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SENTIENT creates outstanding hotel room furniture through a tapestry of solid wood craftsmanship techniques, and upholstery, employed in a cohesive narrative. Our goal is to use sophisticated design and manufacturing as the best proxies for storytelling, delighting visitors who appreciate perfection. Furnishing the “home away from home” is an esteemed privilege, which we approach with an unwavering commitment and an artistic mindset. Aspiring to transform spaces into galleries of experiential bliss, we craft luxury hotel room furniture, inviting guests on a journey of aesthetic savoir-faire.

Bespoke hotel room furniture
manufactured at scale


Each furniture item reverberates with a distinct voice, creating a symphonic harmony. We follow established concepts or novel ideas to achieve the perfect ambiance for sleeping and living room areas, with a seamless transition between spaces. Bespoke pieces, we believe, are the pinnacle of furniture design. Our craftsmen can utilize a range of manufacturing processes to deliver fully customizable items at scale, and for a reasonable cost, without compromising the SENTIENT quality standards.

Loyal partner to renowned hotel brands

SENTIENT has worked with renowned household names including Marriott, Hyatt, and Four Seasons, to deliver outstanding products that shape the hospitality experience. We want people to remember their stay as vividly as they remember cultural events and venues, for there is no reason to underestimate the experience. The hotel room can command equal attention as some of the most esteemed art institutions, and we are committed to participating in this transformative design endeavor.

Our products communicate a lofty aesthetic ideal, by relying on an exceptional manufacturing process. Responsibly sourced from nearby Pennsylvania and selected places across Northeastern US, our premium wood becomes part of a sustainable process, that is proudly located in Brooklyn. We work closely with reputable brands from the hospitality industry, who value artistic care and dedication above everything else. This is how we furnish hotel rooms, entire floors, and lobby areas worthy of recognition.

Designed to impress and built to last, our furniture is an inseparable part of the hotel guest room, decorating household names at home and abroad. We choose solid wood furniture as the ultimate testament to luxury design and manufacturing sophistication – a medium that allows functional pieces to be reimagined through an artistic perspective. Standalone items or custom millwork, we always strive for a standard of structural excellence and artistic savoir-faire that captivates the New York design scene.

Custom hotel room furniture
in infinite expressions

Through a visionary approach and manual work, we transform high-quality wood species into bed frames, headboards, writing desks, side tables, credenzas, and custom shelving. Each piece draws inspiration from nature, carrying the American walnut, maple, and oak varieties to a sophisticated conclusion. Through a selection of premium fabrics and unmatched craftsmanship, SENTIENT provides custom upholstery for armchairs and sofa models, grasping the high standards of ergonomic hotel room furniture.

We offer a full-service design project with infinite customization options, to create a one-of-a-kind dresser, nightstand, ottoman, luxury coffee table, or console. Working with reputable furniture designers from the New York design scene, we have learned to get in sync with existing concepts and embark on visionary projects. This is how we manufacture all types of items that are necessary for furnishing the quintessential hotel room, aesthetically matching the stylistic élan of the hotel lobby furniture.

High-end hotel room furniture
with impressive specifications

Our upscale models can be infinitely customized to retrofit any style and branding concept. We deliver ergonomic designs unbound by catalog constraints. Unique and inspiring, our work is equally suitable for well-established chains as well as boutique hotels that are eager to create a memorable guest experience.

Premium quality through impeccable craftsmanship

When creating modern hotel room furniture, sourcing our wood is only part of the process. We then employ a host of treatment options that greatly expand our creative imagination. These include kiln-drying, pressure and heat treatment, wood stabilization, or steam bending, with a plethora of staining and finishing techniques that create aesthetic, durable products.

An expansive offer to furnish the entire hotel room

From junior suites and small studios to deluxe hotel rooms and penthouse units, we can offer a versatile line of products open to your custom designs and ideas. With solid wood models and luxurious upholstery, SENTIENT can reimagine the hotel bedroom and living room arrangements, creating a signature experience that guests would love to revisit. We also offer millwork services for the upscale hotel that provide unmatched customization and collaborative flexibility.

Responsibly harvested, locally manufactured

All of our high-end custom furniture pieces are manufactured in-house, where we foster a professional and friendly community by putting people first. This is how we ensure that each luxury item is worthy of excellence. Visitors can always stop by our workshop and gallery space at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, to enjoy high-quality wood in its utmost manifestation. We welcome independent interior designers, and adapt our manufacturing process, to materialize any creative vision.

Delivery and installation options for our hotel room furniture

We deliver with care and unparalleled finesse, to delight our clients worldwide. Our delivery options vary depending on the project timeline, scope and location. We transport locally, with our own team of experts, covering the entire Northeastern region. We also collaborate with reputable shipping partners to ship by land or freight to anywhere in the United States, or across the world. We can send full or partial containers, deliver to warehouses for storage, or bring everything to the project site for installation.

Hotel room furniture at scale - High quantity and timely manufacturing

Hotels require custom pieces made and installed in quantity, and we can rise to the challenge through years of experience and manufacturing sophistication. SENTIENT can meet the timely requirements of any ambitious project, with custom solutions, without sacrificing the quality standards associated with commercial-grade furniture.

Measurement, installation
and maintenance of hotel room furniture

Our service is equally customizable as our line of products. We perform professional measurements of any hospitality environment, provide timely installation, and help with ongoing furniture maintenance. Our goal is to become a long term partner who is willing to listen, adapt, and support any hospitality brand, helping to create a memorable guest experience. This is why we collaborate with architects and developers to bring at-scale customizable furniture to a high standard. This is how we excel at making hospitality furniture that captivates the New York design scene.

Visually captivating beds and ottomans

From American black walnut to spalted maple or charcoal-finished oak, we weave diverse stylistic perspectives to create a stunning centerpiece decorating the guest room. Our live edge headboards and natural wood bed frames set the standard for commercial-grade bedroom furniture. The king studio and the double queen room offer infinite aesthetic combinations, and we offer unlimited personalization options that further elevate the space they inhabit. With custom upholstery, premium fabrics, and quality fillings, our ottoman designs ensure a seamless transition and a natural cadence from the sleeping area to the rest of the living space.

Elegant nightstands, side tables, and credenzas

Visually distinctive and detailed oriented, our hotel bedroom furniture encapsulates comfort and style. We believe in functional art, where form and utility are delicately intertwined. Finished to perfection and ready for practical use, furniture pieces should delight and accommodate at the same time.

Writing desks and executive desks for a productive stay

These high-end designs in solid wood offer customizable storage space and surface area, to satisfy the latest standards in ergonomic office furniture. We bring the productivity of the workspace into the private intimate retreat.

Solid wood dressers

Understanding materials, ergonomic use, and tactile feedback, we create bespoke dressers that seamlessly fit into any interior design. Made to offer a welcoming experience, they complete the home away from home, imbuing hotel guests with a sense of belonging.

Premium custom shelving

Furnishing the wedding suite or any other deluxe apartment is a challenge worth engaging. Our custom shelving solutions provide unlimited options for upscale hotel room décor, which are next to impossible to achieve with a line of pre-tailored products. With accent pieces like bed platforms, ottomans, and luxurious lounge chairs, we join venues in creating a memorable experience.

Pricing inquiries
and Lead time

With ample experience and an impressive portfolio, we intimately understand the needs of hospitality brands. That’s how we are able to simplify our contract furniture service and maximize collaboration options at the same time. Streamlining our process to meet client considerations is how we materialize furniture requests of any scope and aesthetic intricacy. Projects are usually completed between 12-16 weeks, though much depends on the furniture request. With some types of rooms or a certain number of floors, the project can take up to several months. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide an accurate estimate after a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can clients provide their custom hotel room furniture design?

When brands have a specific aesthetic vision, we make a relentless effort to materialize it fully. The sacred notion that all brands are unique compels us to style our products accordingly. Our custom-made hotel room furniture projects embrace originality and freedom of expression. From layout considerations to specific product blueprints, we furnish the guest room in concert with the needs of our clients.

Cohesive aesthetic narrative throughout floors, or unlimited diversity?

Handcrafted furniture doesn’t have to follow a specific template. We manufacture each piece separately, through a sophisticated and laborious process. This allows for complete freedom of aesthetic expression. Clients can order consistency down to the very core, or explore design opportunities without any restraint whatsoever. Experience and expertise allow us to scale this process and meet reasonable deadlines irrespective of the scope.

Are there any limitations or a minimum number of units when placing orders?

Our premium hotel room furniture packages are infinitely customizable. We recognize that some hotel brands are looking for a complete rearrangement of their guest space, while others are introducing a new suite with an emphasized distinction. Whatever the case, we can work together to integrate as many or as few furniture items as necessary, to bring your vision to life. More often than not, the collaboration starts small and expands to include multiple floors, the dining area, and the hotel lobby, though it certainly doesn’t have to.

What is the best way to discuss project scope and budget?

Due to a vast number of variables, it is preferable to call our studio in Brooklyn, New York, or send a brief description of the project. We can help you simplify the process and assist with project definition at every step of the journey. Our expertise goes a long way, so let us help you bring your vision to life. We are relentlessly committed and our clients are there to prove it.

Which wood species are available?

From organic, fine-grained varieties to straight-grain choices, we offer a palate of hardwood species with impressive tensile strength, hardness, and resilience. Clients can select from American black walnut which is warm in tone and rich in color; Claro walnut; spalted maple, ambrosia maple, and distressed finish options; teak; cherry; parota heartwood; and premium oak material including the reclaimed variety, bleached and charcoal finish.

We also work with stone, glass, and metals, including brass, gold, silver, copper, or steel, to achieve timeless elegance and create statement pieces. Complemented with premium upholstery, our bespoke models are infinitely customizable.

What are the maintenance requirements of luxury hotel room furniture in solid wood?

Our team can work closely with the hotel management and staff, to provide a set of instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Our solid wood designs are built to last, and require nothing more than regular wiping and occasional polishing. We can certainly discuss cleaning methods and chemical agents for staff members to prefer or avoid. Unless stated otherwise, the upholstery options follow regular best practices for furniture maintenance. Before delivery, we can provide complimentary instructions that bring the hotel room service and housekeeping personnel up to speed.

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