Conference Room Furniture for Effective Meeting Spaces

With cultural and organizational progress, the meeting space has become the quintessential corner of the corporate world. Important business decisions move away from the executive desk to the conference table, to benefit greatly from the collaborative energy of an integrated workforce. In a fast-paced corporate environment, communication and productivity are often synonymous, moving together in tandem. To facilitate efficiency and elevate the aesthetic narrative, we explore several interior design principles that play a vital role in shaping the modern boardroom.


Boardroom furniture layout


When interior designers set out to furnish the boardroom, they must keep in mind the number of employees and the usual flow of traffic. The adequate layout should prioritize ease of access, in order to minimize all possible distractions and maximize the seating capacity. If the space permits, smaller break-out areas can feature collaborative zones where employees can engage in informal discussions or impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Most organizations need adaptable spaces to reflect different work requirements, making modular furniture especially useful. Such layout considerations increase versatility, accommodating different collaborative endeavors from team huddles to large-scale workshops and presentations. Whatever the goal, functionality should guide all subsequent design requirements.

custom-made meeting table Nobu Epiphany Hotel

Conference table specifications


Conference tables are the centerpiece items of any boardroom. Through a careful design process and a rigorous selection of materials, organizations can make a unique visual statement that encapsulates their ethos and fosters a productive work environment.

The size of the conference table must correspond with the operational requirements while providing ample space on each side for ease of access. Designers must consider the proximity to any doors and windows, promote unobstructed movement across the room, and utilize natural light to advance the visual narrative.

The table itself should be sturdy enough and nicely balanced, to support weight on the edges. Most of our models offer an approximate thickness of 1.25 inches, and average between 140-250 pounds depending on their size and materials. To ensure proper alignment, bespoke furniture manufacturers should offer professional installation, with laser-precise measurements and skilled technicians.

As for material specifications, the best option is a solid wood tabletop with a seamless non-glossy finish. Considering different use case scenarios, designers might advise across a range of hardwoods and a number of finishing options. Employees may use ink to write notes, spill refreshments, or place personal items across the tabletop, which is why the surface must be smooth and flawless. It is vital to apply a strong protective coat that nullifies the natural porosity of most hardwoods, ensuring durability and a delightful tactile feedback.

Sentient - making the table ready to be attached to the legs - Woodworker working on extra large SENTIENT American black walnut live edge table for solid wood conference table

Technology integration


Audio-visual equipment has become a necessary companion of the quintessential boardroom. Some designers go as far as to transform the conference table into a control center, integrating intuitive digital systems that adjust the audio, lighting, and temperature of the meeting area.

Power outlets have become mandatory across the commercial setting, offering a variety of options including USB, audio ports, and charging stations with seamlessly integrated wiring. These can offer the convenience of pairing personal laptops with displays and wall projectors, which is expected from a modern collaborative environment.

conference room furniture desk outlet cable management



As meetings and team projects have increased in frequency across industries, office comfort became non-negotiable. Seating solutions must follow current ergonomic principles to promote alertness, without compromising their relaxing qualities.

Employees should be able to participate in long sessions, where slight discomfort can be detrimental to concentration and productivity. With premium foam and a variety of fabrics, upholstery solutions can mitigate the restlessness associated with lengthy meetings, fostering an inviting, and relaxing environment.

We manufacture luxury armchairs, encouraging designers to choose their own material for custom upholstery, in order to materialize a specific aesthetic vision. In todays world, comfort is the priority of conference room furniture.

office meeting room furniture with large wooden conference room table in live edge

Conference room furniture –
color and aesthetics


Designers often match the imposing presence of the conference table with custom artwork that creates a cohesive visual story. We respect this aesthetic commitment by introducing different hardwood species and a plethora of finishing options to accentuate their natural grain and enrich their color.

A thoughtful color scheme will undoubtedly influence the visual narrative, and different wood treatments can be used to achieve unique outcomes. American walnut offers rich and deep hues, with noticeable grain, encompassing a stunning color spectrum from creamy mocha to dark chocolate. With timeless refinement and visual gravitas, it has become a frequent choice for most upscale settings across residential and commercial areas.

Maple provides a contrasting option, with a more delicate palette. It is an exquisite wood that carries an innate brightness, contributing to a fresh, invigorating work environment. Cherry is somewhat warmer, with a recognizable reddish hue, which creates a charming, more intimate setting. Some designers prefer oak, which is much more versatile, and quite durable, offering a wealth of design possibilities.

Experienced craftsmen know how to match these hardwood varieties with the corresponding finishing options, to enhance their appearance. Walnut, for example, benefits greatly from an oil-based finish, resulting in a sophisticated product. On the other hand, matte or satin varnish can provide a subtler, more contemporary appeal. Maple can be paired with a clear water-based finish, to preserve its paleness, or a tinted finish for a somewhat richer hue. Cherry hardwoods go nicely with lacquer, whereas oak species can be skillfully matched with a wide range of products.

Where possible, designers should strive to incorporate greenery, to match the natural, soothing appearance of solid wood. Biophilic design is one of the new priorities for conference room furniture.

modern solid wood conference table for Edition Hotel in MIami

Custom sideboards as an
addition to conference tables


The custom sideboard has a variety of use cases. The most practical, however, is to extend the conference table by adding storage space which is essential for the modern boardroom. These units pair exceptionally well with the meeting table, making technology integration much easier.

Interior decorators would usually opt in for custom design, trying to complement the conference table which represents a focal point. We manufacture custom sideboards in various size configurations, with different materials and finishing options, to match the rest of the furniture and create a seamless transition between the centerpiece and the complementary storage area.

Murlough Dresser - modern meeting room furniture

Extendable conference tables
for more flexibility


The conference table is an imposing piece of furniture. Made of solid wood, models can weigh up to 600 pounds or even more. Denser hardwoods like oak, maple and walnut will be heavier, whereas softer varieties such as pine will dramatically reduce the weight. Nevertheless, working with this iconic furniture requires expert craftsmanship.

At SENTIENT, we offer numerous options for added flexibility, by designing and manufacturing extension mechanisms that transform the boardroom for a variety of practical use cases. While different in design, these extension mechanisms are meant to last for decades, withstanding heavy usage.

putting together an extra long live edge conference table - centerpiece of Conference room furniture

Commitment to inclusivity


Inclusivity eff orts should go beyond the rulebook, by incorporating creative solutions and expert craftsmanship. Adjustable height tables and modular furniture layouts will go a long way toward enhancing usability and ease of access.

Another idea is to consider round or oval tables, as opposed to rectangular designs, to highlight the organizational commitment to a horizontal hierarchical structure, facilitating open and engaging conversations.

Conference room furniture that unites
timeless elegance and décor


Conference rooms represent the pinnacle of organizational achievement, and their purpose is to foster a collaborative work culture reflecting the company ethos. Through a professional commitment to comfort, elegance, and visual sophistication, interior designers can redefine the meeting area and use these principles to greatly improve the effectiveness of the most valuable space in the office.

SENTIENT works with independent architects who strive to uphold these principles, manufacturing commercial-grade board room furniture and a range of custom conference tables for the modern corporate setting.