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Unique Dining Chairs by SENTIENT

Our unique dining chairs bring elegance and comfort to the heart of luxury interiors. Varied in their material as they are in their design, they proudly represent the high-quality collection of SENTIENT’s dining room furniture. Unique, modern, or traditional, each is handmade with responsibly harvested materials and exceptional craftsmanship. We offer a resplendent collection of luxury dining chairs, with American black walnut, maple, or specialized wood and upholstery, as part of our high end custom furniture collection to ensure the best seat in the house.

High-end dining chairs for hospitality and hotel projects

Our craftsmanship expertise and sophisticated workroom facilities offer high-end dining chairs, specifically created as restaurant dining chairs, part of hospitality furniture projects and hotel furniture contracts. SENTIENT regards custom-made furniture as an opportunity to enthrall clients in these industries, with exceptional technical know-how and aesthetic flair. These unique chairs are the result of riveting design visions or a collaborative process, as we are not limited by imagination or materials. Sturdy, comfortable, and durable, they are some of the best dining chairs on the New York design scene.

Sophisticated manufacturing process that guarantees comfort and durability

Our unique dining chairs are created through a collaborative and responsible process. We sustainably harvest exceptional domestic hardwoods, known for their tensile strength and other technical characteristics. For each of our designer furniture models, our craftsmen apply a series of special wood treatments as they make each model by hand, transforming carefully selected wood slabs into maple and walnut dining room chairs. SENTIENT relies on a team of talented furniture designers and local Brooklyn craftsmen who band together to create works of art. The result? An elegant transformation of the culinary experience, which allows guests, family, and friends to enjoy riveting and memorable moments. Our luxury dining chairs are more than furniture, promoting shared experiences as they encapsulate the essence of fine dining.

Custom-Made Dining Chairs and Stools

Custom Made Chairs for Hospitality, Residential, and Commercial Projects

Our custom dining chairs are designed to fit in and stand out at the same time, pairing perfectly with any luxury dining table. From traditional dining room armchairs to contemporary bar stools, we embrace the stylistic variety with an impressive breadth of options, offering far more choice than what is available in a standard chair collection. Tethered to the New York hospitality scene, and driven by creative challenges, our Brooklyn workshop is capable of at-scale manufacturing, offering unlimited types of dining chairs.

Stylistic variety of comfortable dining chairs

We create solid wood dining chairs and upholstered dining chairs that offer unlimited customization. From armchairs to contemporary side chairs, our models occupy an incredibly wide spectrum of furniture design. We manufacture ergonomic seating in industrial style, farmhouse style, and mid-century modern, as well as designer dining chairs that express bold creative visions with transcendent or avant-garde aesthetics. Paired with the raw edge table, or the straight edge wooden table, our chairs share the highlight transforming the dining experience.

Solid wood dining chairs for outdoor use

SENTIENT collaborates with respectable partners to import South American hardwoods with incredible technical characteristics, suitable for outdoor use. Transforming teak, guarapa, Ipe, tigerwood, and other species into works of art, we offer wooden chairs that are weather-resistant and exceptionally durable. Able to withstand moisture, temperature differences, insects, and rot, our designs for outdoor furniture elevate the quality standards of luxury dining chairs, offering timeless elegance that is built to last.

Custom upholstery for contemporary dining chairs

Designed to impress and manufactured to last, our upholstered dining chairs are the synonym for luxury and sophistication. We can use soft, medium, or firm support to create ergonomic seating with all the right proportions, elevating seat comfort in both commercial and residential settings. As standalone pieces, our unique dining chairs offer impressive details, from quality fabrics to stitching, evoking a range of dining room chair styles suitable for the upscale environment. To set the highest standards for commercial-grade, high-end furniture, we use only the best fabric for all of our dining room chairs, delivering a product of exceptional value.

Famous chair designs and unique dining chairs

SENTIENT can collaborate with third-party designers, or work directly with clients, to manufacture modern dining chairs according to precise architectural drawings. We can also brainstorm together or take directions from inspiration photos, to iterate upon the original design, offering unlimited customization options for traditional or contemporary dining chairs.

Unique dining room chairs

Each project is an opportunity to explore the boundaries of creativity and aesthetic élan. We imbue each model with a refined charm while making sure the technical design guarantees a comfortable, stable, and durable product. This is how we come up with an endless line of unique dining room chairs that offer museum-quality elegance and sophistication.

Parsons chairs

Delving into the realm of versatile design, we also manufacture Parsons chairs with clean lines and premium fabrics. Exemplifying sophistication in their simplicity, our unique dining chair models radiate with upscale finesse, suitable for the luxury venue. The underlying structure offers reliable support, with a sturdy frame and exceptionally durable upholstery padding.

Wishbone chairs

Designed in 1949, by Hans Wegner, Wishbone chairs are a symbol of elegant craftsmanship and timeless design. We can stay true to the original concept, paying tribute to Danish minimalism, or work with clients to bring a contemporary spin to this iconic model, with great intricacy and creative élan.

Slat-back chairs, Cross-back chairs, and ladder-back chairs

SENTIENT can elevate high-end restaurants through a line of traditional models including slat-back chairs, cross-back chairs, and ladder-back chairs. We offer an impressive breadth of options, from custom upholstery to structural changes, to create contemporary dining room chairs of premium quality.

Louis XVI chairs

This impressive representative of neoclassical French furniture is the successor of the Louis XIV chair and Louis XV chair, as it merges their design features into an iconic armchair that perfectly fits the upscale dining room. Returning to the classical style, and popular during the time of Marie Antoinette, this model is at home in luxury residential spaces or hospitality venues with contemporary interior design. SENTIENT can work with in-house or third-party designers to recreate the aesthetic panache of these luxury dining chairs, displaying French elegance at its finest.

Windsor chairs

Synonymous with artisanal mastery, Windsor chairs represent old-world craftsmanship at its finest, featuring an unforgettable spindle-back design with an enduring style. SENTIENT can adapt this timeless chair to any modern environment, by choosing from a range of hardwoods, finishing options, and design iterations.

Cherner chairs

Marrying form and function, Cherner chairs represent an artistic expression within the dining space. SENTIENT can create endless variations of this iconic design, offering an array of custom changes, with a range of materials and finishing options. Inviting and aesthetically appealing, the iterations of this model create unique dining chairs that resonate with timeless elegance, suitable for luxury residential interiors.

Sheaf-back chairs

American Sheaf-back chairs have long been the staple of traditional dining rooms. It is a privilege to bring this design back to life or embark on a creative journey to refresh the timeless concept while staying true to its captivating style.

Bar stools

Feeling the pulse of the New York bar scene, and collaborating with some of the most renowned venues, SENTIENT can bring upscale elegance through a completely customized line of bar stools. Complementing each layout with bespoke design, we combine solid wood, metal, fabrics, and other materials to create captivating pieces of furniture for high-end restaurants and bars.

Product specifications for our luxury dining chairs

From solid wood to padded dining room chairs, SENTIENT offers expert craftsmanship and custom upholstery, in traditional, artistic, or contemporary design. Transforming the kitchen area, the dining room, and the upscale venue, we are confident enough to take on diverse projects, both commercial and residential.

Exceptional hardwoods

Our black walnut dining chairs are the crème-de-la-crème of dining furniture, symbolizing sophisticated craftsmanship and timeless appeal. We offer a wide range of options, from solid wood dining chairs in maple, oak, walnut, and other high-quality domestic hardwoods, to hardwood frames with custom upholstery that redefines the dining area.

Premium custom upholstery

From seat cushions to elaborate back support upholstery, our unique dining chairs feature the finest materials and fabrics. We can use leather, wool, cotton, vinyl, and a range of other fabrics to create colorful dining chairs that offer impressive texture and comfort. SENTIENT uses different upholstery techniques to create fire-resistant chairs that comply with safety regulations and take the spotlight with their captivating aesthetics. We also work with customer’s own materials (COM), to match or contrast any interior environment.

Unique dining chairs, handmade in Brooklyn

SENTIENT relies on local talent and praises American craftsmanship with its long tradition of excellence and sophistication. Clients can visit our workshop in Brooklyn, where we make all of our unique dining chairs from start to finish.

At-scale manufacturing of luxury dining chairs

Having embraced at-scale manufacturing techniques, and improved our production process, we can create impressive numbers of commercial-grade quality chairs for restaurants and hotels. Our contract furniture projects offer unlimited customization as well, from materials and design to timeline and budget.

Custom dining chairs

The contemporary dining chair by SENTIENT is an expression of refined craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse. We can work with architectural drawings or create unique design renderings with an infinite variety of dining room chair styles. From materials to fabrics, from shape to budget, everything is discussed in a collaborative process with the client.

Dining room chair set

SENTIENT can create a dining room chair set that matches any tabletop and base, or offer a stark contrast that fits the stylistic narrative for the overall interior décor. Our bespoke dining room chair set is an opportunity to personalize the space, with lasting elegance and impressive reliability.

Attentive delivery

SENTIENT delivers its contemporary dining chairs with care and attention to detail. We collaborate with reputable partners to ship nationwide and overseas or deliver our products personally throughout the Northeastern region of the United States.

Pricing and inquiries for
Unique dining chairs

At SENTIENT, we invite clients to discuss their ideas and concepts for unique dining chairs, so we can focus on the technical feasibility and provide specific design and material suggestions. Our bespoke contemporary dining chairs offer an unprecedented breadth of customization options, and we can discuss them collaboratively by phone at 1 (347) 309-6721, or in person in our studio and gallery space at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

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