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Art studio & design firm in Brooklyn, New York, known for creating collectible furniture pieces and artistic project

SENTIENT is a New York City based furniture design and fabrication company with more than 25,000 square feet of workshop facilities in Brooklyn. We have extensive experience manufacturing luxury residential furniture, commercial space furniture and hospitality furniture including case goods and accent items. We have supplied countless of upscale models to the New York City area for decades, and delivered to foreign markets including Canada, United Kingdom and The Middle East.

SENTIENT Furniture is a furniture and objects design and fabrication firm with a philosophy that is found in the name. The word ‘sentient’ is defined as ‘the power of perception’, ‘by sensation and consciousness’. On viewing our work we hope your consciousness is provoked by our expressive creations. At different times our work is subtle and relaxing. At other times it might be audacious and bold. In our drive for originality our work may include materials that are of limited supply or are not generally easy to work with. We believe this increases the uniqueness. On occasion some of luxury furniture collection items will of necessity be available only on a limited basis.

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Art and design collaborations with great artists and top brands.


SENTIENT is part of the New York design scene, furnishing recognized names in the hospitality industry, dining and retail. We collaborate with furniture designers and third-party architects to create user-centric experiences with a bold artistic vision.

SENTIENT X | Design Collaborations & Art Projects

Art and design collaborations with great artists and top brands.

Here at SENTIENT we are curious in our explorations into the creative arenas of art, design and architecture. This curiosity continues to bring us deeper into the realization of what the creative mind can do: how human ingenuity can speak through art, design and architecture, to inspire a better way of living. We believe in the capacity of these mediums to strengthen resolve, and continually reintroduce the joy that beauty brings. As our furniture gallery will attest, there is no definitive line between art and design, and we continue to support this ideal through productive collaborations, facilitating creative possibility.

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Brooklyn | New York

Designed and Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York

In a time of immediacy and disposable culture, SENTIENT stands for quality and the handmade. Our studio and workroom in Brooklyn New York supports communities and American made products, sourcing local and regional materials. We are inspired by the materials we use, the culture of creativity handmade craftsmanship, focusing on the beauty of what design can bring.

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Our studio is housed within our workroom, which creates a natural creative ebb and flow of inspiration. The collaborative spirit grants artistic insight for our team and those who visit. We welcome workroom tours and studio appointments. It is, after all, our esteemed clients from whom we derive our creative impetus and to whom our creations are devoted.

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276 Greenpoint Avenue
Building 9 Floor 5
Brooklyn, NY 11222
1 (347) 309-6217
a SENTIENT contemporary designed custom maple live edge table corner with black wishbone legs
Live Edge Furniture Design

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an open SENTIENT contemporary designed catalog luxury design book

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Studio & Gallery: 276 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222,  Phone: 1 (347) 309.6721
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