Luxury Lounge Chairs and Contemporary Armchairs

An exceptional creative breadth of luxury chair models, designed for comfort and aesthetic distinction
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Custom lounge chairs and luxury armchairs

Designed for unique homes and upscale hospitality spaces

At SENTIENT, we speak to the synchronicity of art and design, beauty, and comfort. Our luxury lounges and armchairs are inspired by nature, architecture, and the inherent aesthetic qualities of premium materials. We believe that design can elevate the way we live, by skillfully transforming our environment. In a world of quick production and throwaway culture, our furniture pieces stand the test of time, displaying the importance of fine craftsmanship and bespoke design. Decorating living room areas and luxury lounge interiors, these designer chairs bring domestic hardwoods and commercial-grade upholstery to their finest expression.

The modern chaise lounge –
a staple of luxury living room furniture

Interior design trends have transformed the quintessential living room, by bringing timeless elegance and bold aesthetic narratives into a cohesive climax. The luxurious chaise lounge is a display of simplicity and beauty, offering functional art at its finest. Featuring high-end materials and ergonomic design, it redefines the concept of elegant living room furniture, with unprecedented comfort. SENTIENT is proud to present the Wave model, a luxury chaise lounge of exceptional quality and artistic finesse, made in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Suitable for residential and commercial environments, the wavy chair brings museum-like charm to every interior, offering sensory delight.

Product specifications for luxury lounge chairs

Our luxury lounge chairs champion bold design ideas that transcend mere aesthetics. The goal is to create functional art that radiates with magnetism, through a display of high-end materials and skillful craftsmanship. These lounge chairs unite the best that our industry has to offer, setting a new standard for luxury living room furniture and functional commercial décor.

Magnificent frame options

All of our models feature premium domestic hardwoods. We can work with American black walnut, maple, oak, cherry, and other wood species, or use a variety of metal options in any size, shape, or thickness. Each statement piece relies on a captivating base that sets the foundation and guides the artistic climax.

Luxury finishes

Our solid wood frames are polished to perfection, and coated with a protective finish that accentuates their aesthetic highlights. We use polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, or a variety of water-based and oil-based agents, to achieve a distinct look and feel. Coupled with different wood species, and enriched with an additional coating of wax, these finishing options create a seemingly infinite catalog of surface choices for the frames of our luxury lounge chairs. From gold leaf to high-gloss, from charred to spalted, we can make creative solutions that befit the luxury environment.

Premium custom upholstery

SENTIENT uses premium quality leather and an expansive catalog of natural fabrics that give luxury lounges an exceptional aesthetic flare, and a rich tactile experience. Offering commercial-grade quality, our custom upholstery furniture can be made with fire-retardant materials that have an impressive double-rub count. Highly resistant to stains, scratches, and fading, these fabrics are additionally reinforced with skillful stitching techniques that elevate our luxury lounges stylistically and preserve them for decades to come.

Ergonomic seating for the luxury lounge chair

Our custom lounge chairs vary across the stylistic spectrum, with each model representing a unique and distinct aesthetic vision. The commonalities, though, root them firmly into a singular category – one of unapologetic comfort, with ergonomic support that reflects the latest industry trends and findings. Our furniture portrays a riveting vision of life being enjoyed to the fullest, putting health and wellness above everything else. This has always been at the heart of our designer furniture exploration.

Production lead time and delivery for luxury lounge chairs

Our luxury lounge chairs take 10-12 weeks of lead time. We start each project with a collaborative exchange, where we learn what the client needs. As we evaluate the technical feasibility of their drawings and creative ideas and advise on the best modifications, materials, and stylistic choices that are in line with their budget, we move to a final 3D version of the model. We then start working on the bespoke lounge chair, integrating years of expertise and sophisticated production methods. Handmade with attention, our luxury lounge chairs are then carefully packaged, for a fast and reliable delivery. We ship our products locally, across New York and the Northeastern region of the United States, and collaborate with reputable partners who ship nationwide and abroad.

Custom armchairs for luxury residential
and upscale hospitality projects

SENTIENT has collaborated with renowned architects and interior designers on many residential and hospitality projects to create exceptional custom-made armchairs. Available in endless upholstery options and design specifications, these premium furniture models perfectly encapsulate the individual aesthetic vision of the client. Made by hand with high-quality materials, these luxury armchairs bestow our craftsmen with a reliable reputation for high-end custom furniture. The goal is to work closely with the design director of each project and ensure the precise execution of their vision, through iconic models that exceed all expectations.

Designer armchairs

Customization of our existing armchairs is not limited to fabric choice, size, or shape, but extends to one’s own design vision and creative exploration. We take pride in how our custom furniture inspires better living through joy and comfort and build unique statement pieces that reflect endless possibilities. The luxury chair can feature a range of leg styles, including tapered, block, or thin metal, and an endless variety of arm styles including track, rolled, flared, or anything else that brings to life a unique and memorable aesthetic vision.

Luxury pool lounge chairs

Decorating the poolside through functional art, our luxury lounge chairs offer elegance and relaxation that matches the tranquility of water. Manufacturing luxury outdoor furniture for years, SENTIENT can modify each design, making it resilient and exceptionally durable. We work with weather-resistant fabrics, South-American hardwoods, and protective finish coats that can withstand temperature differences, sun exposure, and precipitation, making them ideal for the outdoor environment. The result is a rich variety of pool lounge chairs that bring showroom design to the backyard.

Premium Upholstery for luxury lounge chairs and contemporary armchairs

Clients can realize their creative vision through an unlimited selection of upholstery materials. Our luxury lounge chairs and contemporary armchairs can be made in any shape or form, with different thickness, color, and texture. From padding and fabrics to stitching techniques, we offer infinite combinations for the modern armchair and the iconic lounge chair. Clients can choose customer’s own material, or elevate their spaces with leather, velvet, linen, wool, cotton, and many other premium options.

Luxury armchairs in an infinite variety

Our designer armchairs span across the stylistic spectrum, to complement every layout and aesthetic narrative. From Art Deco to Mid-century modern, from traditional to contemporary, we offer different types of armchairs with exceptional comfort, durability, and artistic finesse. Iterating upon iconic designs, or beginning from scratch, we collaborate with clients to find the best armchair for their upscale environment.

Wingback chairs

Unapologetically comfortable, and visually stunning, wingback chairs are luxury armchairs that offer unconstrained stylistic exploration. Initially designed to retain heat from a cozy fireplace, these models can fit perfectly into the upscale interiors of today, offering timeless elegance and a comfortable embrace. We can employ different wood species and crafting techniques in combination with upholstery materials and stitching options, to bring to life a wealth of design variety.

Club chairs

Native to the corporate environment and the hospitality lobby, these modern armchair designs provide prominent lines, and plush comfort, with captivating aesthetics. We can modify any curved or rectangular concept according to client specifications, and adjust every element, including the seat cushion, the backrest, and the armrests, to create a unique and personalized model.

Barrel chairs

This round armchair with a semi-circular back is an indispensable addition to many interior hospitality layouts. Appealing to minimalist and transitional décor alike, these contemporary armchairs look excellent in both fabric and leather, offering streamlined elegance and symmetrical beauty.

Lawson chairs

Exploring the line between traditional chairs and contemporary armchairs, the Lawson model is a spacious, comfortable design that opens up the layout even further. Ideal for the dining area, this armchair provides a perfectly comfortable experience, finding balance through a joyful exploration of shape, material, and support.

Chesterfield chairs

With quality leather and a tufted back, this iconic occasional chair offers unprecedented elegance and sophistication. Recognized as one of the most spectacular types of armchairs, the Chesterfield is ideal for upscale interiors across residential and commercial environments. We can customize the original concept by introducing unlimited options, modifying this traditional model into a spectacular statement piece, and a fine addition to the catalog of contemporary armchairs.

Swivel chairs and rocking chairs

This round armchair represents the backbone of many luxury lounges, available in infinite combinations of color and texture. Ideal for custom projects, it is part of many luxury furniture stores that appreciate the cozy yet minimalist aesthetics of the commercial lobby area. SENTIENT has experience personalizing this model for different brands and renowned public spaces, and our craftsmen are eager to add another spin to this contemporary chair that enjoys timeless recognition.

Contemporary armchairs for the outdoor garden

SENTIENT works with in-house designers and third-party interior decorators to create an endless variety of contemporary armchairs. Our collection can be infinitely customized by iterating upon the original design concept or technically adjusted to bring the modern armchair to the outdoor environment. Designed with unique product specifications, our luxury armchairs can be used as standalone items or as part of a collection set that elevates outdoor dining.

Pricing and inquiry for
Luxury lounge chairs
and Contemporary armchairs

Our luxury lounge chairs and contemporary armchairs represent the very pinnacle of custom furniture. Each project is a unique story, creating a lofty visual narrative that complements its comfort and use case. Clients can order any modern chaise lounge or luxury chair from our collection, or get in touch to share their unique creative vision. We can be reached via the form below, or by phone at 1 (347) 309-6721, to discuss custom modifications to the original design, or start anew on a bespoke project. Clients can also visit our studio and furniture gallery at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

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