with dozens of stitching techniques to make a statement. The tufted chaise, for example, radiates with stability and plush elegance that is often associated with gallery exhibitions and award winning design.

Why do many designers and homeowners prefer leather for chaise lounges, and what benefits does it offer?

Leather upholstery is ideal for the upscale environment. Imbued with this timeless material, the leather chaise lounge chair brings the sophisticated charm from the New York design scene straight into home interiors and high-end hospitality environments. Many homeowners prefer leather furniture because it ages gracefully, doesn’t harbor any allergens, and offers exceptional breathability. Leather is also a natural product with unique grains and markings, and a distinct smell that many people appreciate for its soothing qualities. The material becomes softer with time and adjusts to the environment without any loss in resilience. This is why furniture designers and manufacturers often use it for the luxury chaise lounge, especially as it is easy to clean.

Chaise lounge or chaise longue? Why the difference in spelling?

When the original design immigrated from France and found its way into the US, it came under the name “Longue” which in French stands for “long chair”. While some people decided to stick with the original spelling and pronunciation, the general consensus was to adapt this new term by giving it a more American sounding twist. Thus it became the “chaise lounge”, a term that uses the same letters, which is why it often gets confusing for many people.

The luxury chaise lounge, in the interior design arena, can often be found with its former, that is to say, original spelling and pronunciation, but the English-speaking market has long since embraced the American version.

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